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At this moment, Donor and Estelle were muttering to each other again.

Donor said to Estelle, "Why don't you wear the clothes I bought you?"

Estelle was still wearing the uniform issued by the Central Continent. The fluorescent yellow T-shirt was really unflattering on the dark-skinned Estelle.

Central Continent had given them participating uniforms, which they only needed to wear on the day of the grand finals opening ceremony.

Only Estelle wore the same T-shirt every day and became the most eye-catching guy in the crowd.

Donor bought a few clothes for Estelle.

But Estelle never wore them.

Seeing that Estelle didn't speak, Donor asked him, "You don't want to wear them? Do you not want things bought with the money of Light Elves? Or do you think dislike the clothes I bought?" He was a little angry. He had taken the time to go to the mall and specifically chose clothes suitable for dark-skinned people to wear.

He actually didn't appreciate it.

Estelle naturally knew that Donor was being kind. With a blush, he played with his fingers and said in a low voice, "I… I can't bear to. It's a pity for such good clothes to be destroyed in battle."

Upon hearing this, Donor was instantly in a better mood.

So Estelle cherished the clothes he gave him.

Donor put his arm around Estelle's shoulder and said, "Don't be reluctant to wear them. We're people who will do big things in the future. We definitely won't lack money in the future, so you have to get used to living the high life. When we're rich in the future, I'll buy you a thousand pieces of clothes and let you wear a different one every day."

After Donor finished speaking, he was touched by his own words.

Estelle couldn't help but chuckle. "Thank you, Your Majesty."

The two of them were teasing each other when Feng Yuncheng suddenly let go of Beatrice's hand and pushed up his glasses as he said in a low voice, "Dongshen Hanyu is on stage."

The smile on Donor's face disappeared.

When he raised his head and looked at the battlefield, he saw Dongshen Hanyu, who was sitting in the same camp as them, standing up from the right spectator seat.

Dongshen Hanyu glanced to the left before jumping up from the stands and landing on Challenge Platform 9.

The other participants didn't react, but Donor felt a chill down his spine.

Donor's extraordinary sharp intuition told him that Dongshen Hanyu's glance just now wasn't random. He was looking at him!

Dongshen Hanyu was finally going to attack him.

When they saw that Donor's expression instantly become cold, the gazes of Estelle, Feng Yuncheng, and the others changed.

Dongshen Hanyu was currently ranked 103rd in the grand finals.

And Donor?

Donor was ranked 1,235th!

Typically, only the participants at the bottom would take the initiative to challenge the participants at the top to occupy the other party's ranking.

Almost no participant ranked at the top would challenge those ranked behind them.

This was unnecessary.

However, the intercontinental finals' rules didn't forbid it.

They all knew very well that Dongshen Hanyu wasn't challenging Donor for revenge or anything. He was purely interested in Donor's wings.

The intercontinental finals only had two mandatory rules for the competition—

1. Malicious killing of the opponent was strictly prohibited.

2. Digging out the opponent's beast heart was strictly prohibited.

There were just these two rules.

Although it was immoral for Donor to forcefully snatch Donor's wings, it wasn't against the rules.

At the thought of this, Donor's expression turned ashen and he silently clenched his fists. 𝑖𝐧nr𝗲a𝙙.co𝓂

Feng Yuncheng pressed Donor's knee and said, "Donor, if Dongshen Hanyu really wants to challenge you, remember, you must stay calm and composed during the battle. Try your best to find the weakness of Dongshen Hanyu's cultivation technique and take him by surprise."

Donor was only an intermediate-stage Supreme Master, while Dongshen Hanyu was already an early-stage Grand Master. If he was targeted by Dongshen Hanyu, Donor definitely couldn't win by relying on his strength.

Outwitting Dongshen Hanyu was the only way to win.

However, it wasn't easy for a Supreme Master Beast Tamer to defeat a Grand Master Beast Tamer.

Donor closed his eyes and lamented, "Don't worry, all elves risk their lives to protect their wings."


In the void, the organizer, the supervisor, and the administrators discussed softly when they saw Dongshen Hanyu land on the high platform.

"Prime Emperor Dongshen." Director Murong smiled at Prime Emperor Dongshen, who was sitting quietly beside Madam Brulee, and said, "He must be your personal disciple."

Prime Emperor Dongshen appeared to be in his fifties. He was tall and sturdy, and he was wearing a grayish-green suit. His appearance was ordinary, but his sharp and sinister eyes were eye-catching.

Upon hearing Director Murong's words, Prime Emperor Dongshen nodded with a smile and couldn't hide his pride as he said, "That child is only 38 years old this year. Although he can't compare to the genius disciples of other sects and families, he's still a talented child."

Hearing this, Director Murong's smile deepened as she said, "To be able to break through to the Grand Master realm before the age of 38, this child is full of potential and has a bright future." Not everyone was like Ye Qingyang and Zhan Wuya. To be able to achieve such success at such a young age, Dongshen Hanyu was considered outstanding even in the Cang Lang Continent, where geniuses were abundant.

"I wonder who your beloved disciple is planning to challenge this time." Director Murong's gaze swept across the top 100 participants as she said with a smile, "I hope your beloved disciple can enter the top 100."

If he entered the top 100, even if he entered the inner school of Cang Lang Academy, he would be nurtured with care and dedication. At that time, the school would also focus its resources on them.

Prime Emperor Dongshen smiled mysteriously, but refused to say anything further.

He had raised Dongshen Hanyu single-handedly, so he knew his disciple's strength very well.

To be able to rank 101th, Dongshen Hanyu had really tried his best.

Although he suddenly appeared in the Challenger League, he probably didn't want to challenge the top 100 participants, but instead…

Prime Emperor Dongshen's gaze landed on the participants' stands of the Central Continent.

To be precise, his gaze landed on the wings on Donor's back.

Donor's wings were indeed suitable for his beloved disciple.

On challenge stage 9, Dongshen Hanyu bowed to the organizer respectfully before straightening his back and saying with a smile, "Central Continent's participant, early-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer Dongshen Hanyu, requests to challenge Donor!"

The organizer didn't know who Donor was, but his expression didn't change.

However, Madam Brulee's expression darkened.

She glanced at Prime Emperor Dongshen and said coldly, "Prime Emperor Dongshen, your beloved disciple is an early-stage Grand Master, but he wants to challenge an intermediate-stage Supreme Master and a participant ranked below 1,000. This… isn't appropriate."

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