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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1198 - 1198 Untitled

1198 Untitled

Facing Yu Feng’s request, Director Murong had no reason to refuse, so she nodded and said to Yu Feng, “You can choose one person from among the elite students to challenge.”

With the example of Sheng Xiao using his bloodline to suppress Murong Su, Yu Huang had learned a lesson, so she pointed at an elite student. “I want to challenge you.”

The elite student chosen by Yu Huang wore an identity card on his chest. On it was written—

Azure Academy—Wei Wudi.

Since his parents had given him this name, they clearly had high hopes for him.

Wei Wudi was quite handsome. He was more than 1.8 meters tall and was wearing the navy blue uniform of the Azure Academy. He was holding a Spirit Tool that looked like a bamboo vine in his arms. Seeing that Yu Huang had chosen him, Wei Wudi smiled and flew to platform 1. Then, he cupped his fists and said, “I’m Wei Wudi, an early-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer, and a student of the Azure Academy’s inner sect. My beast form is the Spiritual Peacock!”

Yu Huang was the only Beast Tamer with the cultivation of a Supreme Master in this batch of Beast Tamers participating in the grand finals challenge.

As Wei Wudi looked at Yu Huang’s beautiful face, his eyes were filled with amazement, but he felt pity for her. He could not bear to hurt a beautiful woman like Yu Huang, so he could not help but ask cautiously, “Yu Huang, you’re only at the peak of the late-stage Supreme Master Realm. Are you sure you want to challenge me? Let me make it clear in advance that in the Challenger League, regardless of gender, I won’t be soft-hearted.”

Being soft-hearted to Yu Huang was unfair to the other participants.

Yu Huang nodded and replied, “Fight!”

“Alright.” Wei Wudi held a bamboo vine in his right hand and braided it into a beautiful sword flower. Then, a peacock demon beast with a hard horn on its head appeared in front of Wei Wudi. The peacock was very beautiful. Its entire body was covered in gorgeous light yellow feathers, and its tail feathers were luxurious and slender.

Wei Wudi said, “The Spiritual Peacock is the most powerful bird-type beast form in the three thousand worlds! Without a phoenix in the three thousand worlds, the Spiritual Peacock reigns supreme! Yu Huang, be careful!” With that, Wei Wudi flew up and fused with his beast form.

The peacock spread its wings. As its tail flapped, it soared into the sky.

In an instant, the entire sky was filled with the gorgeous color by the tail feathers of the Spiritual Peacock. It was so beautiful that one could not take their eyes off it. The Spiritual Peacock let out a unique bird cry. Then, Wei Wudi’s muffled voice sounded. “All birds submit!”

After Wei Wudi flung the peacock’s tail, the feathers on its tail turned into thousands of ferocious birds that surrounded Yu Huang from all directions!

Among them, there were ferocious sea ebons, elegant white cranes, and even a red Vermillion Bird.

Every bird carried a Grand Master-level pressure as they attacked Yu Huang mercilessly.

As the slender Yu Huang stood on the battle stage, she was instantly blocked by the flock of birds that flew over. Seeing this, many participants shook their heads and thought to themselves, “A Beast Tamer at the peak of the late-stage Supreme Master Realm is much inferior to an early-stage Grand Master in strength. Wei Wudi will be able to defeat this woman called Yu Huang with one move.”

However, just as all the spectators and Wei Wudi thought that Yu Huang would definitely be devoured by the birds and take the initiative to admit defeat after exhausting her spiritual power, a dazzling fiery red light suddenly erupted from Battle Stage 1. Immediately after, a loud bird cry filled with pressure sounded from the distant sky—


Wei Wudi was stunned. After he narrowed his eyes and looked towards the center of the battlefield, he actually saw a huge fiery red bird blowing up a group of birds and carrying Yu Huang as it flew into the deep sky from Battle Platform 1. The huge bird soared into the sky before spreading its wings.

What a pair of gorgeous wings!

Those wings were covered in red feathers and raging flames burned from the feathers, instantly illuminating the entire sky with a fiery red color. The entire Cang Lang City instantly turned from winter to summer, and the temperature rose steadily. When the giant bird spread its wings, it actually completely overshone the Spiritual Peacock!

It was not an exaggeration to say that the world was overshadowed by its appearance.

As Wei Wudi stared at the powerful ancient divine bird that he had only seen in ancient books, he became shocked and he asked hesitantly, “Divine Feather… Phoenix?”

Next, when he saw the flames that fell from the giant bird’s body instantly burn the birds he had conjured with his spiritual power to ashes, he finally broke out in cold sweat and shouted in shock, “You actually awakened the Divine Feather Phoenix!”

Wei Wudi’s reaction was exactly the same as when Murong Su saw Sheng Xiao’s Black Qing Sky Dragon.

Yu Huang was dressed in black as she stood on the phoenix’s head. The flames burned, but they could not approach her.

She held a fiery red longbow in her hand and pulled the bow to the max. Just as she was about to draw the bow, she told Wei Wudi, “I forgot to tell you that the beast form I awakened was the Divine Feather Phoenix!” Her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and her fingers clenched the long arrow formed by psychic power and spiritual power as she said, “If there is no phoenix in the three thousand worlds, the Spiritual Peacock can dominate. Then, when the phoenix appears, will a mere Spiritual Peacock still dare to dominate?”

With that, she released her finger and shot out the long arrow, stabbing the horn on the head of the Spiritual Peacock that Wei Wudi had transformed into!


The Spiritual Peacock let out a shrill cry and instantly returned to Wei Wudi’s original body before falling onto Combat Platform 1.

As Wei Wudi stared at the Divine Feather Phoenix in the sky and the person holding the red longbow, he touched his bleeding forehead. When he looked at Yu Huang again, there was no longer amazement or pity in his eyes. There was only fear and reverence.

The Divine Feather Phoenix had appeared, and the Black Qing Sky Dragon had also appeared.

The two Divine Beast Clans that had been exterminated more than ten thousand years ago had actually appeared at the same time. Wei Wudi suddenly felt that the power dynamic of the three thousand worlds was about to change.

After the Divine Feather Phoenix turned into a beam of red light and flew back into Yu Huang’s body, Yu Huang landed on Combat Platform 1 and extended her hand towards Wei Wudi. “I’m sorry, but you lost.”

After Wei Wudi shook his head with a mixed expression, he placed his hand on Yu Huang’s palm and used it to stand up. Then, he endured the pain as he cupped his fists at Yu Huang. “I’m ashamed that I actually dared to show off my beast form in front of the Divine Feather Phoenix. I was too careless. Yu Huang, I admit defeat.”

Yu Feng looked up at Director Murong and said, “Director Murong, I passed.”

Superintendent Murong looked at Yu Feng with eyes filled with fear, hostility, and confusion.

The reason why they were hostile to Yu Huang was because the Dragon Snake Clan had always been at odds with the Bird Clan. The reason why they were puzzled was because of her and Sheng Xiao’s relationship.

Didn’t they say that the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan and the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan were arch-enemies?

Why did these two get married?

She really did not understand.

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