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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1182 Obtaining The Power Of Faith (2)

Sheng Xiao smiled at Yu Huang proudly and said, "You completed the mission that Prime Emperor Ice Flame didn't complete for him. You've changed the ecological environment of the entire Ice Blazing City, so the people here can live here in peace. If you're not a savior, what are you?"

A savior wasn't just a hero who could fight.

To the poor people living in the desert, those who could bring them water and plants and improve their lives were saviors.

"That's right!" The old mayor agreed with Sheng Xiao's analysis. "You have brought hope to Ice Blazing City, so you are our savior!" Then, the old mayor knelt down again.

Seeing him kneel down, the citizens and soldiers also knelt down.

"Thank you for saving Ice Blazing City. From now on, the citizens of Ice Blazing City will worship you and obey you!" With that said, all the citizens in the city kowtowed to Yu Huang under the lead of the old mayor.

Yu Huang stared at them in a daze. At that moment, many strange energies suddenly appeared in her vision.

It was a very faint golden light that was released from the hearts of the citizens of Ice Blazing City. They surged towards Yu Huang, but they didn't enter her body. They lingered around Yu Huang, as if they were looking for a suitable entrance.

Yu Huang thought of something and suddenly opened her right palm. There was a blue planet pattern there.

The moment she opened her palm, all the golden light entered her palm!

Then, Yu Huang's soul consciousness was suddenly pulled into a mysterious space.

After she stabilized her body, Yu Huang opened her eyes and discovered that she was actually standing in a desert. The yellow sand that filled the sky was swept up by the wind, and it was so strong that one couldn't open their eyes. However, Yu Huang was unaffected by this power. Her gaze passed through the yellow sand and saw that at the end of the yellow sand, there was a vast blue sea.

Where was this?

Yu Huang flew up and arrived 20,000 meters high in the air. When she lowered her eyes and looked down, she actually discovered that this was a planet!

On the planet, there were barren mountains everywhere. The forest and sea occupied almost 95% of the entire planet. The remaining area was actually…

Abandoned cities.

Yu Huang stared at the blue planet below her in a daze. After guessing where she was, her eyes instantly blurred.


This was Earth!

Yu Huang swooped down and descended to the Shanghai base where she had once lived with her mother.

All the creatures on Earth had been destroyed, but the moon was still guarding Earth day and night.

Then, under the bright moonlight, Yu Huang descended on the top of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Just as she stepped on it, the symbolic building actually collapsed with a bang. As Yu Huang floated in the void, she stared at the collapsed Oriental Pearl TV Tower with deep sorrow in her eyes.

The Divine Master had perished, and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower had fallen.

At this moment, she couldn't help but cry.

There must be a reason why the Creator brought her here for two hundred years and let her encounter Senior Jing Lan's skeleton.

After Yu Huang flew above the Shanghai base, she discovered that this city had changed a lot.

The iron door and wall outside the base had already rusted and fallen. Ancient trees grew out of the base's houses and tore open the roof. They looked like they were on the verge of collapse and could be blown down by the wind at any time. That night, Yu Huang flew across half of China.

From south to north, she traveled from Shanghai to Beijing and finally to Moscow.

Along the way, she didn't see a single living creature.

Be it humans or beasts.

There wasn'thing.

This world was so quiet that it was unnerving.

In the end, Yu Huang arrived at the mountain where she had committed suicide.

It was a barren mountain on the Pamir Plateau.

As Yu Huang stood on the peak of the desolate mountain, she gazed at the stars in the sky and muttered softly, "The Mountain Sea Continent."

Mountain Sea Continent, Classic of Mountains and Rivers.

In ancient times, there was the Kunlun Mountain and the Pillar Mountain, and the Pamir Plateau happened to be a part of Kunlun Mountain. It was rumored that the Pillar Mountain was located on the Pamir Plateau.

Kunlun Mountain was an immortal mountain, and Pillar Mountain was the path to heaven?

Then, who was the immortal living on Kunlun Mountain?

And why did those mysterious faint golden energy surge into her small world and bring her to Earth?

Yu Huang opened her palm and stared at the blue planet pattern in her palm. After hesitating for a moment, she flew towards the mysterious Kunlun Mountain.

After flying for an unknown period of time, Yu Huang finally stopped. As she stood at the top of the mountain, she lowered her eyes to scan the plateau at the foot of the mountain. On the plateau, there were ancient trees that looked dark and mysterious.

Yu Huang suddenly summoned Xuan Yu. Then, she made Xuan Yu transform into an axe.

After Yu Huang raised her axe, she circulated her spiritual power and mercilessly slashed at the ancient tree in the valley.

The tree fell, revealing the true appearance of the bottom of the valley—

In the middle of the valley, there was a circular platform about a thousand feet wide. It seemed to have been formed naturally, but also seemed to have been squeezed by something heavy.

As Yu Huang stared at the platform, she extended her right hand hesitantly and aimed her palm at the platform.

At this moment, the faint golden power of faith surged out of Yu Huang's palm. After they landed on the circular platform, they actually transformed into the base of a circular mountain!

As Yu Huang stared at the short base, she was extremely shocked.

This was Pillar Mountain!

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