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Chapter 16: Sir, I am ugly, really

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From Yu Donghai’s frustrated and helpless expression, Yu Huang understood his thoughts.

Her father was always considerate of her, so how could she despise him for being a disgrace?

Yu Huang shook her head and said, “Selling alms bowl chicken isn’t stealing, so it’s not embarrassing! I’m proud of my father, who works hard.”

Yu Donghai heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this, and his scrawny face revealed a kind and gratified smile. “Alright, eat quickly. I’ll send you to school after you’re done.”


The Host spent most of her time filming and would not eat junk food outside the school when she occasionally returned to school. She really didn’t know that her father was selling alms bowl chickens so close to her.

After the meal, Yu Donghai carried the alms bowl chicken and raw materials to the school with Yu Huang. After sending Yu Huang to the school gate, he stopped the car and said, “If anyone bullies you, tell me!”

Yu Donghai slammed his walking stick on the ground and deliberately said fiercely, “I’ll beat him up!”

Yu Huang laughed. “Alright.”

After watching her father drive away, Yu Huang took her bag and walked towards the campus. When she entered the campus, she was stopped by the security guard. “Are you a student? Which class are you from? Take off your hat and mask and let me take a look!”

Yu Huang wore a cap on her head and a sunblock mask on her face. Her face was covered tightly, only revealing her eyes.

Seeing that she was fully covered, the security guards suspected that she was a dangerous person who was disguised as a student. For the safety of the entire school, the security guards had no choice but to stop Yu Huang and order her to take off her mask and hat.

Yu Huang stopped in her tracks and tilted her head to look at the security officer. She told the security officer honestly, “Sir, I’m ugly. If I take off my mask, I’ll scare people.”

The security guard did not believe Yu Huang’s explanation. Who would be so ugly that she was scary?

The security guard subconsciously grabbed the stun baton on his waist and threatened Yu Huang, “Cut the crap! If you don’t take it off, I’ll take you to the police station!”

Yu Huang removed her mask, revealing her scarred face.

When he saw Yu Huang’s scarred face, the security guard’s jaw dropped in shock.

Yu Huang blinked her eyes innocently and said helplessly, “See, I told you that I’m ugly and would scare people, but you didn’t believe me.”

The security guard also recognized Yu Huang. He swallowed hard before saying, “Miss Yu, please enter the school.”

Yu Huang put on her mask and hat and walked towards the Year Three school building according to the route she remembered. The security guard stared at Yu Huang’s tall and slender back and couldn’t help but sigh. “She’s so unlucky. What a beautiful girl. Sigh…”

Year Three Class 7 was on the second floor of the third building.

Yu Huang was late by a few minutes. When she arrived at the school building, her classmates were already sitting in the classroom for class.

Yu Huang’s light footsteps echoed in the corridor, attracting the attention of some people. Some people saw Yu Huang through the open classroom door. They did not recognize her, but their curiosity was piqued by her strange attire.

Every time Yu Huang passed by a classroom, she would attract the attention of the entire class.

She stood at the door of Class Seven and knocked.

Su Weina stopped talking and turned her head to look at the girl who knocked on the door. The girl was dressed in a black sports suit and carried a backpack. She liked a good student. However, her cap and ridiculous sun mask made her look like a terrorist.

The teacher looked at her in shock and doubt. She was wary and didn’t speak.

Yu Huang strode into the classroom and stood under the podium. She raised her head and said to Su Weina, “Ms. Su Weina, I am Yu Huang. From today onwards, I will officially report back to school.”

Yu Huang?

Su Weina stared at Yu Huang with a complicated expression on her face. Even though Yu Huang was her student, the number of times she had seen Yu Huang on television was far more frequent than in school.

The only impression Su Weina had of Yu Huang was that she was beautiful and quiet.

When she was in school, she hardly spoke, but she listened attentively and did her homework.

When she thought about how such a beautiful girl had been disfigured, as Yu Huang’s teacher, Su Weina naturally pitied her. Su Weina pressed down on Yu Huang’s shoulders and gently said to her, “Yu Huang, since you’ve come back to study, you should study hard and strive to get into a good university for your future!”

Yu Huang nodded and replied, “I will, Ms. Su Weina.”

Su Weina turned around and looked at the row by the window. Yu Huang’s table was in the last row by the window. It had always been empty, but there was no dust on it. It was obvious that someone often helped wipe it.

Su Weina said to her students, “Students, Yu Huang is injured and cannot be exposed to the strong sunlight. Is there anyone who is willing to change seats with Yu Huang?”

As soon as Su Weina finished speaking, a thin girl slowly stood up from her seat in the middle of the corridor. She raised her hand and stammered, “Yu… Yu Huang, I can… I can… swap places with you.”

This girl’s name was Anna Tao. She stuttered and was Yu Huang’s fan.

Yu Huang stared at Anna Tao for a moment until she blushed. Then, she said softly, “Thank you, Anna.”

Anna Tao was extremely excited when she heard Yu Huang say her name accurately. She clutched her clothes tightly and stammered, “Then, then you, come over and take a seat.”

Yu Huang grabbed her bag and went to Anna Tao.

Yu Huang didn’t bring anything with her on the day she was discharged from the hospital. All her books were still in Yu Rufeng’s villa. Without any books, Yu Huang sat next to Anna Tao and read with her.

During class, the students were secretly sizing up Yu Huang, especially her face. However, Yu Huang had been listening attentively and was indifferent to their scrutiny.

After class, Yu Huang went to the Academic Affairs Office to buy a new set of textbooks. When she returned to the classroom with her books, the students’ gazes fell on her at the same time.

Although they were classmates with Yu Huang, they were not familiar with her. Yu Huang was a celebrity, and she looked beautiful. No one dared to speak to her in school.

Hence, Yu Huang was unique in class.

The youths at this age were all pure and kind. They looked at Yu Huang with pity, assessment, curiosity, and probing eyes, but they did not have any real malice or viciousness.

Yu Huang walked up to the podium and placed her book on the table. Then, she took off her mask in front of everyone. Instantly, her hideous face was exposed. “Just like what everyone saw, I’m disfigured. I can’t act anymore.”

Seeing Yu Huang’s appearance, the entire class fell silent.

The girls were so frightened that their scalps went numb. If their faces had changed to Yu Huang’s current appearance, would they still be able to calmly accept it? And when the boys saw Yu Huang’s current appearance, all of them felt pained.

The former Yu Huang was the goddess they secretly admired in their hearts!

Yu Huang continued, “I’ve already severed all ties with the Yu Clan. Now, I’m living with my father.”

“Also, my father is a cripple. He sells alms bowl chickens at the Lotus Plaza next to the school. If I have time, I’ll help him sell alms bowl chickens too. If everyone looks down on me now, I don’t mind. But I don’t want to see everyone laugh at my father. It’s not easy for him.. He deserves to be respected.”

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