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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1180 Yu Huang: Listen To Me, This Is A Misunderstanding

After hearing Zhan Wuya's words, Zhan Jiangxue still didn't have a good impression of Ye Qingyang, but she didn't slander him anymore.

To her, Ye Qingyang and Jing Jiaren were all unimportant people.

Ye Qingyang stopped in front of the hundred cultivators and suddenly turned to look at the organizer's seat. As he stared at the director of the Beast Tamer Education Institute, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and asked her, "Director Murong, Zhan Wuya said that I passed the challenge. What do you have to say?"

Director Murong's expression was a little ugly.

She didn't expect that even Zhan Wuya couldn't defeat this ghostly cultivator.

At this rate, when this ghostly cultivator fully matured in the future, he would definitely bring disaster to the world.

However, this scourge hadn't done anything evil for the time being, so even if she wanted to kill him, she couldn't find an excuse.

This feeling of hating someone but not having anything on them in the slightest was too annoying.

Director Murong said with a fake smile, "Congratulations on passing the challenge. Among the hundred itinerant cultivators, find someone to challenge." Director Murong no longer wanted to see Ye Qingyang's face. She only hoped that Ye Qingyang would scram.

Ye Qingyang randomly pointed at a itinerant cultivator. "You." It was an adult man in his forties, but he wasn't an itinerant cultivator. He was a Beast Tamer from the Murong family who had missed the clan's selection because of his seclusion and had no choice but to participate in the challenge.

Seeing that Ye Qingyang had actually chosen a disciple of the Murong family, Madam Brulee and the others glanced at Director Murong.

As expected, Director Murong's expression darkened.

"This guy is indeed… naughty!"

The person chosen by Ye Qingyang was an early-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer. He had just seen Ye Qingyang injure Zhan Wuya to such a state with his own eyes, so he was afraid of Ye Qingyang's strength. Seeing that Ye Qingyang had chosen him, he felt despair.

But seeing that Ye Qingyang was injured all over, the Murong Clan's disciple accepted his challenge with a glimmer of hope.


Even if Ye Qingyang was injured, his clothes were tattered, and his arm was still bleeding, dealing with an early-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer was still a piece of cake for him.

After the battle began, the Murong family's disciple couldn't withstand a single move from Ye Qingyang and was forced to admit defeat.

After the Murong family's disciple was defeated, under Director Murong's resentful gaze, he left the scene dejectedly.

Director Murong saw that Zhan Wuya's injuries were not light, so she said, "The grand finals will end in two and a half days. I think no other itinerant cultivators will participate in the challenge anymore." Director Murong wanted to dismiss the elite students guarding the arena.

Hearing this, Si Cheng said, "Let's wait a little longer. Perhaps some more itinerant cultivators will come."

Director Murong wanted to say something, but hesitated since she didn't dare to retort Si Cheng. She could only hold it in.

However, she was complaining inwardly, "Whoever wants to participate would have come long ago. Unless the other party is a snail and has to crawl to Cang Lang City, they would have arrived already.

In the morning, Ye Qingyang caused a ruckus in the competition venue, so the other participants were in no mood to fight anymore. In the afternoon, the Challenger League resumed. Those at the bottom of the rankings tried their best to move up on the rankings, while those at the top had to work hard to maintain their rankings.

In short, the battle became more and more intense.

Unknowingly, another day passed.

There was only one and a half day left until the intercontinental finals.

Feng Yuncheng and the others were sitting in the audience. Seeing that it was almost dark, they felt heavy-hearted when they thought about how the finals would end tomorrow, but Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao had yet to arrive.

Could it be that these two bastards were really planning to miss this competition?

Si Cheng and Madam Brulee were worried when they didn't see Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao.

Could it be that they had encountered some obstacle?

* *

Icy Blazing City, twenty thousand meters underground.


Xuan Yu, who was lying on the ground, suddenly woke up from its slumber.

Xuan Yu roared at the sky as its figure passed through the crack and charged straight into the Blazing Mountain towards the hinterland of the desert.

