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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1192 Yu Huang: Ye Qingyang, Join The Monster Sect (2)

Wherever Ye Qingyang went, those people looked at him as if he was an evil ghost. Their fear was greater than their disgust.

Feng Yuncheng and the others looked at him without fear. There was only the condemnation and anger of a righteous person who saw a pervert. At the same time, Ye Qingyang felt a little awkward upon being stared at by six pairs of eyes.

After Yu Huang shook her shoulder and shook his burning hand off, she said, "Don't touch me. I'm a good girl with a man."

Ye Qingyang was speechless.

His dark eyes seemed to be burning with endless flames of gloominess and pain.

However, other than Yu Huang, no one discovered what kind of pain his body was enduring.

Every noon and midnight, Ye Qingyang would suffer the pain of ten thousand arrows piercing his heart and his meridians boiling. He had lived like this for many, many years.

Some people said that after the pain reached a certain threshold, they would become numb.

That was bullshit.

No matter how long or how painful it was, one wouldn't be numb to physical pain.

The longer it hurt, the more afraid one would be of the torture.

Ye Qingyang was like this.

But just now, Ye Qingyang suddenly sensed a gentle and calming energy suddenly appear in his body. In that instant, his blood, which had been burned by the undead flames, suddenly cooled down.

At that moment, Ye Qingyang was like a drowning person who was lucky enough to grab the life-saving rope thrown down from the shore. He was like a thirsty carp being sent back to the river by a kind person.

That was…

The feeling of redemption.

"What was that energy fromjust now?" Ye Qingyang was a ghostly cultivator and had dealt with the undead for a long time. Beast Tamers might not be able to sense the existence of this energy, but he could.

He could even see the strange fiery red energy fluctuations that had emerged from Yu Huang's body earlier.

Those energy bodies turned into tentacles that were like tree roots and quietly entered everyone's bodies. However, the strange thing was that the other participants didn't react at all. From this, it could be seen that they were energy bodies that had yet to appear in the Cang Lang Continent.

Yu Huang told Ye Qingyang, "It's psychic power."

"Psychic power…" Ye Qingyang said," I once watched a live broadcast of a Purifying Spirit Master evolving a female celebrity's beast form. That Purifying Spirit God called Lin Jiansheng once said that Beast Tamers can't be Purifying Spirit Masters. You… " As a Prime Master-level ghostly cultivator, Ye Qingyang could sense the spiritual energy fluctuations in Yu Huang's body.

"You're a Beast Tamer."

Without waiting for Yu Huang to explain, Donor said proudly, "Yu Huang is not only a Beast Tamer, but she is also a Level 6 Purifying Spirit Master."

Yu Huang said silently, "I'm at level eight."

"Huh?" Feng Yuncheng and the others were shocked when they heard this. "Yu Huang, it's only been a month since we last met, but you've already become a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master?"

Yu Huang nodded indifferently. "Yes, I'm lucky."

Donor gave Yu Huang a thumbs up. "Impressive!"

After knowing that Yu Huang was a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master, Ye Qingyang suddenly said, "Let's make a deal."

Yu Huang crossed her arms and sized up Ye Qingyang for a few seconds before saying, "What deal?"

Ye Qingyang suddenly opened the soundproof wall and blocked his conversation with Yu Huang from the others.

"You can feel my pain, right?" Ye Qingyang believed that Yu Huang had already discovered something unusual in his body.

Yu Huang stared at Ye Qingyang's chest as she said hesitantly, "You don't have a beast heart. There's a strange black energy ball in the place where the beast heart in your body should be. It's burning with black flames." Yu Huang looked up into Ye Qingyang's eyes and said, "At this moment, those flames are burning your internal organs and meridians. You're enduring inhumane torture."

Ye Qingyang grinned sinisterly as he said, "At this time, even if you, a Supreme Master, ambush me, even if I don't die, I will be heavily injured."

Yu Huang remained silent.

