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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1190 Hypocritical Master And Disciple (2)

This plan must not be ruined by Sheng Xiao.

At the thought of that, Director Murong took a deep breath and tried her best to maintain her composure as she said to the leaders of the organizers beside her, "There's a loophole in the competition system. Since we've discovered it, we should repair it in time. This is the attitude we should have as educators. Although Sheng Xiao's words are a little extreme, they make sense."

"Everyone, in my opinion, we should stop Dongshen Hanyu from challenging Donor. This is a serious moral conduct violation."

Hearing this, Prime Emperor Dongshen looked unhappy, while Madam Brulee smiled mockingly.


The organizer's leaders hurriedly agreed. "The director is right. We should stop the challenge between Dongshen Hanyu and Donor in time."

"That's right!"

Director Murong looked up at Sheng Xiao and said, "Sheng Xiao, after hearing your words, the organizers decided to stop the unfair challenge. There are loopholes in the competition system, but the organizers will change it in time."

With that, Director Murong looked at the viewing area beside the arena below and said to all the participants, "Participants, although there are loopholes in the competition system and exploiting the loopholes in the competition system is not against the rules, it's immoral. Everyone here is a cultivator who has received good higher education, so you must not forsake integrity for personal gains."

Dongshen Hanyu's expression turned ashen and he couldn't help but shout anxiously, "Mentor!" This was the best opportunity to obtain Donor's wings. If he missed this chance, it wouldn't be so easy to attack Donor in the future.

Prime Emperor Dongshen's expression was sinister as he flew into a rage and scolded Dongshen Hanyu, "Hanyu, as a participant ranked 103rd, how can you publicly compete against a participant ranked below the top 1,000? Isn't this bullying?! What have I taught you all these years?"

Dongshen Hanyu had already secretly told his mentor in advance that he planned to cut off Donor's wings in the grand finals.

His mentor was also extremely supportive of his decision.

His mentor said this because he wanted to establish a positive image in front of everyone.

Dongshen Hanyu had entered the East God Palace when he was nine years old and had been taken in as a personal disciple by Dongshen Hanyu when he was in his teens. He was deeply indebted to his mentor.

He definitely couldn't embarrass his mentor in public.

Therefore, although Dongshen Hanyu felt aggrieved, he could only pretend to be repentant and explain in frustration, "Mentor, I was wrong. I've long heard that the elves are the strongest flying combat masters, but unfortunately, the elves have long become extinct and I've never had the chance to see them. Today is a rare opportunity, so I wanted to experience the elves' prowess, but I forgot that as a Grand Master Beast Tamer, it's immoral for me to challenge a Supreme Master Beast Tamer…"

Dongshen Hanyu explanation was brilliant.

He had described this evil act of bullying as a spar with an elven warrior. Many participants felt disgusted.

How hypocritical.

After Dongshen Hanyu let go of Donor's wings unwillingly and put away the huge sword in his hand, he landed on Arena 9 and knelt down in Prime Emperor Dongshen's direction. "Mentor, I know my mistake now. Please punish me!"

After Prime Emperor Dongshen heard his explanation, he was extremely satisfied. However, he said, "Bastard, stop embarrassing me. Get lost now. I'll deal with you later!"


Dongshen Hanyu hurriedly got off the stage and clenched his fists.

Prime Emperor Dongshen didn't allow him to challenge experts anymore because he knew that his bullying of Donor had not only angered Sheng Xiao, but also other righteous Beast Tamers. If he continued to challenge the experts on the top 100 rankings, he would be tortured by them.

As Estelle helped Donor down the stage, he glanced at Director Murong with a gloomy gaze.

That glance actually gave Director Murong the illusion that she was being stared at by a demon and a chill ran down her spine.

He said, "Thank you, Director Murong, for upholding justice for us!"

He emphasized the word 'justice'.

But deep down, Estelle realized…

In this world, other than Sheng Xiao and the others, who would protect them unconditionally, the others were all capricious people. Even Madam Brulee couldn't protect them wholeheartedly.

Madam Brulee noticed the coldness and disappointment in Estelle's eyes and felt that her actions today had hurt these young people's feelings.

After Donor left the stage, the challenge between the participants continued. However, most of the Beast Tamers focused their attention on Sheng Xiao.

They were very curious about how capable this man who spoke arrogantly and dared to challenge Director Murong was.

Sheng Xiao held Yu Huang's hand as he flew down from the head of the Void Swallowing Beast. After the Void Swallowing Beast said goodbye to Yu Huang, it turned to enter the crack.

The entire spectator stand was packed with people. Only Ye Qingyang had more than ten empty seats beside him.

After Sheng Xiao landed in the empty space beside Ye Qingyang with Yu Huang, he said to Yu Huang, "I'll go challenge people first. Wait for me."


Sheng Xiao let go of Yu Huang's hand and walked towards the elite students.

After Yu Huang sat down on the stone platform, she turned to glance at the person sitting on the railing behind her. As she stared at the black crow on Ye Qingyang's shoulder, she suddenly said, "Does your crow eat rotten meat or fresh meat?"

Ye Qingyang was speechless.

So far, Yu Huang was the only person who paid attention to his 'beloved pet'.

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