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Screen Partner

Chapter 9

Screen Partner Chapter 9

The entire filming schedule was quite compact; the same morning Xiang and Ah Li finished shooting was the afternoon Xu Zheyi and Ruka would be filming their own video—even the day of filming the bed scene was planned that way.

The night before that fateful scene, Xu Zheyi suffered from insomnia. He lay in bed, turning over and over, and thought that this was all wrong—his heart was completely blocked with panic.

He ended up spending the whole night watching TV, but in fact he did not actually register anything. He just stared blankly at the screen.

The people on the screen came and went. Some of them were familiar faces he had greeted in the past, but most of them were new people that he had never even heard of. Not so long ago, he was making a living appearing on TV like them. In order to stay relevant he would do and say as he was told, regardless of how he felt.

And, now, he had betrayed his body. At nine in the morning, Xu Zheyi gave himself an enema. Because he had no appetite, he did not eat anything, and instead only drank half a bottle of water. When noon had finally arrived, he headed out his door and hopped onto his motorcycle to head to the studio.

He arrived on time in accordance with the schedule, but when he went to the set he was informed that there had been a slight filming delay. Hearing this he asked, “How long will the delay be?” Xu Zheyi could feel that his face was probably not very good-looking at the present moment.

He felt like an inmate on death row that had been led up to the guillotine. He had been moved into position and was finally prepared to face his punishment and lose his head, but then the executioner suddenly said, “You, just wait a bit, the blade has not been sharpened.” How could he not go crazy?

“Do you want to go in and take a look at the situation?” Could it be that he looked so scary that the staffer was trying to appease him?

“…May I?” Xu Zheyi was a little curious.

“Of course, as long as you don’t get in the way of filming.” The executive producer answered.

Xu Zheyi hesitated, but soon lost to his curiosity, and followed the producer into the room where they were currently filming. Like most filming scenes, the director sat a little farther away and watched through the monitor. The cameramen and assistants were all positioned around the bed.

Through the crowd, Xu Zheyi moved to try to look inside, and then he came into viewing range of the two men on the bed.

Xiang was kneeling down, while Ah Li had entered him from behind—tightly grasping his hips. Every time he thrust into him the force of the impact was taken by his rounded buttocks; each movement brought out a resounding groan, the organ connecting them coming into sight with every motion.

Wow, this really was…

Xu Zheyi immediately felt his face grow hot. In past films he had acted in, although there was bed play, both parties had their private parts covered with toilet paper and tape. This was truly using live ammunition.

“Cut!” The director’s dissatisfied shout suddenly scattered the obscene atmosphere of the full room.

Xiang’s flushed face and moans immediately disappeared. He still maintained his current position, and just looked at the director’s eyes, his expression showing that he felt very wronged. The director was obviously a man who went to extremes. He first released a long string of angry sounding Japanese, sighed, and then in Chinese said, “Ah Li, make sure you go to get your thing hard. I know you are not interested in Xiang, but you can’t be so soft that you are slipping out? And Xiang, can you really call this your career? Put a bit more effort into it, make Ah Li feel like he is your boyfriend.”

After the director had scolded the two actors, he pressed his temples as if he had a headache, and declared, “I’m going to take a 15-minute break from this scene. When I return I want to see everyone ready to do it again.”

This was probably the case at times. It seemed that the staff members were used to putting down their equipment and heading out to smoke in groups of twos and threes.

Suddenly, the presence of Xu Zheyi was obvious.

Xiang put on a bathrobe provided by the production company, let out a cold ‘humph’, and chose to ignore the presence of Xu Zheyi. Ah Li had immediately raised his head at this time and, and made eye contact with Xu Zheyi.

“Hey.” Xu Zheyi was embarrassed, but still managed to say hello.

“You really did manage to see me at my worst.” On the balcony of the master bedroom, Ah Li struggled to give Xu Zheyi a wry smile. Xu Zheyi did not know what to say, and chose to remain silent.

“…Do you like men?” Ah Li asked, and Xu Zheyi immediately frowned, “Of course not.”

“Then why are you…” He hesitated to say the end, but Xu Zheyi could understand his doubts from his eyes.

“I need money,” Xu Zheyi replied, “I’m going to pay off my debts.”

Ah Li nodded in understanding, and smiled, “I am also here for the same reason. My girlfriend always wants brand-name bags, if I don’t buy them for her, she threatens to break up with me.”

……How was this the same reason, Xu Zheyi thought, your reasons are worse than mine, you wife slave! But on the surface he still had a bosom brother’s appearance, so he offered some advice, “This kind of woman does not feel very sincere, you still have time for an early break up with her.”

“Maybe after these three films are finished,” his tone was helpless.

Xu Zheyi, reading the current atmosphere, patted his shoulder, and said some comforting words, when his hand was suddenly grasped tightly. “Oh, Zheyi, can I ask you something privately? I think we should be good friends,” he said, looking at him with sparkling eyes.

…I don’t think so, Xu Zheyi answered in his heart, but his face only revealed a slight smile “Of course it’s okay.”

This is your one warning. Next chapter is very much nsfw. And longer, so I’m not sure when I’ll be getting it done. It’s gonna be GREAT!

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