She wasn't stupid enough to not understand what Ye Qingyang was hinting at.

Seeing that she was silent, Ye Qingyang pursed his lips and said, "I want you to purify my spirit."

Yu Huang naturally wouldn't refuse, but she wouldn't work for free.

Yu Huang asked Ye Qingyang, "As a Purifying Spirit Master, I can purify your spirit, but what benefits can I obtain?"

Ye Qingyang frowned and asked, "What benefit do you want?"

Yu Huang glanced at the participants' camp from the corner of her eye and said to Ye Qingyang, "There are two conditions. First, I want a million spirit stones as compensation."

Ye Qingyang agreed on the spot. "No problem."

"Second, I want you to do five things for us."

Ye Qingyang frowned in hesitation.

Seeing his hesitation, Yu Huang continued, "The first thing I want you to do is to secretly protect Donor and prohibit Beast Tamers like Dongshen Hanyu from harming him. As for the other four things, I haven't thought of them for the time being, but don't worry, I definitely won't ask you to help me do anything that will harm the public."

Ye Qingyang understood what Yu Huang meant. "You want me to be your helper."

"You can think of it that way."


If she wanted to purify Ye Qingyang's spirit, Yu Huang had to know what the ball that could burn with black flames in Ye Qingyang's body was. Yu Huang asked Ye Qingyang, "Where did the thing in your body come from?"

This time, Ye Qingyang was silent for a long time before telling her, "This is the Undead Core."

Yu Huang was confused. "What is the Undead Core?"

Ye Qingyang actually said, "The Undead Core is a beast heart fragment left on the Undead Continent after the death of the Undead Divine Master. You can understand it as a part of a Divine Master."

Ye Qingyang revealed his biggest secret just like that, as if he wasn't afraid that Yu Huang would reveal his secret, nor was he afraid that the world would know his secret.

He was Ye Qingyang. Even if he did nothing, he was already a public enemy.

He wasn't afraid that more people would despise him.

When Yu Huang heard this, she was extremely shocked.

Ye Qingyang had actually obtained the beast heart of the Undead Divine Master!

No wonder the Ghost Dao he cultivated was so powerful.

Only then did Yu Huang realize that there was no beast heart in Senior Jing Lan's skeleton either.

After Prime Emperor Ice Flame died, his beast heart turned into a mountain of flames and a glacier. Then where did Senior Jing Lan's beast heart go?

"The beast heart fragment of the Undead Divine Master has wandered in the Undead Continent for nearly twenty thousand years. During this period, it has absorbed the resentment of many undead. I, who was lucky enough to obtain it and take it for myself, have to endure the pain of the souls of billions of undead burning my body every twenty-four hours."

"Yu Huang." Ye Qingyang lowered his eyes and said to her, "If you can expel the resentment in the undead core for me and help me escape from the sea of suffering, you will receive my respect, admiration, and protection."

Yu Huang suddenly said, "Let's change the first condition."

Ye Qingyang frowned. "How can you change it so easily? Tell me, what do you want to change it to?"

Yu Huang said, "If you're willing to join the Monster Sect and become a disciple, I'll waive the condition of one million spirit stones."

Ye Qingyang looked very puzzled. "Monster Sect?" He had never heard of it.

Yu Huang smiled and pointed at Sheng Xiao, who was fighting with the elite students, as she said, "Let me introduce you. The Monster Sect was just registered a month ago. The headquarters of the sect is the Divine Tiger Mountain on Five Lake Street in the south of the Ice River City in the Central Continent. The sect master of the Monster Sect is Sheng Xiao."

Yu Huang patted her chest and said, "I'm not talented, so I only became the First Elder."

She pointed at Feng Yuncheng and the others as she said, "They are also elders. Currently, there is only one disciple in the sect and he's called Lin Kongqing. If you agree to join the Monster Sect, you will become the second disciple of the Monster Sect."

Ye Qingyang was speechless.

He felt like he had heard a joke.

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