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Chapter 20: Awakening!

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Sheng Xiao gave off an oppressive feeling just by standing there.

The young men below the stage looked at him with admiration. In their eyes, every strand of Sheng Xiao’s hair exuded the aura of a powerful person.

Sheng Xiao could not ignore their burning gazes.

Sheng Xiao tilted his head and looked down the stage. He glanced at the energetic teenagers calmly. He sincerely hoped that he could awaken more beast tamers today.

For some unknown reason, in the past twenty years, the number of Beast Tamers awakened on the Holy Spirit Continent was gradually decreasing. If this continued, in less than two hundred years, no one in this world would be able to successfully awaken their beast form.

In recent years, a hidden force had been secretly killing talented young Beast Tamers. It was as if someone wanted to kill the future of this world.

This was a despairing truth that could not be underestimated.

Sheng Xiao came to the branch of the Purifying Spirit Academy in the Prosperous Capital today to prevent evil forces from hiding in the dark and waiting for an opportunity.

At this time, a group of people walked out from the main hall. The leader was an old man in a dark red robe, and behind him was a group of young men in dark green robes.

This old man was Dean Lin of the Purifying Spirit Academy’s branch in the Prosperous Capital. He was also one of the few rank 8 Purifying Spirit Masters in the Divine Moon Empire!

Similar to Beast Tamers, there was a strict hierarchy among the Purifying Spirit Masters. Level 1 to 3 were Beginner Purifying Spirit Masters, Level 4 to 6 were Intermediate Purifying Spirit Masters, Level 7 to 9 were Advanced Purifying Spirit Masters, and Level 10 Purifying Spirit Masters were just like Divine Masters. They only existed in legends.

It was a mystery whether there had ever been a Level 10 Purifying Spirit Master or a Divine Master in the past. In short, there had never been such an expert in the history of the Holy Spirit Continent.

After Dean Lin walked onto the stage, he raised the aqua blue scepter in his hand with his lips slowly opening and closing. A low murmur seemed to come from the distant horizon, but also seemed to linger in everyone’s ears.

Upon hearing that deep and distant voice, Yu Huang suddenly trembled. Her left eye burned, and immediately after, her eyeballs began to tremble violently.

Yu Huang pressed her left eye with her hand and heard the people from the class next door reminding their companions in a low voice, “The dean is purifying our spirit. Everyone, quickly close your eyes!”

Level 8 Purifying Spirit Masters could purify the impurities in the souls of tens of thousands of people at the same time. They could help them awaken the beast in their bodies and successfully awaken their beast form.

This was a rare opportunity.

Yu Huang, hoping that Dean Lin could help her erase the evil thing hidden in her eyes, quickly closed her eyes.

She endured the pain in her eyes and carefully felt the changes in her body. She didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but she felt as if there was a cool breeze gently flowing through her meridians and bones. The wind swept up and removed the impurities covering her bones.

While everyone was immersed in the purification effect brought by the Purifying Spirit Master, only Yu Huang was sweating from the pain. She clenched her fists tightly and allowed the purification power to fight against the thing in her left eye.

During this entire process, Yu Huang’s face turned pale from the pain, and her forehead was covered in a dense layer of sweat.

On the stage, Dean Lin sensed that his purification spell was being resisted by some kind of energy. He paused and raised his eyebrows as he looked at the grayish-blue formation below the stage.

It was where Yong Hui High School was located. Thousands of students stood together. He could not figure out who was resisting his purification power.

Dean Lin frowned and increased the power of purification.

Yu Huang could feel that the purifying power had become even stronger. The mole hidden in her body had also become more intense and tenacious.

Her eyes were trembling violently, and her body felt like it was being torn into countless bloody holes by the sharp claws of a ferocious beast. The sharp and intense pain tortured Yu Huang’s spiritual power and body.

Yu Huang could no longer hold on and a mouthful of blood flowed down from the corner of her mouth.

At this time, the purification spell finally ended. The purification power in her body dissipated, and her left eye returned to normal.

After experiencing the cleansing of the power of purification, all the students revealed satisfied and light-hearted expressions. Only Yu Huang wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth with a pained expression while panting heavily with exhaustion.

After the purification ceremony, the evaluation of awakening officially began. Dean Lin walked to his seat and sat down. Next, his disciples were in charge of the evaluation ceremony.

“Number 1, Shengdu High School, the Kong Family wins!”

The top two hundred students were already waiting at the front of the line. Upon hearing his name, Male Number One walked up to the stage respectfully.

The youths who had participated in the Awakening Ceremony many times were familiar with the process of the Awakening Ceremony. After going on stage, the boy bowed to the abbot before extending his right index finger towards the crystal ball.

The moment his fingertip reached out, a vine-shaped tentacle suddenly emerged from the crystal ball. It wrapped around the youth’s hand and pierced through his skin while sucking his blood into the crystal ball.

The host reminded the young man, “Calm down, concentrate, and resist the attack of the crystal ball with all your strength.”

The crystal ball was aggressive. After its energy entered a person’s body, it would turn into something that the person involved was most afraid of and launch a fierce attack on the person involved in the spiritual world.

“If you yield to that fear, you will fail to awaken. If you can awaken your beast nature and summon your beast form to fight against it, then you will be considered to have awakened successfully!

The young man’s face became contorted, as if he had seen an extremely terrifying scene. He only held on for three to four seconds before kneeling on the ground, hugging his head and howling in pain, “Don’t kill me, I admit defeat!”

Seeing this, the host spoke calmly, as if he had expected it. “Go down. Number 2, Yong Hui High School, Zhou Xiangchen!”

He had tested nearly three hundred students in a row, but none of them had successfully summoned their beast forms. This made Dean Lin feel disappointed. It seemed like he would not achieve anything today.

“No. 398, Yong Hui High Schooll, Anna Tao!”

Anna Tao was wearing a Lolita-style dress today. She was wearing Yong Hui High School’s uniform and had a cute bunny bag slung over her shoulder.

Anna Tao walked onto the stage with light footsteps. Pigtails swayed with her movements, causing some of the boys below the stage to blush.

Seeing this, Dean Lin shook his head again. He thought that this little girl was cute and cute. One look and he could tell that she was a timid and weak little bunny.

There was no chance.

Anna Tao bowed to the host and did something unexpected.

She quickly opened the rabbit bag and took out Master Sheng’s good luck card again. Then, she stammered at the card, “Master Sheng, Master Sheng, you, you, you must protect me and help me awaken successfully!”

Sheng Xiao was dumbfounded.

Dean Lin looked at Sheng Xiao meaningfully and teased him. “Sheng Xiao, it seems that you hold a high position in the public’s heart.”

Sheng Xiao was embarrassed.

Yu Huang only wanted to cover her face as she stood below the stage. She already felt embarrassed for Anna Tao. She had embarrassed herself in front of him. She was really something!

Anna Tao tied the good luck tag around her neck. “I’m ready,” she told the host.

The host came back to his senses and was somewhat speechless.”Extend your hand,”

Anna Tao extended her finger, and the vines immediately wrapped around her slender finger. Then, they pierced through her fair skin and transferred energy into her body. In the next moment, Anna Tao’s body shook, as if she had encountered a ferocious beast.

Seeing this, Dean Lin shook his head and said to Master Sheng, “She is just a little girl who is easily frightened.”

Sheng Xiao was about to nod when the translucent crystal ball suddenly turned black!

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