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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 44 - I’ll Take Care of You First

Chapter 44: I’ll Take Care of You First

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Mo Yuelou was filled with doubts about Yu Huang’s identity as Night Owl. Without waiting for Yu Huang’s reply, Mo Yuelou guessed again, “Those weapon designs were given to you by your elder or your teacher, right?” 𝘪𝙣𝓃𝒓𝗲𝒶𝗱. 𝐜o𝗺

That was definitely the case!

That was the only way!

This was the only explanation that was logical.

In order to make Mo Yuelou believe that she was Night Owl, Yu Huang patiently explained the design principles of her works to Mo Yuelou.

Yu Huang had lived in the post-apocalyptic era for more than 200 years. Her mother was the King of Mercenaries while her father was a scientific researcher. Yu Huang had learned powerful combat strength from her mother and also learned weapon design and manufacturing skills from her father.

The design works that were sold to Mo Yuelou were mostly designed by Yu Huang alone, but there were also a few works that she and her father had completed together.

Thus, when she was explaining the design principles of those works, Yu Huang’s words were very coherent and logical. It could be seen that this was the field she was familiar with. It was definitely not the kind of half-assed level where she would memorize things just to pretend.

After Yu Huang finished explaining the principles of the design of the two designs, Mo Yuelou finally believed that she was an owl. “I believe that you are Night Owl. You are really too young. You are so young that it is beyond my expectations.”

Mo Yue bowed respectfully to Yu Huang before saying, “I was rude just now. Professor Night Owl, I hope you won’t blame me…” He changed his address. It could be seen that he really thought highly of Yu Huang.

Yu Huang also knew that her appearance was too young. It was difficult to convince people. Perhaps no one would dare to believe that underneath her young appearance, there was an old soul that had lived for more than two hundred years.

She waved her hand and said calmly, “It’s okay, I understand.”

Yu Huang’s tolerance also left a good impression on Mo Yuelou.

Mo Yuelou immediately took out the spatial storage device that they had prepared beforehand and handed it over to Yu Huang with both hands.

“Professor Night Owl, this is the space storage device you need. This is a new product developed by the Divine Moon Empire this year. It is not sold to outsiders and is only provided for the immediate royal family of the Divine Moon Empire.”

This thing was priceless. It was created by a Grandmaster Beast Tamer who was proficient in spatial domains. Its appearance was made into an extravagant and exquisite sapphire bracelet, but there was a 50 cubic meter storage space in the bracelet.

Yu Huang could stuff many things into it that she wanted to collect, including some powerful weapons.

Yu Huang was going out alone this time. She had to be prepared and bring enough weapons.

“Professor Night Owl, drop your blood on the gem. The storage device will recognize you as its owner. When you use it, you can take out what you want with your mind. The weapons you requested are also in the storage device. You can check them.”

Hearing this, Yu Huang dripped the blood on the storage device. After the storage device recognized its owner, she opened the storage space to perform a check.

After confirming that there was nothing missing, Yu Huang handed the bank card she had prepared to Mo Yuelou. “Here are twelve million spirit stones. Take a look.”

Spirit stones were a special currency used by the Holy Spirit Continent. They were more precious than gold. These things were much more valuable than the paper money used by ordinary families.

Back then, Yu Huang had sold the hundred designs to Mo Yuelou for 60 million spirit stones. However, this storage device alone cost 10 million spirit stones. In addition to the weapons she wanted, the total price was 12 million.

Mo Yuelou lowered its head to look at Yu Huang’s right hand. Her fair hand and slender fingers were indeed the hands of a young lady.

Mo Yuelou shook his head with a smile and said sincerely, “Professor Night Owl, you have made a huge contribution to the military power of the Divine Moon Empire. I’ll give this storage device to you as a friend.”

Using twelve million spirit stones to gain Night Owl’s favor was not a loss. This was because Mo Yuelou believed that whoever could take out more than a hundred weapon designs in one go would definitely bring him even more surprises in the future.

In terms of intelligence, not many people were as shrewd as the prince of Mo Yuelou.

Hearing Mo Yuelou’s words, Yu Huang immediately understood his true intentions. She looked at Mo Yuelou meaningfully and said bluntly, “Your Highness is indeed frank. I’ll befriend you. If there’s any business in the future, I’ll take care of you first.”

When Mo Yuelou heard her call him the prince, his eyes filled with surprise once again. His mask was made of the most exquisite imitation of human skin. In the past, when he wore a mask to battle, almost no one could see through his disguise.

Night Owl saw through his disguise at a glance.

How sharp!

Mo Yuelou came back to his senses and was not angry. He smiled and said, “Professor Night Owl has good eyesight. I am impressed.”

Yu Huang was very interested in Mo Yuelou’s mask. If there was enough time, she would also want to customize a mask like this. However, she was rushing to the Purgatory Sea and was anxious to leave.

Yu Huang put the storage device on her wrist and looked up at the sky. She said, “It’s getting late. I have to leave. See you later, Your Highness!”

After she finished speaking, Yu Huang left without even turning back.

The moment Yu Huang left, two secret guards immediately appeared behind Mo Yuelou and asked respectfully, “Your Highness, do you need us to follow her tracks?”

Mo Yuelou shook his head slightly. “No need..”

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