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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1203 Yu Huang Will Definitely Lose?

"Nonsense!" Zhan Jianxue stood up with the cherry blossom umbrella in her hand. At this moment, she looked a little disheveled and no longer had the noble bearing of a princess of the War God Clan.

Her beautiful face was filled with anger as she roared, "You're a demoness!" Zhan Jianxue looked at the four different beast forms of the demon race above Yu Huang's head as she said, "No one can have multiple beast forms at the same time. Tell me! What kind of evil demon are you?! How did you get these beast forms?!"

Zhan Jianxue didn't believe that a Beast Tamer could awaken four beast forms.

She believed that Yu Huang had used some evil method and done something shady.

Yu Huang couldn't help but feel angry when she heard Zhan Jianxue's question.

Did this woman know that what she had just said could easily turn the righteous world against her?

The little princess of the War God Clan was too arrogant and reckless.

"Zhan Jianxue, you don't know the truth of the matter, but you want to slander a cultivator who is even younger than you and turn people against me. Is this the upbringing that the little princess of the War God Clan has? Don't you know that a few simple words from you can ruin my reputation? This is called defamation!"

"If you think that I'm a fiendish cultivator and a demoness, then please show evidence. You can't show evidence, but you're spouting nonsense. This is not what a disciple of a famous family should behave like."

Zhan Jianxue hadn't realized her mistake yet, but on the other hand, Zhan Wuya suddenly stood up and cupped his fists towards Yu Huang to apologize. "I'm sorry, Yu Huang. I apologize on behalf of my junior for her foolish words."

"Doesn't she have a mouth?" Yu Huang glanced at Zhan Wuya unhappily with a sneer and said, "This woman even needs her fianc?? to apologize for her. Is this the attitude and upbringing of the princess of the War God Clan?"

Zhan Wuya was slightly stunned when he heard this.

When Zhan Jiangxue saw that Yu Huang actually dared to treat her beloved senior brother with such a rude attitude, she was enraged and cursed, "Bastard! Who are you and who is my senior brother?! Since the number one genius of the War God Clan is willing to apologize to a woman from a lowly small world like you, you should accept it humbly!"

"Seems like you think you can do whatever you want just because you have an evil cultivation technique!"

Yu Huang was speechless.

She suddenly felt that it was a waste of energy to brood over the humiliation of losing her arm all these years.

Such a stupid woman wasn't worth holding a grudge against.

Zhan Jianxue smiled and said, "Yu Huang, today, I will expose your evil true colors and let everyone see what schemes you used to obtain these four beast forms!" With that said, the cherry blossom umbrella in Zhan Jianxue's hand suddenly changed its combat state and turned into a mighty and domineering war hammer.

As soon as she saw the war hammer, Yu Huang narrowed her eyes.

The moment the cherry blossom umbrella in her hand turned into a war hammer, a faint golden armor suddenly appeared on Zhan Jianxue's body. At the same time, a faint golden light appeared in the depths of her eyes.

Not only were the participants surprised and puzzled, but even Madam Brulee, Director Murong, and the others revealed shocked expressions.

"This armor..." Madam Brulee thought of something and suddenly clenched the armrest of the chair under her as she said in shock," It's the Divine Tiger Armor? "

Upon hearing the words 'Divine Tiger Armor', the experts sitting in the void were shocked.

The Divine Tiger Armor was a relic left behind by the Divine Tiger Divine Master and was a divine-grade Spirit Tool that resisted the attacks of all Beast Tamers below the Divine Master Realm.

No one expected Zhan Jianxue to obtain the Divine Tiger Armor.

Even her father had not awakened it back then.

"I've heard that Zhan Jianxue is the child with the richest divine bloodline in the War God Clan in the past five thousand years. That's why Prime Emperor Jiuxiao dotes on her so much. I didn't expect her to actually obtain the recognition of the Divine Tiger Armor."

Zhan Jianxue was wearing the Divine Tiger Armor and her long curly hair, which was tied into a high ponytail, fluttered in the wind. As she floated in the sky, she said to Yu Huang with a proud expression, "Yu Huang, to be able to force me to summon the Divine Tiger Armor, you're indeed capable."

She saw that Yu Huang's expression didn't change much.

Thinking that Yu Huang didn't know what the Divine Tiger Battle Armor was and what kind of divine might it had, she said considerately, "The Divine Tiger Armor is a divine-grade spirit artifact left behind by the ancestors of the War God Clan and is a top-grade weapon refined by a divine-grade blacksmith from the ancient era!"

"When one wears it, one can resist the attacks of all Beast Tamers below the Divine Master Realm! Let me reveal your true colors!" With that, the war hammer in Zhan Jianxue's hand suddenly erupted with a strong dazzling white light.

She threw the Cherry Blossom Warhammer into the sky as she quickly circulated all the spiritual power in her body.

Zhan Jianxue raised her hands and transferred all the spiritual power in her body into the Cherry Blossom Warhammer. The Cherry Blossom Warhammer was calcined from the bones of super demon beasts of the 100th grade, so it was already extremely aggressive and filled with endless grievous energy. After receiving Zhan Jianxue's spiritual power, the energy in the warhammer instantly awakened.

In an instant, an incomparably majestic and terrifying ability was released from the Cherry Blossom Warhammer. Instantly, all the participants felt the pressure released from it.

Yin Rong and the others even felt suffocated and could barely keep their backs straight.

As Jing Jiaren stared at the Cherry Blossom Warhammer that was releasing endless destruction in the sky, she frowned slightly and thought to herself, "If Zhan Jianxue really uses her full strength to fight me, will I be able to defeat her?"

Perhaps she could, but she would definitely suffer great losses as well.

It seemed like Zhan Jianxue was quite capable.

A series of beast roars sounded from the Cherry Blossom Warhammer.

As Zhan Jianxue flew into the sky, her slender hand held the handle of the war hammer tightly. She raised the war hammer as she shouted with a sinister expression, "Heavenly God Hammer!" Countless white lights suddenly shot out from the Cherry Blossom Warhammer and turned into huge hands, as if they wanted to tear down the entire sky.

The Cherry Blossom Warhammer finally smashed down on Yu Huang.

The crowd felt as if the sky above their heads seemed to be falling.

At this moment, many participants were so frightened that their foreheads were covered in sweat.

The organizer's staff glanced at Yu Huang. They were all prepared. If Yu Huang couldn't withstand Zhan Jianxue's wave of attacks, they would personally resolve the destructive attack brought by the Heavenly God Hammer.

Although they didn't say anything, they all had the same thought--

Yu Huang would definitely lose.

The Heavenly God Hammer was a fifth-grade Divine Rank cultivation technique and was the most powerful cultivation technique of the War God Clan. Only the direct bloodline of the War God Clan could cultivate it. The only non-direct bloodline disciple who cultivated the Heavenly God Hammer was Zhan Wuya.

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