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Chapter 30: The Truth About the Broken Leg

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Chapter 30

Just like that, Yu Donghai was easily tricked by the mastermind and lost his young master.

When she listened up to here, Yu Huang still had doubts in her mind as she said, “Since Yin Mingchong views me as an obstacle, why didn’t he just kill me directly and instead go through great pains to abandon me in the abyss?”

If he killed her, wouldn’t it be the end of everything?

“How could he dare to?!” Yu Donghai slapped the wine jug with excitement, and said angrily, “If Yin Mingchong really kills you, then if he’s exposed in the future, then he’ll be despised by the entire Divine Moon Empire! Finding someone to disguise as a thief and steal you away, then throw you into the abyss that’s filled with danger and leaving you to fend for yourself is the wisest method!”

However, Yin Mingchong had never expected that Yu Donghai would find Yu Huang and bring her out of the abyss safely.

Yu Huang asked again, “Father, then how did you find me?”

“It’s all thanks to the Grand State Master that we were able to find your whereabouts.” The Divine Moon Empire had a Grand State Master who was proficient in divination. This person’s cultivation was profound, and he was also able to pry into the fate of the nation. Even the emperor had to show him some respect. Back then, Yu Donghai had spent a lot of effort to get the Grand State Master’s help.

“Back then, I took your personal belongings and found the Grand State Master. The Grand State Master made a divination for you. The divination showed that your hiding place was in the abyss and that your lifespan was not up yet. After knowing that you were still alive, I barged into the abyss alone and took three days to finally find the hungry you.”

“It had been six days since you were stolen. Your cries were as weak as newborn kittens. If I had come half a day later, you might have starved to death. What was even more terrifying was that a Rank 6 Magic Snake was coiled on a tree, waiting to eat you. Fortunately, Young Master had added a blessing to your body. That power could help you withstand five fatal attacks. You were able to stay alive because Young Master was secretly protecting you…”

The power of blessing? Yu Huang would rather call it the power of fatherly love.

She looked at Yu Donghai thoughtfully. In the end, she couldn’t help but ask the question that had been hidden in her heart for a long time, “Father, were you also a Beast Tamer in the past?”

Yu Donghai was obviously stunned when he heard this.

Yu Huang calmly analyzed, “To dare to enter the abyss alone and walk out alive, Father, this is not something an ordinary person can do. You were a Beast Tamer before, right?”

Yu Donghai knew that he couldn’t hide it anymore, so he could only admit it. “Yes, I was once a Beast Tamer in the past, but my talent wasn’t high. After cultivating for more than a hundred years, I’m still only a Supreme Master.”

He was indeed a Beast Tamer!

She noticed that Yu Donghai’s words contained the word ‘past’, it meant that he was no longer a Beast Tamer. Only Beast Tamers who had self-destructed their beast forms would become ordinary people again.

Yu Huang was very curious as to what exactly had happened to Yu Donghai that he was forced into a corner and self-destructed his beast form.

“Father, why did you self-destruct your beast form? And how did you lose your leg?”

Facing Yu Huang’s question, Yu Donghai remained silent for a longer time than before.

Why did he self-destruct his beast form?

Because his cultivation was still shallow and his ability was too weak, he was utterly not a match for that Rank 6 Magic Snake. In order to kill that Rank 6 Magic Snake, he could only choose to detonate his beast form and perish together with that Magic Snake.

His leg was also bitten off by a Rank 6 Magic Snake in battle.

But could he tell the whole truth to Yu Huang?

Looking at Yu Huang’s eyes, which were filled with concern, Yu Donghai could not bear to tell her the truth.

Knowing the truth would only increase Yu Huang’s psychological burden, and Yu Donghai was unwilling to let Yu Huang bear too much pressure.

When she saw that Yu Donghai did not speak, the confusion in Yu Huang’s mind deepened. What was her father worried about? Why did he not dare to tell her the truth?

Was he unable to say it, or was he unwilling to say it?

Yu Donghai lied and casually explained. “In the past, I offended someone, and a leg was chopped off by that person. In the end, I could only choose to detonate my beast form to survive.”

Yu Huang did not believe his nonsense at all.

However, she acted as if she believed Yu Donghai’s explanation. She nodded her head and said, “So that’s how it is. Father, tell me that person’s name. In the future, I will avenge you.”

“That person died a long time ago. Now that he’s dead, bygones are bygones.” Yu Donghai thought that he’d deceived Yu Huang, and he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

But at that moment, Yu Huang suddenly reached out and pulled up the empty section of his pants.

Yu Donghai was shocked. “What are you doing?!” He wanted to put down his pants, but Yu Huang grabbed his pants and refused to let go.

“Don’t move!” Yu Huang glared at him fiercely with a straight face. It was quite frightening.

Yu Donghai really did not dare to move anymore.

Without the cover of his pants, Yu Donghai’s crippled leg appeared before Yu Huang’s eyes.

Yu Donghai’s left leg had been broken from the top of his knee. However, the cut was obviously not caused by a knife or a sharp weapon. It was more like it had been torn apart by a ferocious beast with sharp saw teeth.

Yu Huang had guessed the truth behind Yu Donghai’s broken leg, and her eyes instantly turned blurry with tears. Yu Huang’s heart wasn’t made of stone. Seeing such a scene, even she was moved.

“You self-destructed your beast form in order to save me, right? Your leg was also bitten off by that level 6 Magic Snake, right?”

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