When the citizens of Ice Blazing City heard a strange bird cry, they ran to the street and looked up at the phoenix burning with flames in the sky. Their mouths dropped agape in shock. "That's…"

"That's a phoenix!"

The phoenix circled around the Icy Blazing City. In the end, it flapped its wings and stopped in front of Prime Emperor Ice Flame's giant snake skeleton. As the phoenix stared at the giant snake's eyes, which had already been dried into specimens, it suddenly let out a sharp cry that echoed in the desert. It was mourning over Prime Emperor Ice Flame.



Rest in peace.

From now on, I will protect the Icy Blazing City!

"The magma is gone!" At this moment, the soldiers guarding outside Blazing Flame City realized that the magma in the Blazing Flame Mountain had actually stopped erupting. They felt uneasy and hurriedly reported this matter to the mayor's manor.

"Mayor!" The assistant stumbled into the mayor's office and woke the old mayor up.

The old mayor leaned against the recliner as he rested.

He was woken up by his assistant's loud voice. When he got up, he accidentally dropped his reading glasses on the ground.

"What's wrong?!" He glared at his assistant accusingly and picked up his reading glasses from the ground. Before he could put them on, he heard his assistant shout in terror, "Sir, the magma at the vent of the Blazing Mountain suddenly disappeared!"

"Also!" The assistant pointed out the window and swallowed hard before saying, "A phoenix appeared in the sky. That phoenix can even spew flames!"

The old mayor hurriedly stood up and walked out of the window to look at the sky.

Upon seeing the phoenix's appearance, he pushed his glasses up his nose bridge in shock and said in disbelief, "What flames? That's a Divine Feather Phoenix!"

With that, the old mayor hurriedly walked to the study and took out an extremely old book from the bookcase. Then, he opened the book and lowered his head to look at the words on the last page. It was a sentence left behind by Prime Emperor Ice Flame before he died to warn his descendants. What was written on it was—

[Heavy rain arrives, the flames stop, and the phoenix appeares… The savior is born under the desert!]

After reading it, the old mayor suddenly closed the book and walked out of the office.

As he stood on the head of the giant snake skeleton, he lowered his eyes to look at the desert outside the city gate of the Icy Blazing City. He saw a woman in a bathrobe flying out from the desert.

Her black hair was draped behind her head messily and she had pair of charming eyes. As she stood in the desert, she whistled at the phoenix in the sky. "Xuan Yu!"

When the Divine Feather Phoenix circling above Ice Blazing City heard Yu Huang's call, it let out a long cry and swooped down before turning into a red light that disappeared between Yu Huang's eyebrows.

After the Divine Feather Phoenix disappeared, the heat in the desert immediately subsided. At the same time, countless grass seeds that had been brought to the desert by the strong wind after the heavy rain sprouted from the desert soil.

They were so luscious and filled with vitality.

Green was a color that many civilians in Ice Blazing City had never seen in their lives.

"Life has appeared in the desert!" The desert that had been lifeless for thousands of years had finally welcomed new life, so how could the old mayor not be excited?

Whenever previous mayors handed Icy Blazing City to the next mayor, they all held that ancient book in their hands. Their eyes were red as they said regretfully and yearningly, "I hoped that in my lifetime, I could see the desert revive and see the arrival of a savior. But unfortunately, I didn't await this scene. I hope you can see such a scene in your lifetime."

The old mayor was about to retire and thought that he wouldn't be able to await this day either, but he didn't expect that he would be able to see the day when the savior descended!

The old mayor pointed at the greenery in the desert with a trembling finger. As he stared at the slender figure outside the city, he suddenly shouted excitedly, "Heavy rain starts, the flames vanish, and the phoenix appears. The savior of Ice Blazing City has appeared!"

As the old mayor stood on the top of the giant snake skeleton, his shout instantly spread throughout the entire Ice Blazing City.

Upon hearing the old mayor's words, the citizens of Ice Blazing City knelt on the ground in excitement. As if they were kneeling to a god, they shouted at Yu Huang, "Ice Blazing City's citizens kowtow to the savior!"

Yu Huang was speechless.

She really didn't intend to be the savior of Ice Blazing City.

This was a misunderstanding, but she didn't know if they would believe her.

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