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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1195 - 1195 Blood Boiling

1195 Blood Boiling

After Sheng Xiao jumped onto the stage, he cupped his fists at Director Murong and said, “I’ve successfully won the right to participate in the finals. According to the rules of the competition, I can challenge any participant now, right?”

Superintendent Murong nodded numbly.

“Alright! The Sect Master of the Monster Sect, Sheng Xiao, an early-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer, requests to challenge…”

Inspector Murong thought that she would hear her clansmen’s name from Sheng Xiao, but Sheng Xiao said—

Dongshen Hanyu was stunned.

Everyone was in an uproar.

Prime Emperor Dongshen could no longer stay calm and stood up from his seat. “Sheng Xiao! Are you using your position to take revenge?!” Clearly, Prime Emperor Dongshen realized that his disciple was not a match for the young man called Sheng Xiao.

Dongshen Hanyu’s expression was also very stiff.

Only Director Murong heaved a sigh of relief.

Si Cheng chuckled and said to Madam Brulee, “This child is courageous.”

Sheng Xiao remained calm in the face of Prime Emperor Dong Shen’s anger. He looked into Prime Emperor Dongshen’s eyes as he said fearlessly, “Prime Emperor Dongshen, it’s only right for you to protect your disciple. Similarly, Donor is my good friend and the Second Elder of the Monster Sect. As the sect master and good friend, if word gets out that I watched helplessly as a sect elder was bullied but didn’t even have the courage to seek justice, won’t I become a laughing stock?!”

Prime Emperor Dongshen’s eyes were filled with gloom when he saw that Sheng Xiao was so aggressive and did not show him any respect. He said with a smile, “Sheng Xiao, the Cang Lang Continent is so big. If you’re so brazen during the finals today, when the finals are over, no one will protect you! Will you still be so arrogant at that time?”

Many people frowned when they heard Prime Emperor Dongshen’s words.

A dignified Prime Emperor powerhouse actually publicly threatened a young man in his thirties. Wasn’t this a little too petty?

Hearing that, Sheng Xiao smiled at the higher-ups sitting behind the organizer and said, “Prime Emperor Dongshen, you’re wrong. When the intercontinental finals are over, I will be a student of a Beast Tamer Academy. I don’t think the leaders of the high school will sit by and do nothing about your bullying.”

The academies’ leaders were speechless.

They immediately did not dare to accept this hot potato.

However, Prime Emperor Si Cheng said, “Of course. Academies are places to nurture elites. It is the responsibility of academies to protect every elite. You can rest assured about that.”

The academies looked at Si Cheng in exasperation.

Sheng Xiao’s smile deepened. “I’m relieved to hear that.” Then, Sheng Xiao clenched his right palm and a black dragon-patterned sword appeared in his hand.

As Sheng Xiao held his sword, he looked at Prime Emperor Dongshen fearlessly and said something even more arrogant. “It will be ten years later when I graduate. At that time, it will be hard to say who will win!”

“Bastard!” Prime Emperor Dongshen was enraged. He swung his right arm angrily and his spiritual power turned into sharp swords that filled the sky as he charged at Sheng Xiao!

As a Prime Emperor, Prime Emperor Dongshen actually attacked Sheng Xiao so openly.

These sharp swords with the power of a Prime Emperor were enough to poke bloody holes in Sheng Xiao and kill him instantly!

Feng Yuncheng and the others were enraged. They shouted, “Senior Sheng, be careful!” As they shouted, Feng Yuncheng and the others flew towards Sheng Xiao without hesitation.

They knew that their opponent was a powerful Prime Emperor, but they did not hesitate when they flew towards Sheng Xiao.

Yu Huang, on the other hand, had been sitting quietly in the stands.

She frowned slightly, but there was no worry in her eyes. She seemed very certain that Sheng Xiao could resolve Prime Emperor Dong Sheng’s attack.

When she saw Feng Yuncheng and the others flying towards Sheng Xiao, she even smiled. They were still the good friends she knew. They were not snatched away by ‘it’.

There was a reason why Yu Huang was so confident in Sheng Xiao.


The current Sheng Xiao was no longer the Sheng Xiao of the past!

The moment Prime Emperor Dongshen attacked, Sheng Xiao suddenly flew into the deep sky. As he rose into the sky, he sent a wave of spiritual power at Feng Yuncheng and the others and shook them out of the arena.

