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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1197 - 1197 Yu Huang, Requests to Participate in the Challenger League

1197 Yu Huang, Requests to Participate in the Challenger League

Outside the entrance of the intercontinental finals, there were many stalls selling spiritual fruits and demon beasts that could replenish physical strength. During the intermission, the vendors would be busy.

Yu Huang stood in the first row of the spectator stand and waited quietly. At this moment, a group of War God Clan disciples suddenly walked over from the wide aisle in front of her. It seemed like they were going to buy snacks.

The little princess of the War God Clan, Zhan Jianxue, was at the front.

Four years ago, in the Doomsday Battlefield, because of the existence of the spatial barrier membrane, Yu Huang was unable to see Zhan Jianxue’s face clearly.

Today was the first time Yu Huang had seen Zhan Jianxue’s true appearance.

Zhan Jianxue was escorted over by the disciples of the War God Clan.

They were also wearing blue battle uniforms of the War God Clan. The other disciples, regardless of gender, were all wearing pants. Only Zhan Jianxue was wearing a sapphire blue dress.

The hem of the dress had just reached above her knees, revealing a pair of slender legs. There was a soft red whip wrapped around her waist, making her waist look even more slender and alluring. The lotus-leaf-shaped sleeves added a hint of beauty and feminine charm to her.

Zhan Jianxue was quite beautiful. She had rosy lips, a beautiful nose, and almond-shaped eyes. Even if she did not smile, she was charming.

She was indeed a peerless beauty.

Zhan Jiangxue had been used to being the center of attention since she was young, so there were many people sizing her up, like Yu Huang was.

When she passed by Yu Huang, she looked at her from the corner of their eyes because of Yu Huang’s beautiful face.

To be honest, Zhan Jianxue had always been confident in her beauty. She had seen many beauties, but this was the first time she had seen a woman like Yu Huang, who could steal everyone’s attention just by standing quietly on the stairs.

There seemed to be a barrier between her and the people around her.

How should she describe this feeling?

Just like the difference between ordinary people and idols, there were beautiful ordinary people as well. However, the moment the idol appeared, she would steal all the limelight.

Zhan Jiangxue pretended to be chatting with her seniors, but she was secretly sizing up Yu Feng from the corner of her eye.

Yu Feng, who was standing on the first step, had a graceful and slender figure. She was wearing a white halter top that revealed her midriff, revealing her slender waist. She had on black pants and a leather jacket.

Her long black hair was also tied into a high ponytail, and her almond-shaped eyes were filled with arrogance.

It was obvious that this woman was not easy to deal with.

This was Zhan Jianxue’s first impression of Yu Huang.

Zhan Jianxue only hurriedly glanced at Yu Huang before withdrawing her gaze because she didn’t sense any threat from her.

She was just a beautiful woman without much talent.

At this moment, Zhan Jianxue still did not know that she, who had been arrogant and unrestrained for 30 years, would be defeated by this woman.

“Junior Sister!” Zhan Wuya walked over from the elite student camp. When he saw Zhan Jianxue, a smile appeared on his face.

When Zhan Jiangxue saw Zhan Wuya, a charming smile appeared on her fair and beautiful face. “Wuya!” She deliberately did not call Zhan Wuya her senior brother, but his name instead in order to show how special she was to Zhan Wuya.

Zhan Jianxue walked up and tiptoed to hug Zhan Wuya’s arm. Her entire body was pressed against Zhan Wuya’s and any man would be aroused.

However, Zhan Wuya’s expression did not change. He curled up a strand of Zhan Jianxue’s hair and flicked the area between her eyebrows with it. “Are you hungry? I’ll bring you to eat ice crystal cake.”

Zhan Jianxue said, “Alright, there’s nothing for me to do from now on. I can finally relax.”

Zhan Wuya said, “It’s already very impressive that you got second place in the finals. I believe my mentor will be proud of you too.”

Zhan Jiangxue was clearly smug, but she said pretentiously, “That’s not enough. Wuya, when you participated in the finals, you got first place. However, Jing Jiaren is really too impressive. I’m not her match for the time being.”

After all, Jing Jiaren was a powerful figure who had appeared on the Grand Master Thousand Ranking List with Zhan Wuya and the others. Although Zhan Jianxue was arrogant, she was not stupid. She knew that with her early-stage Grand Master strength, she was not qualified to fight Jing Jiaren, so she did not embarrass herself.

“Don’t be discouraged. She’s an elite nurtured by the Jing family with the resources of the entire clan, and she’s two years older than you. It’s normal for there to be a difference between the two of you.” The two of them walked further and further away. Yu Huang was no longer interested in the rest of their conversation.

Was there nothing for her to do after that?

“Heh…” Yu Huang sat down on the stairs and bent one leg. Then, she placed her hand on the knee of the bent leg and raised her head to look at the clear afternoon sky as speechlesshe muttered,” Aren’t I your business? ”


Nearly a hundred mechas descended from the sky. They cooperated tacitly and quickly moved the broken rocks on the battle stage away. Then, they quickly repaired and changed the battle stage.

In less than twenty minutes, the battle stage was repaired.

The organizers’ staff took their seats one after another. Seeing this, the participants who were chatting and eating also returned to the participants’ viewing area and quietly waited for the finals to end.

There were only three hours and forty minutes left until the end of the grand finals.

Director Murong’s voice spread throughout the arena—

“Are there any more participants who want to issue a challenge?”

Yu Huang walked down the stairs, passed through the wide walkway, and walked to Combat Platform 1.

It was the exclusive battle stage for itinerant cultivators to challenge elite students.

She said, “Monster Sect’s First Elder, late-stage Supreme Master Beast Tamer, Yu Huang, requests to participate in the challenge!”

Upon hearing this, the other participants did not have much of a reaction. Madam Brulee, who knew Yu Huang’s strength from before the month, and Prime Emperor Si Cheng, were somewhat shocked. It had only been a short while since they last met, but Yu Huang’s cultivation level had already risen from the intermediate-stage to the peak of the late-stage Supreme Master Realm?

Feng Yuncheng and the others were also somewhat surprised.

“It seems that Yu Huang really encountered an opportunity at the foot of the Blazing Mountain.” Feng Yuncheng and the others were very happy for Yu Huang.

Yin Rong nodded and said, “Since her cultivation level has reached the peak of the late-stage Supreme Master Realm, Yu Huang will definitely be able to successfully pass the challenge.”

Donor, on the other hand, hugged his head and leaned back. His head touched Ye Qingyang’s legs and knees.

As Ye Qingyang stared at the handsome face in front of his knee and his charming long golden hair, he hesitated for a moment, but did not move his foot.

Donor smiled and said, “Let’s wait and see. Yu Huang will definitely bring us a new surprise.” After Sheng Xiao dealt with Dongshen Hanyu, Donor was no longer in danger, so he relaxed and was in the mood to tease Yu Huang.

Estelle pulled Donor’s head away from Ye Qingyang’s knees and said, “Yes, she won’t let us down.”

“Of course.”

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