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Chapter 3: The Moon in the Sky and the Mud on the Ground, Unworthy!

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When she saw that Xuanyuan Jing had lost his composure because of her appearance, a mocking smile appeared on Yu Huang’s lips.

This smile instantly made her appear uglier.

Xuanyuan Jing, wanting to get away from this hideous woman, took a step back silently.

When Yu Huang saw Xuanyuan Jing’s action, her heart suddenly ached. She knew that this was the feeling the body of the original owner had for Xuanyuan Jing.

After all, this was the lover whom the Host had treated sincerely for two years.

“Forget it, I’m in a rush. Let’s talk about things here.” When Xuanyuan Jing spoke, he observed Yu Huang with a guarded gaze, as if he was prepared to escape if Yu Huang dared to take a step forward.

Yu Huang only quietly stood in the distance without moving at all.

When Xuanyuan Jing saw that she was sensible, he finally relaxed.

He continued, “I’m still young and my academic workload is heavy…” At the mention of studies, Xuanyuan Jing’s face naturally revealed a hint of arrogance.

Xuanyuan Jing had a pair of light blue eyes, and his nose was handsome and exquisite. He had a standard model face. With such an outstanding appearance, in addition to his powerful family background, his status as a beast tamer, and a student of Divine Realm Academy, he was indeed a peerless existence.

In the past, when he was pursuing Yu Huang, Xuanyuan Jing would always act humbly to woo her. Now that the situation had changed, Xuanyuan Jing resumed his cocky and smug attitude.

He said to Yu Huang, “You also know that I just got accepted into Divine Realm Academy this year. Divine Realm Academy is a school with a heavy workload, and I am busy cultivating every day. I really don’t have time to date…” When he said that, Xuanyuan Jing gave Yu Huang a meaningful look. He knew that Yu Huang would definitely understand what he meant.

“Yu Huang, forget about our engagement.”

Forget it.

Yu Huang felt throbbing pain from her heart.

Yu Huang’s body had yet to completely merge with the Host’s, so the Host’s emotions still affected her more or less. Xuanyuan Jing’s words were like a sharp knife stabbing into the Host’s heart, leaving it riddled with holes.

Yu Huang scolded the Host inside.

Three-legged toads weren’t easy to find, but two-legged men were everywhere on the streets. Was an immature brat worth her feeling heartache over?

If he didn’t love her, so be it. If he wanted to break off the engagement, so be it. Why should she be so unwilling?

Of course, this was just Yu Huang’s thoughts. However, the original owner had loved Xuanyuan Jing before and even had an engagement with him. She had true feelings for this boy called Xuanyuan Jing. Now that her appearance had just been ruined and she had yet to be discharged from the hospital, her fiancé had rushed over to end the engagement. This was indeed very hurtful.

Yu Huang looked at Xuanyuan Jing with a cold expression, as if she was looking at a pile of trash. “Xuanyuan Jing, when you pursued me back then, it could be said that everyone in the city knew about it. At that time, you were very patient. Now, you are saying ‘forget it’ and you are really going to let it go?”

“It seems like Young Master Xuanyuan’s love is really worthless.”

After being mocked by Yu Huang, Xuanyuan Jing had a sinister expression on his handsome face.

Xuanyuan Jing did like Yu Huang back then, but after entering Divine Realm Academy, he got to know even more beautiful and outstanding girls. Only then did he realize that Yu Huang had no other strengths apart from her beautiful looks.

A shallow flower vase was not worthy of being with him. Besides, that vase had already become a trash can.

At the thought of this, the last bit of pity Xuanyuan Jing had for Yu Huang vanished.

“What, you aren’t willing?” Xuanyuan Jing narrowed his eyes and mocked Yu Huang. “Could it be that you still want to force me to marry you? I’m a person with status and prestige. For a woman to be able to stand beside me, even if she doesn’t need to be beautiful, she should still be a lady from a prestigious clan with good looks!”

“Look at yourself now. Are you fit to be my wife?”

Xuanyuan Jing saw that Yu Huang was unmoved and completely lost his patience with her. His tone also became aggressive.

Yu Huang wanted to laugh out of anger at Xuanyuan Jing. “So the young master of the Xuanyuan Clan is just a shallow man who values beauty. Xuanyuan Jing, tell me, if I hold a press conference now and publicize your true colors, how will everyone talk about you? How will they talk about the Xuanyuan Clan?”

