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Chapter 28: Yu Huang’s Background

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Yu Huang narrowed her eyes.

Biological father?

As intelligent as she was, she had long discovered the abnormality in Yu Donghai’s identity. When he was young, he had accompanied the ‘young master’ to the Imperial Cuisine Restaurant. He dared to venture into the abyss alone, and he even knew about the existence of the ‘Spirit Restraining Parasite’. He also knew a lot about the six great clans.

All sorts of signs indicated that Yu Donghai’s identity wasn’t ordinary. He was absolutely not an ordinary commoner.

Yu Huang pretended to be confused. She said, “Father, you said that you picked me up from the abyss. To me, you are my biological father. I’ve never thought about anything else.”

Yu Donghai sighed and decided to tell Yu Huang the truth about her origins.

“You were indeed brought back by me from the abyss. However, you are not an abandoned baby that I picked up. You are the Little Young Master that I risked my life to enter the abyss and snatch back from the mouth of the ferocious beasts! Your true identity is the Little Young Master of the Yin Clan, one of the six great cultivation clans.

Yin Huang was speechless!

Even though she had long guessed that her identity was extraordinary, Yu Huang was still shocked.

“Yin Clan?”

Yu Donghai nodded.

He told Yu Huang, “Your father is the previous patriarch of the Yin Clan, Yin Mingjue!”

Yu Huang wasn’t familiar with Yin Mingjue’s name, so when she heard this name, her reaction was somewhat blank and it felt unfamiliar.

When Yu Donghai saw Yu Huang’s blank and ignorant expression, he couldn’t help but feel sorrowful.

Yu Donghai sighed with sorrow. “The people of today only know that Master Sheng has extraordinary talent and is a genius of the cultivation world. However, they have forgotten that 150 years ago, one of the six great cultivation clans, the Yin Clan, had once produced a shocking genius!”

At the mention of his young master, Yin Mingjue, Yu Donghai’s expression unconsciously became proud. He spoke as if he was speaking of his family’s treasures, “Young master awakened his beast form at the age of ten, entered the Divine Realm Academy at the age of 14, broke through to the Master Realm at the age of 23, and broke through to the Supreme Master Realm at the age of 35. He is the best in his generation!”

In Yu Donghai’s heart, Young Master Yin Mingjue was the most formidable god!

“When Young Master was 38 years old, he successfully ventured into the Central Pagoda and the outside world to seek knowledge. He went there for a hundred years. It was only 18 years ago that Young Master brought you, who was a month old, back to the Holy Spirit Continent. When he returned from his studies, he was already a revered Prime Master-level Beast Tamer!”

When she heard the term “Prime Master”, Yu Huang’s eyes flickered lightly.

On the Holy Spirit Continent, there were currently only three Prime Master level powerhouses. However, they were all old monsters who had lived for hundreds of years. Her father had become an Prime Master level powerhouse at the age of 130. What kind of terrifying cultivation talent was this?!

Yu Huang noticed the details in Yu Donghai’s words and hurriedly asked, “I was brought back from the Upper World by my father? What about my mother? Did she not follow me back?”

Yu Donghai shook his head with his brows tightly furrowed as he said in confusion, “I’ve never seen the Young Madam before. I only know that she’s the girl Young Master knew in the Upper World. Young Master once said that he would bring you to the Upper World to reunite with her, but he…”

Yu Donghai suddenly fell silent, as if he had recalled a painful past. The expression on his face instantly became sorrowful.

Yu Huang had a bad premonition. She asked softly, “My father… how did he die?”

Yu Donghai gulped down a mouthful of wine as two streams of warm tears flowed down his face. Yin Mingjue’s death was something that Yu Donghai didn’t dare to recall after so many years.

“Young Master’s death is related to the Central Pagoda.”

Central Pagoda?

This was another name that Yu Huang found unfamiliar.

Knowing that Yu Huang did not understand the Central Pagoda

, Yu Donghai told her, “There is a mysterious iron pagoda at the northernmost end of the Holy Spirit Continent. It goes deep into hell and reaches into the clouds. It is called the Central Pagoda. The Central Pagoda is the passageway that connects our world and the outside world.”

The Holy Spirit Continent was only a small world among the three thousand worlds. Above it were ten super large worlds, hundreds of middle worlds, and countless small worlds.

“Back then, Young Master went to the outside world to focus on cultivating for a hundred years. When he returned, he was already a revered Prime Master. The young and promising him was recommended by various big shots of the Holy Spirit Continent to become the guardian of the Central Pagoda. That was a great honor!”

“Going to the outside world to study is a rare opportunity and also an honor. Thus, every five years, the various authorities of the Holy Spirit Continent would send their geniuses to the Central Pagoda for a challenge. The top ten winners who passed the trials would be sent to the outside world by the spatial gate to learn. 18 years ago, all the geniuses gathered at the Central Pagoda for the challenge, but an accident happened that time…”

“What exactly happened?” Yu Huang asked impatiently.

“Dead…” Yu Donghai shook his head and sighed. “Out of 200 talented young Beast Tamers, only one is left… Even Young Master died in the Central Tower.”

A trial had turned into a living hell. It was the painful memory of the entire Holy Spirit Continent.

Yu Huang only felt shocked.

A Prime Master-level Beast Tamer was a supreme expert capable of destroying the world. To be able to kill a Prime Master in the Central Pagoda, what exactly happened in the pagoda?

As if he knew what Yu Huang was thinking, Yu Donghai told her, “What happened in the pagoda is still a mystery.”

“That day, when the rescue team arrived at the Central Pagoda, the battle had already ended. I followed them into the Central Pagoda and saw a bloody battlefield, along with young Beast Tamers who had already lost their lives. The Young Master had already died…”

“He sacrificed his life, self-destructed his beast form, and blocked the space-time gate with all his might.

No one knew what was behind the space-time gate.

Yin Mingjue’s remains were still stuck at the spacetime door at the top level of the central tower.. It was indestructible and guarded all the living beings in the Holy Spirit Continent alone, year after year, without asking for anything in return.

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