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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1196 - 1196 Sheng Xiao Makes A Prime Emperor Apologize

1196 Sheng Xiao Makes A Prime Emperor Apologize

Seeing that Prime Emperor Dongshen apologized to Sheng Xiao, many people looked at Sheng Xiao differently.

To be able to make Prime Emperor Dongshen apologize meant that Sheng Xiao’s strength frightened Prime Emperor Dongshen.

Sheng Xiao could not fall out with East God Palace, even if their relationship would become extremely strained in the future. If Prime Emperor Dongshen became angry, Sheng Xiao would not be able to defeat him at the moment.

He nodded and said, “Prime Emperor Dongshen is a benevolent and benevolent person, so I believe that under your strict supervision, your disciple will definitely be able to turn over a new leaf and change his worldview.”

Prime Emperor Dongshen’s expression improved when he saw that Sheng Xiao was willing to compromise.

“Then I’ll bring this rascal back first!” With that, Prime Emperor Dongshen flicked his sleeve and brought the nine disciples away from Cang Lang City.

After Prime Emperor Dongshen left, Sheng Xiao bowed to the nine dragons and sent them away.

Sheng Xiao had defeated nine disciples of the East God Palace in one move, so his personal combat strength was enough to rank in the top five of the intercontinental finals. Everyone became nervous when they saw Sheng Xiao looking at the top five disciples of the intercontinental finals.

Was Sheng Xiao planning to get into the top five?

Jing Jiaren did not react when she saw Sheng Xiao looking at her. She even wanted to fight Sheng Xiao.

Zhan Jianxue, who was ranked second, had a tense expression on her beautiful face as she silently clenched the war hammer in her hand.

Murong Jiangcheng, who was ranked third, was even more uneasy.

Murong Jiangcheng’s beast form was also a Black Demon Flood Dragon. He knew very well that if Sheng Xiao wanted to challenge him, he could only give away the third place.


Sheng Xiao put away the Dragon Sword and turned around. Then, he walked towards Ye Qingyang and the others without a word.

Seeing this, Murong Jiangcheng and Zhan Jiangxue secretly heaved a sigh of relief, while Jing Jiaren was somewhat disappointed.

Inspector Murong thought more highly of Sheng Xiao when she saw that he knew how to stop while he was ahead. She believed that with Sheng Xiao’s stunning performance earlier, he would still be vyed for by the Beast Tamer academies even without entering the top five.

It was already two in the afternoon.

There were less than four hours left until the end of the intercontinental mining competition.

The battle stage was in a mess because of Sheng Xiao, so it needed to be repaired before the battle could continue. However, the intercontinental finals were about to end, so the staff could not decide if the battle scene should be repaired or not.

When Inspector Murong realized that no one seemed to want to continue the challenge, she was about to announce that they were going to take a break when she realized that the young woman who had arrived with Sheng Xiao suddenly stood up from her seat and walked down the stage.

Seeing this, Inspector Murong hesitated.

Her intuition told her that Sheng Xiao’s woman probably was not to be reckoned with either.

Director Murong said, “Because the battle stage is damaged, it will take twenty minutes to repair. All participants can rest for a while and move around freely.”

Hearing this, the participants stood up one after another. Some were busy making friends, while others went to buy snacks.

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