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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 45 - Head Harvester

Chapter 45: Head Harvester

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The Purgatory Sea was located in the Rakshasa Empire of the Blazing Realm Continent. The Divine Moon Empire did not have a direct flight to the capital airport of the Rakshasa Empire. She had to first descend at the capital airport of the Star Luo Empire, the number one empire in the Ardent Region Continent, and then transfer to the Rakshasa Empire.

The plane had to fly at a high altitude for nearly 30 hours. After boarding the plane, everyone was sleeping or watching movies, except for Yu Huang, who was reading and doing questions. Her studious appearance attracted the attention of the air stewards.

It couldn’t be helped. Girls who were preparing for the college entrance examination had to study hard.

Rakshasa Empire was the most chaotic country in the Divine Realm Continent. This country was pitifully small, and dynasties changed very quickly. Often, before a regime had stabilized, a new one would overthrow it.

Over time, the Rakshasa Empire had become the most chaotic region in the entire Lieyu Continent. Now that this kingdom no longer had a real royal family, the organization in charge of this country had become a mysterious organization called the Night Hunt.

The leader of the Night Hunt had business acumen. He had built this place into a gray country that was integrated with gambling, assassination, auction, and employment. 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

In this place, whoever had the stronger fist had the final say.

From the moment Yu Huang got off the plane safely and her feet landed on Rakshasa Empire, no one but herself would be responsible for her life or death.

After alighting from the plane, Yu Huang put on her cat face mask. She carried her backpack and a book in her hand as she walked out of the airport hall alone.

The moment she appeared, a few evil gazes immediately landed on her and openly sized her up.

The Rakshasa Empire was much hotter than the Divine Moon Empire. Yu Huang could no longer wear sportswear. Today, she was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, black slim-fit pants, and a pair of military boots that made it easy for her to walk around.

Her exposed skin was fair and her waist was slender. Even her neck appeared elegant and fair. In Rakshasa Empire, her appearance would easily attract the attention of people with ulterior motives.

Among the crowd, there were people who were tempted to abduct Yu Huang. A woman like her could definitely be sold for a high price if she was properly tidied up and thrown into the auction house.

None of the people living in Rakshasa Empire were good people. They were all vicious and evil criminals with no way out.

After all, in this country, committing a crime was too easy.

As Yu Huang walked, she suddenly heard a slight commotion behind her.

Her ears moved slightly, and she instantly went into battle gear!

When an anesthesia nail was about to hit her, she quickly bent down. Just as she was about to land, she used one hand to support herself on the ground to avoid falling to the ground in a wretched state.

The moment she bent down, the anesthesia nail flew past her and landed on a wall.

The criminal hidden in the crowd was stunned when he saw that Yu Huang had dodged his sneak attack. The pedestrians who had noticed the commotion stopped in their tracks and looked at Yu Huang as if they were watching a show.

The people of Rakshasa Empire had no sympathy or compassion for her. They stopped and only watched with interest. However, no one wanted to help Yu Huang.

The sneak attack only happened for a moment.

After the anesthesia needle hit the wall, Yu Huang used the powerful strength of her waist to quickly stand up. She turned her head and stared at the crowd behind her before locking onto the man who had ambushed her.

The man held a tranquilizer gun in his hand and planned to shoot at Yu Huang again.

The corners of Yu Huang’s lips curled up.


In front of everyone, Yu Huang did a puzzling action. She opened the thick hard shell book in her hand.

Yu Huang hooked her finger and took out a silver-gray mini black pistol from the book!

Yu Huang raised her gun, narrowed her eyes, aimed, and pulled the trigger!


A small round bullet emerged from the pistol and pierced the terrorist’s neck in the next second. The terrorist felt a pain in his throat and collapsed to the ground before he could react!

After two to three seconds, the skin on the man’s neck turned black, and then his entire body turned black.

The bullet was poisoned!

Yu Huang raised her gun and walked to the man’s side. She bent down and took out a sharp dagger from the sheath on her thigh. She cut off the man’s head skillfully and calmly.

Seeing this scene, the crowd instantly fell silent.

Yu Huang grabbed the man’s hair with one hand and stood up with his head in her hand. She raised her chin slightly and glanced at the crowd with cold arrogance.

In the Rakshasa Empire, those who could survive were always ruthless figures, so Yu Huang had no intention of hiding her strength.

If you were ruthless, others would fear you.

Facing Yu Huang’s ruthless and heartless gaze, these people who lived on a high wire all year round actually felt their souls tremble.

Everyone silently took a step back and made way for Yu Huang.

Yu Huang only used one life and one head to gain the fear of others.

Yu Huang carried the still bleeding head and disappeared in front of everyone.

Soon, almost everyone in the Rakshasa Empire received the news—

A little girl had arrived in Rakshasa Empire. She was young but she was ruthless. She was a female fiend who held a book in one hand and a human head in the other!

If you weren’t 100% sure that you could defeat her, then don’t mess with her easily. If you did, your head would become her new toy.

The ruffians of Rakshasa Empire gave Yu Huang a new title—

A human head harvester.

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