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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1205 Prime Emperor Jiuxiao

Before the defensive array was completed, the meteorite had already landed in the sky above the Cang Lang Continent. Only then did the experts realize that it was actually a spatial meteorite half the size of Divine Miracle Continent!

The deep space defense array had a total of three protective walls. The first protective wall was formed by a Prime Emperor powerhouse, the second protective wall was formed by a Prime Master powerhouse, and the third was formed by a Grand Master powerhouse.

After the meteorite fragment was stopped by the first protective wall, its falling body only paused for a moment before breaking through the Prime Emperor's protective wall and continuing to charge towards the Cang Lang Continent. Then, it successfully broke through the second protective wall and landed above Cang Lang City.


The huge meteorite fragment broke through the Grand Master's protective wall again.

The meteorite fragment was too large, so when it charged towards Cang Lang City, more than half of the Divine Miracle Continent plummeted into darkness.

At this moment, Zhan Jianxue had already flown onto the battle stage. She looked at the meteorite fragment that had suddenly appeared in shock. She didn't understand why the Cang Lang Continent, which had the best interstellar defense system in the three thousand worlds, couldn't block this meteorite fragment.

When the meteorite fragment landed only two thousand meters away from Cang Lang City, it suddenly stopped, as if it had encountered some obstruction that was difficult to defeat.


The red flames burned in the shape of a bow as they instantly lit up the pitch-black Cang Lang City.

The commoners, participants, and experts in the city looked towards the burning flames one after another. Only then did they realize that it was actually a longbow. Behind the longbow, there stood a slender woman. As she held the longbow in her right hand, the phoenix true pattern on her arm was actually burning with flames.

That flame was ignited by Yu Huang.

That longbow was Yu Huang's weapon.

To be able to withstand the meteorite's attack, was it really only a ninth-grade Spirit Tool?

Among the organizers, someone couldn't help but exclaim, "Could it be that Yu Huang's bow is a level 10 divine-grade Spirit Tool?"

"Level 10 divine-grade Spirit Tool?" Madam Brulee sneered and said, "Zhan Jianxue's armor is also a level 10 divine-grade Spirit Tool, but can it block the attack of a meteorite?"

Si Cheng's eyes flickered when he heard this and he muttered softly, "Could that thing be… a natural divine artifact?"

The experts present were shocked when they heard the words 'natural divine artifact'.

Natural divine artifacts were divine artifacts that only existed in the ancient era. In the era Divine Masters met their demise, battle after battle almost destroyed all the natural divine artifacts.

Si Cheng muttered to himself, "According to records, the last divine artifact of the three thousand worlds was born twelve thousand years ago. It came from the…" Si Cheng's eyes flickered as he looked at Yu Huang's beautiful figure and said," Divine Feather Phoenix Clan. "

Hearing this, Madam Brulee also recalled this ancient history and said, "The last Patriarch of the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan, Prime Emperor Jing Huang, became famous at a young age and was a peerless powerhouse of the Divine Feather Continent. When she was young, she created a powerful cultivation technique called… the bandit cultivation technique that could continuously advance. From it, she also comprehended the cultivation technique True God. It was said that when her cultivation level broke through to the Prime Emperor Realm, the bandit cultivation technique was finally completed by her. She also successfully obtained the last natural divine artifact of the three thousand worlds. It was called…"

Madam Brulee couldn't remember the name of the natural divine weapon.

However, Si Cheng had already opened the artificial intelligence terminal and found the historical records of the ancient era through it.

He finished reading the information at a glance and suddenly said, "Its name is Aofeng."

Madam Brulee pursed her red lips.

She looked at Si Cheng in shock, then at Yu Huang, who was behind the red longbow.

"Aofeng…" Madam Brulee's pupils dilated slightly and her voice quivered as she said," Isn't the longbow that Yu Huang always carries on her back called Aofeng? "

She was shocked.

The red longbow that Yu Huang carried on her back as an ordinary weapon was actually the only natural divine weapon in the three thousand worlds, Aofeng Longbow?

She actually didn't hide such a precious divine treasure and carried it on her back all day?


For a moment, Madam Brulee didn't know whether to scold Yu Huang for being muddle-headed or foolish.

"Speaking of which, the bandit cultivation technique created by Prime Emperor Jing Huang seems to be a cultivation technique that can seize another person's beast form and cultivation technique by snatching their heart blood." Si Cheng smiled at Madam Brulee mysteriously and said, "In that case, the reason Yu Huang is able to possess four beast forms is probably that she obtained Senior Jing Huang's bandit cultivation technique."

Madam Brulee was enlightened.

She was a little envious of Yu Huang, but she was also glad that she had good foresight and recruited Yu Huang and the others to the Central Continent early on. "Yu Huang has awakened the Divine Feather Phoenix and has the bloodline of the Divine Feather Phoenix in her body, so it's not strange that she can obtain Senior Jing Huang's recognition."

Although she said that, Madam Brulee was thinking: A Beast Tamer who can awaken the Divine Feather Phoenix must be the reincarnation of a member of the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan. She had obtained Senior Jing Huang's bandit cultivation technique and natural divine artifact. She might be Senior Jing Huang's reincarnation.

At this moment, Si Cheng said, "That meteorite fragment has been temporarily blocked by Yu Huang, so let's quickly join forces and expel this meteorite into space!"


Everyone was about to join forces to expel the meteorite fragment when they saw that the huge meteorite fragment had actually instantly turned into a long arrow that flickered with the light of stars as it flew towards Yu Huang. However, it didn't attack Yu Huang. It only circled around Yu Huang intimately before passing through the Aofeng Longbow in her hand and shooting towards Zhan Jianxue!

Seeing this, they understood.

The meteorite fragment that had fallen from space was summoned by Yu Huang!

The long arrow formed from a meteorite was the Star Arrow!

They couldn't believe that Yu Huang actually mobilized the energy in the universe?!

Not to mention Zhan Jianxue, even Si Cheng would be heavily injured if he was shot by the Star Arrow. Thinking of this, Si Cheng shouted loudly, "Protect Zhan Jianxue!" With that said, he had already flown towards Zhan Jianxue, who was standing on Combat Platform No. 5 and was so frightened that she couldn't move.

At the same time, Director Murong, Madam Brulee, Zhan Wuya, and the others came back to their senses and flew towards Zhan Jianxue.

However, to their surprise, just as the Star Arrow was about to pierce through Zhan Jianxue's delicate body, a burly middle-aged man with an extraordinary aura suddenly appeared in the void in front of her. The moment the man appeared, he protected Zhan Jianxue in his arms. Then, he extended his right hand and grabbed the Star Arrow.

"It's Prime Emperor Jiuxiao!"

"Heavens! Yu Huang actually forced Prime Emperor Jiuxiao to personally appear!"

Director Murong and the others were stunned.

When the Star Arrow landed in Prime Emperor Jiuxiao's palm, the impact it carried was so strong that it sent Prime Emperor Jiuxiao flying more than ten meters away. In the end, he landed in the empty space in front of the War God Clan's participants' camp before barely stopping.

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