Yu Feng caught them steadily and said, “I believe in Brother Xiao’s strength.”

Feng Yuncheng and the others were filled with confusion, but seeing that Yu Feng was so calm, they forced themselves to calm down as well.

The six of them looked up at the sky at the same time and saw that Sheng Xiao’s appearance had changed.

At that moment, Sheng Xiao suddenly had an armor made of dragon scales around him and his exposed neck was covered in black dragon scales.

The Dragon Sword in his hand shone brightly!

After Sheng Xiao cut his fingertip with the Dragon Sword, nine drops of cold blood splattered on the void in front of him.

After Sheng Xiao touched the nine drops of blood with his right hand, he summoned in a low voice, “I am Sheng Xiao. With the bloodline of the Dragon God, I will summon the undead of the dragon soul to kill the enemy together!”

The nine mysterious energies wandering in the universe suddenly woke up after they were summoned, then turned into nine black energy bodies that traveled through time and attached themselves to the dragon blood under Sheng Xiao’s palm!


Nine dragon roars that seemed to come from ancient times resounded in the world.

Immediately, the entire Cang Lang City and even the residents of the Divine Miracle Continent heard the deafening dragon roar.

After the nine dragons appeared, they circled above Sheng Xiao’s head and protected him completely.

They raised their heads angrily and faced the sharp swords thrown by Prime Emperor Dongshen.

“Roar!” The nine dragons opened their huge mouths and swallowed Prime Emperor Dongshen’s divine sword. Then, they turned to look at Sheng Xiao and turned into nine illusory old men in black robes.

The old men knelt down to Sheng Xiao and shouted in a choked voice, “Your Highness!”

Sheng Xiao stared at the familiar but illusory old dragons with tears in his eyes.

Not only was Prime Emperor Dongshen stunned, but even Prime Emperor Si Cheng stood up from his seat in shock. He pointed at the dragon with a trembling finger as he shouted with difficulty, “This is the summon of the Divine Clan!”

Madam Brulee’s charming face was filled with shock. If Sheng Xiao could summon the Divine Clan, he could only be…

He was the next crown prince of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race, Yu Aofeng!

Ever since Sheng Xiao regained Yu Aofeng’s memories, he had obtained all of Yu Aofeng’s skills.

The spiritual power in the Holy Spirit Continent was too weak, so it could not provide enough spiritual power for Sheng Xiao to cultivate Yu Aofeng’s skill. During this period of time, when Yu Huang was refining Senior Jing Lan’s skeleton, Sheng Xiao took the opportunity to cultivate Yu Aofeng’s divine skills.

This was Sheng Xiao’s first time summoning dragon souls to fight, but it was very successful.

After Sheng Xiao bowed to the souls of the nine old dragons, he raised the Dragon Sword again and sword energy cut through the sky as he he roared, “The dragon souls have returned. The nine souls will send you off!”

Before anyone could understand what Sheng Xiao meant, Yu Huang realized that the bodies of the nine participants from the East God Palace, including Dongshen Hanyu, were flying up from their high seats.

Like puppets, they were pulled into the void by a mysterious energy.

Dongshen Hanyu’s face was filled with shock. He watched helplessly as his body was grabbed by one of the Dragon Soul undead, and the spiritual power in his body instantly dissipated!

The nine dragons each grabbed the chest of a disciple of the East God Palace and roared angrily as they slapped the nine of them until they spat out blood. After their beast hearts were broken, they threw them at Prime Emperor Dongshen mercilessly. The nine dragons stood behind Sheng Xiao as they said in a low voice, “Even if the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan gets wiped out, the undead of the Sky Dragon Clan will protect Your Highness for generations!”

“A mere sea ebon demon actually dares to bully Your Highness. He’s simply overestimating himself!”

As Prime Emperor Dongshen looked at the nine Sky Dragon undead that were emitting strength that was not inferior to that of Prime Emperors, he was filled with shock.

After he looked down at the seriously injured disciples and then at Sheng Xiao, he became afraid. He thought that Sheng Xiao was just a nobody from a small world. Unexpectedly, he had such powerful supporters!

After this battle, Sheng Xiao’s name would become as famous as those of Zhan Wuya, Ye Qing, Yang Jing, and the others.

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