“Oh, that’s right. If I remember correctly, you are not Madam Xuanyuan’s biological son. You are merely an illegitimate child your father gave birth to with a woman outside!” Yu Huang looked at Xuanyuan Jing with a mocking expression. The corners of her lips curled up as she chuckled. “If your reputation is ruined, would Madam Xuanyuan still be able to tolerate you?”

When he heard that, Xuanyuan Jing’s expression changed abruptly. “You actually dare to threaten me!”

Yu Huang smiled calmly. “It’s a threat.”

Seeing Yu Huang admit it, Xuanyuan Jing calmed down instead.

Xuanyuan Jing thought that after Yu Huang’s face was disfigured, she would never be able to recover from this setback and the matter of breaking off the engagement would proceed smoothly. However, he didn’t know that after Yu Huang’s face was disfigured, she seemed to have become a completely different person. Not only did she not have a mental breakdown from this setback, but she became even more tenacious.

From the looks of it, it would not be easy to cancel this marriage.

Xuanyuan Jing suddenly took out a bank card from his pocket.

It was the bank card he had prepared beforehand.

Using a bank card to send Yu Huang away was Xuanyuan Jing’s last resort.

He had originally thought that if the marriage could be successfully annulled, he would no longer need to give Yu Huang money. After all, money was money. No one would complain about having too much. If he could save some money, he would rather save some.

Just by looking at Yu Huang’s stubborn expression, Xuanyuan Jing knew that this engagement wouldn’t be easy to break.

Since that was the case, he could only use the next resort.

When she saw the bank card in Xuanyuan Jing’s hand, Yu Huang frowned.

Xuanyuan Jing endured his disgust and walked closer to Yu Huang. He didn’t look at her face and directly handed the bank card that was only the size of a coin to her. Seeing that Yu Huang wasn’t willing to accept it, Xuanyuan Jing lowered his voice and said, “Yu Huang, there are five hundred million in here. Take it.”

Yu Huang sneered and stared at the bank card. She said sarcastically, “I misunderstood you. It seems like Young Master Xuanyuan’s relationship isn’t worthless. It’s worth 500 million.”

Hearing the sarcasm in Yu Huang’s words, Xuanyuan Jing didn’t get angry. Yu Huang was like a piece of chewing gum now. Xuanyuan Jing only wanted to get rid of this piece of chewing gum as soon as possible.

“Trust me, you will need this money.” Xuanyuan Jing looked at Yu Huang coldly and said, “You are the adopted daughter of the Yu Family. I have long seen through your parents’ true nature. To them, you, Yu Huang, are just an ATM. Now that you are disfigured and can’t earn any more money, and I have broken off the engagement, you, who have lost all your value, are like trash.”

“Do you think Yu Rufeng will still want you?”

“Your looks and your career are ruined. From now on, you won’t have any financial income. Yu Huang, 500 million is to buy my freedom of marriage and for you to live the rest of your life without worries. Isn’t it worth it?” After saying that, Xuanyuan Jing stuffed the bank card into Yu Huang’s hands.

Yu Huang suddenly raised her hand and threw the bank card at Xuanyuan Jing’s face. “Take your dirty money and scram from my sight!”

With that said, Yu Huang reached out and rubbed her hands on the leaves that were covered with rainwater, as if her hand had touched something dirty.

Xuanyuan Jing stared at the bank card on the ground and was finally angered by Yu Huang.

Staring at Yu Huang’s furious gaze and that ugly face, Xuanyuan Jing was so angry that he snickered. “Why are you acting so high and mighty?! Yu Huang, wasn’t the reason why you were willing to be with me back then because of my family background? Now that I’ve broken off the engagement, you’re just a sl*t. Who would dare to take a woman I don’t want?!”

“As long as I give the word, there will be no place for you in the entire Divine Moon Empire!”

As the young master of the Xuanyuan Clan and a young beast tamer who had successfully entered Divine Realm Academy, Xuanyuan Jing indeed had the ability.

Seeing Yu Huang clench her fists, Xuanyuan Jing smiled even more delightedly. “If you want to pretend to be virtuous, it also depends on whether you are worthy or not. Before you were disfigured, at least you were still a beautiful vase. Now, you are just a useless vase covered in cracks. You are simply worthless!”

“I’m the young master of the Xuanyuan Clan, a Beast Tamer, and now, I’ve been recruited by the Divine Realm Academy! Look at you. Without a good background and good looks, you haven’t been able to awaken your beast form by the age of 18. You won’t be able to become a Beast Tamer in your lifetime!”

“I am the moon in the sky and you are the mud on the ground.. How are you worthy of me?!” He finally said all his heartfelt words and Xuanyuan Jing felt much more relaxed.

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