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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1176 - 1176 Adorably Foolish (1)

1176 Adorably Foolish (1)

However, they didn’t expect Ye Qingyang to be so stubborn. At the risk of offending the organizers and the leaders of the various academies, he actually dared to cut down the list and even publicly proposed to challenge the itinerant cultivators who passed.

Everyone knew that the organizer was playing dirty tricks, so it was understandable for Ye Qingyang to make such a request.

However, the organizer didn’t want to give in, and these people didn’t want to offend the organizer. i𝙣𝒏r𝚎𝑎𝙙. 𝒄૦m

Mrs. Brulee had intended to play dumb as well.


But at this moment, she suddenly heard a familiar young man’s voice—

“Ye Qingyang is right. If itinerant cultivators can defeat the elite team guarding the arena with their strength, they should be allowed to participate! Otherwise, we have reason to suspect that the organizer is deliberately cracking down on itinerant cultivators and ascenders! Why is it that the War God Clan has 500 participating slots, the Murong Clan has 300 participating slots, while itinerant cultivators with talent but no distinguished background don’t even have the right to participate?”

“Could it be that the Ye family, the Zhang family, and the Wang family are all inferior to the Murong family?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd was in an uproar.

Even Ye Qingyang couldn’t help but lower his head to look at the participants’ stands. He wanted to see which fearless hero actually dared to publicly denounce the War God Clan and the Murong Clan.

When he looked in the direction of the voice, he saw an incomparably handsome guy.

The pretty boy had a pair of beautiful eyes. He looked refined, but he gave off a pervy vibe.

Ye Qingyang retracted his gaze and pursed his lips as he scolded, “Idiot.”


He was adorably foolish.

When Madam Brulee saw that the person who spoke was Feng Yuncheng, she immediately closed her eyes in exasperation.


However, she also understood what Feng Yuncheng was plotting by saying such brazen words.

He was fighting for Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang’s right to participate in the competition.

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao had encountered a lucky break at the foot of the Blazing Flame Mountain and missed the Central Continent Selection Competition. If they missed the Central Continent Selection Competition, they could only enter an academy to study through the Challenger League.

However, the organizer was only willing to give the itinerant cultivators a hundred spots.

If the organizer refused to let Ye Qingyang participate in the challenge, Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang wouldn’t be able to participate either even if they arrived in time.

Therefore, Feng Yuncheng risked his life to speak up at this time. Using the War God Clan and the Murong Clan to provoke the organizer was a risky but very effective method.

This kid was a little foolhardy, but he had his friends’ best intentions in mind.

When Zhan Jiangxue heard Feng Yuncheng’s words, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him and scold, “Idiot!”

Didn’t he know that after he said these words, he would forever be blacklisted by the War God Clan and the Murong Clan?

When the director heard Feng Yuncheng’s words, his expression turned even uglier. “Where did this idiot come from?! How dare he say such foolhardy words?!”

However, Madam Brulee smiled. She glanced at the director from the corner of her eye as she said, “I think what Ye Qingyang and that little fellow said makes sense. The students guarding the arena are all elites from various academies. The fact that the itinerant cultivators can defeat them is enough to prove that their strength cannot be underestimated. At least, they are more powerful than most of the other 4,900 participants.”

“Moreover, the intercontinental finals aren’t over yet. If you strictly prohibit the subsequent independent cultivators from participating in the challenge, if this matter gets out, those who don’t know the truth will only think that Cang Lang Continent is afraid of a ghostly cultivator and used despicable methods to target him.”

After hearing Madam Brulee’s words, the director hesitated.

He could ignore the suggestions of that troublemaker from the Special Academy, but she couldn’t ignore Madam Brulee’s suggestions.

This was because Madam Brulee wasn’t only the number one powerhouse in the Central Continent, but she was also Jun Qing’s lover. She was also Prime Emperor Jiuxiao’s first love.

He could ignore everyone else but her.

At this moment, another man who had been silent all along spoke. “In my opinion, the top 100 rankings for itinerant cultivators should indeed belong to the most capable ones.”

Hearing this person’s words, everyone looked at him in unison. Even Madam Brulee couldn’t help but look at him in surprise.

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