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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1193 - 1193 So Awkward

1193 So Awkward

What was Ye Qingyang’s cultivation level?

With his cultivation level, how could he deign to join an unknown small sect to be a second disciple?

This was impossible.


Ye Qingyang was the same as Sheng Xiao and the others. He didn’t want to listen to anyone. As a disciple of the Monster Sect, he had to listen to the arrangements of the elders.

People who cultivated the Ghost Dao would rather deal with ghosts than humans.

Therefore, Ye Qingyang rejected her without hesitation. He said, “I’ll give you a million spirit stones. If you don’t want this deal, forget it.” He had survived all these years anyway. At most, he would endure it until he died.

Yu Huang said with a smile, “Then, which ranking do you want to be?”

Ye Qingyang said, “Not even if you let me be the Sect Master.”

“Alright, give me a million spirit stones.” Yu Huang agreed readily.

After the two of them agreed on the deal, Ye Qingyang removed the soundproof wall.

At that moment, Sheng Xiao’s voice came from the direction of the elite team. “Monster Sect’s Sect Master, early-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer Sheng Xiao, requests to challenge Cang Lang Academy’s Murong Su!”

Hearing this, the female student called Murong Su subconsciously raised her head and looked at Director Murong, who was sitting in the main seat. She was at a loss.

Actually, she had already guessed that Sheng Xiao would challenge her when she saw him walking over.

After all, her surname was Murong.

Director Murong smiled insincerely as she reminded Sheng Xiao, “Murong Su is an intermediate-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer. Are you sure?” Although Murong Su wasn’t as famous as Zhan Wuya at Cang Lang Academy, she was still a genius highly regarded by the professors in the inner sect.

Murong Su had lived in the Murong Clan since she was young. With the support of her family, after she entered Cang Lang Academy, she was doted on by the professors.

Be it in terms of cultivation level or cultivation technique, she was much superior to Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao might not win against Murong Su.

Murong Su thought that Sheng Xiao was too arrogant. He really treated this place as his shabby hometown.

Sheng Xiao cupped his fists at Director Murong and said, “I request to challenge Murong Su!”

“Alright!” Director Murong gritted her teeth and said, “Good luck!”

It would be best if he lost in one move!

Seeing Director Murong’s unhappy expression, Madam Brulee lowered her eyes and chuckled. Si Cheng noticed Madam Brulee’s snickering and smiled as he said in a low voice, “This child is very worth looking forward to.” How could a Beast Tamer who could awaken the Black Qing Sky Dragon be ordinary?

Madam Brulee pursed her lips and shook her head without saying anything, but her eyes were clearly full of mirth.

After Murong Su stood up from the elite team, she jumped down from the spectator stand and cupped her fists at Sheng Xiao. “Middle-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer Murong Su accepts your challenge!” Then, Murong Su flew to the stage of the challenge.

Challenge stage 1 was the exclusive battle stage of the Challenger League.

The two of them landed on Challenge Platform 1 one after another. A cold look flashed across Murong Su’s eyes as she closed her eyes. A black spiritual power emerged from between her eyebrows and transformed into a black… flood dragon with scales and a sinister aura.

She said, “Sheng Xiao, my beast form is the Black Demon Flood Dragon and the Patriarch is related to the ancient Black Qing Sky Dragon. Be mindful.” Most of the Murong family’s disciples had awakened the Black Demon Flood Dragon. Only a small number of talented people would awaken a weak amount of Black Qing Sky Dragon bloodline in their bodies. Then, their beast form would evolve and become the Black Demon Flood Dragon.

As for Murong Su, she happened to be a talented person.

Now that she was only an intermediate-stage Grand Master, her beast form had already begun to change. The dragon horn on the Black Demon Flood Dragon’s head had already begun to evolve into the Black Qing Sky Dragon’s dragon horn.

As usual, once any snake beast form was associated with a dragon, it would be impressive.

Therefore, when Murong Su mentioned her Black Demon Flood Dragon beast form, she couldn’t hide her pride and smugness.

She probably felt that after seeing her mighty and domineering flood dragon beast form, she could intimidate this ignorant fellow.


When Sheng Xiao saw Murong Su’s beast form, his expression suddenly became… playful.

Not only Sheng Xiao, but even the participants from the Central Continent camp revealed the same amused expression as Sheng Xiao. The young master of the Vermillion Bird Clan, Ji Xiangxuan, couldn’t help but cover his face with his hand and mutter awkwardly, “Oh my god, a mere Demon Flood Dragon actually dares to show off in front of Black Qing Sky Dragon. How embarrassing.”

This was like him, who had the Vermillion Bird beast form, running to Yu Huang to show off how mighty and domineering his Vermillion Bird was.

It was so awkward.

Murong Su was confused when she saw the strange reaction on Sheng Xiao’s face.

What was going on? This fellow actually didn’t feel afraid at all?

At that moment, Director Murong noticed the commotion in the Central Continent camp. The young people seemed to be discussing Murong Su and Sheng Xiao. Director Murong couldn’t hear them clearly, so she frowned and wondered, What’s wrong? Are they frightened by the Murong family’s beast form?

However, in the battle a few days ago, many disciples of the Murong family had summoned the Black Demon Flood Dragon to fight, but she had never seen such a huge reaction.

Director Murong subconsciously glanced at Madam Brulee.

Madam Brulee’s expression was filled with schadenfreude, and Prime Emperor Si Cheng’s expression was also filled with amusement. Even Prime Emperor Dongshen’s reaction was very strange.

Seeing this, Director Murong immediately felt uneasy.

What was wrong?

This feeling of knowing that there was a problem but being unable to figure it out was driving her crazy.

Just as Director Murong was feeling puzzled, Sheng Xiao finally moved.

After his right hand slid across his glabella, a spiritual energy aura that was thicker and darker than ink was released from his glabella. Boundless spiritual energy circled Sheng Xiao twice. Then, they rushed into the sky and covered the entire sky.

As black spiritual power enveloped the battlefield and blocked the scorching sun in the sky, a terrifying beast roar that made even Director Murong’s legs go weak came from the spiritual power—


Something was rolling amidst the black spiritual power.

Director Murong subconsciously grabbed the armrest of the chair under her. After she looked up at the black spiritual power rolling above her head, she vaguely saw black scales with a cold glow squirming. “Roar!” Another mighty beast roar sounded. In the next second, an incomparably huge black dragon head swooped down from the deep sky!

After it swooped down from the dark clouds, it revealed its entire body. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

It was actually a dragon covered in black scales!

Murong Su’s Black Demon Flood Dragon circled beside her. Its body was so big that it almost occupied the entire Challenge Platform 1. However, when the black dragon in the sky appeared, Murong Su’s Black Demon Flood Dragon beast form immediately looked petite and weak in comparison.

It was as if Sun Wukong had met Buddha and was unable to climb out of his grasp.

As soon as Murong Su saw this black dragon, she sensed that the bloodline energy in her body was instantly suppressed to the point of being unable to move. She was even unable to circulate her spiritual power to resist the suppression of this energy.

As Black Qing Sky Dragon swooped down towards Challenge Platform 1 at high speed, it opened its bloody mouth to bite Murong Su’s head. Murong Su was so frightened that her face turned pale. She knelt on the Challenge Platform and let out a terrified scream. “Seventh Elder! Save me!”

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