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Chapter 37: Grand Master Su Tingxue

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What Lin Jiansheng had said was that the person whose Spiritual Strength was strong but did not have a beast form and was destined to be unable to become a Beast Tamer was none other than Purifying Spirit Masters.

In the eyes of the common people, a Purifying Spirit Master’s profession was a respected profession. However, they did not know that a Purifying Spirit Master’s true status in the cultivation world was actually very awkward.

Purifying Spirit Masters were half-finished product abandoned by God.

This was not only the evaluation of the highly-esteemed Beast Tamers towards the Purifying Spirit Masters, but also the evaluation of many of them. This was because without their beast form, they were destined to be inferior to the Beast Tamers.

Yu Huang could sense the sorrow in Lin Jiansheng’s voice, but she didn’t dare to say anything in agreement.

Lin Jiansheng quickly regained his composure and asked Yu Huang, ’Do you know who the founder of the Purifying Spirit Master Sect is?’

Yu Huang thought for a while before answering, ’Su Tingxue?’ Su Tingxue was a big shot who appeared in every national textbook on the Holy Spirit Continent. It was impossible for Yu Huang not to know.

’Yes.’ Lin Jiansheng asked again, ’Then do you know who created the Spirit Restraining Parasite?’

Yu Huang did not know this, but she had a bold and absurd guess in her heart. She probed, ’Could it be Su Tingxue?’

Lin Jiansheng neither nodded nor shook his head.

He looked at the crystal ball floating in the air in front of him and muttered softly, ’Do you know that every Purifying Spirit Master is trash that failed to awaken their beast form?’

’However, there was a good-for-nothing who established her own sect and created her own system of Spirit Purification. It was only then that the world gave birth to a profession like Purifying Spirit Masters! She allowed those good-for-nothings to find a new cultivation path!’

Just by listening to Lin Jiansheng’s words, Yu Huang could feel Lin Jiansheng’s blood boiling.

Could Lin Jiansheng’s idol be Su Tingxue?

Lin Jiansheng asked Yu Huang again, ’Little girl, have you heard about the tragic extermination of the Su family of Kui Mountain six hundred years ago?’

The young child of the Su family of Kui Mountain had been implanted with Spirit Restraining Parasite, causing no one in the family to awaken in their beast form. Yu Huang had already learned of this from Yu Donghai’s recount. Under Lin Jiansheng’s gaze, Yu Huang nodded her head lightly. ’The elders in the family have told me before.’ 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

Lin Jiansheng acknowledged it and said, ’Su Tingxue is from the Su family of Kui Mountain.’

So that was how it was! No wonder the Su Clan of Kui Mountain was exterminated.

When she was a child, Su Tingxue was mocked and despised by the geniuses of her race because of her failure to awaken her beast form. She swore to become stronger so that those who used to mock her would kneel down and kowtow to her!

After decades of research, Su Tingxue created her own system and became the first person to establish a sect!

After Su Tingxue became a Purifying Spirit Master, countless youths visited her and begged her to help them purify their spirit and awaken their beast forms. Even adult Beast Tamers paid her a visit and begged her to help them improve their beast forms.

Among them were many geniuses of the Su Clan.

After Su Tingxue became a Purifying Spirit Master, the resentment in her heart did not dissipate. Instead, it accumulated more and more. She hated those ’geniuses’ who had once looked down on her. She hated those blood relatives who had humiliated her.

Didn’t they boast that they were geniuses that looked down on trash like her?

Thus, the trash directly wiped out all the geniuses.

Lin Jiansheng said, ’Su Tingxue’s life was inspirational and negative. As a Purifying Spirit Master, her contribution to the Purifying Spirit Master Sect is enough for her to be remembered by the Holy Spirit Continent for the rest of her life. However, the evil she has done to the Su Clan of Kui Mountain will cause her to be despised by the future generations forever.’

’After the six families found out the truth about the extermination of the Su Clan on Kui Mountain, they worked together to capture Su Tingxue and beheaded her in public. They were also grateful to her for her help to all the Beast Tamers as a Purifying Spirit Master, so they intentionally concealed the fact that she was the founder of the Spirit Restraining Parasite. Therefore, very few people in the later generations know what Su Tingxue did in the past.’

After saying that, Lin Jiansheng lowered his gaze and stared at Yu Huang. With a heartless expression, he told her, ’Do you understand now? In this world, there is no way to remove the Spirit Restraining Parasite. Even if you come to beg me, there is no way.’

After she heard Lin Jiansheng’s words, Yu Huang’s eyes were still brimming with vigor. There was no hint of despair or sadness.

Seeing that she was not disappointed at all, Lin Jiansheng could not help but frown and ask her, ’What’s wrong with you, little girl? I already said that I can’t get rid of the Spirit Restraining Parasite. Why are you still so optimistic?’

Was she a fool?

Yu Huang smiled and said, ’Dean Lin, you can’t help me remove the Spirit Restraining Parasite, so why don’t you help me do something that you can do?’

Lin Jiansheng stared at Yu Huang’s crafty eyes and had a premonition that there was a trap waiting for him.

’Dean Lin, I want to become a Purifying Spirit Master! Please accept me as your disciple!’ With that said, Yu Huang knelt before Lin Jiansheng.

It was indeed a trap!

However, the rational Lin Jiansheng did not want to jump in.

Yu Huang sensed that Lin Jiansheng wanted to reject her. She hurriedly straightened her back and raised her head while staring at Lin Jiansheng with a stubborn gaze. She said, ’If I’m destined to be unable to become a Beast Tamer, then I want to become a Purifying Spirit Master and help more people fulfill their dream of becoming a Beast Tamer! I want to change the way people view Purifying Spirit Masters and let them understanda’|’

Staring at Lin Jiansheng, Yu Huang shouted in a clear voice, ’Purifying Spirit Masters aren’t half-finished products abandoned by God. They are angels sent by the heavens to assist the Beast Tamer!’

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