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Screen Partner

Chapter 7

Screen Partner Chapter 7

Later, Xu Zheyi buried the film somewhere in the depths of his computer, but for what reason, he was not too clear on himself. A few days after, the filmmakers sent the new script and a few announcements.

Xu Zheyi looked and found that the new script seemed to have a few small changes in order to better compliment his and Ruka’s personalities. Although overall, the plot was still quite absurd, Xu Zheyi felt that they had intended to follow some sort of plot, despite it being a GV.

A week before filming, he received a phone call from the executive producer. The other party simply exhorted a few points of attention, such as from now until the shoot, actors could not partake in any sexual activity—he was even forbidden from shooting his own pistol1. “Starting from two days before the shooting, your diet should be light, and the cleansing work in your body must be done thoroughly.”

“…..What do you mean?” Xu Zheyi asked, confused.

It seemed the producer was not surprised that he would ask, and continued scrupulously explaining, “Because you’ll be performing anal sex and we want to avoid wasting time on retakes if there is any feces, we usually advise the actor to start eating lighter half-liquid foods, such as porridge, two days before filming. In order to have the anus clean, please complete the preparation of the bowels with an enema three hours before filming.”

Although the other party’s tone was very matter-of-fact, Xu Zheyi was still incredibly embarrassed by his words.

To prepare for filming, Xu Zheyi did some online shopping and ended up purchasing an enema kit and a single blade shaving razor.

Naked, standing in the bathroom, and looking into the mirror, Xu Zheyi found he had subconsciously stalled. He could not imagine himself totally hairless down there.

He thought, perhaps he should refer to Ruka’s styling. What was it like on Ruka again? He tried hard to remember, but could only recall Ruka’s large, throbbing penis.

With just that thought, Xu Zheyi’s own member started growing a little restless, and a small white bead of liquid leaked out as his trembling erection reached half mast. Hey now!?

Xu Zheyi could not help but be alarmed, and reflexively turned on the cold water, pouring it on himself. The cold shock instantly calmed the fighting spirit in his little brother.

It must be because yesterday I saw the film starring that guy, and my body still has a memory of the whole thing.

Xu Zheyi attempted to comfort himself with this haphazard thought, and then proceeded to shave his entire private area clean.

The results were that, until filming, Xu Zheyi had to give up his favorite briefs, and change to loose boxers, because, for the first time in his life, he understood just how quickly his hair grew.

The next day after Xu Zheyi had shaved, there were already new hairs growing back again. Although barely visible to the naked eye, the area was prickly to the touch. The skin there was quite sensitive, so several times he this strange feeling of discomfort that stimulated a half erection. He did remember to carry out the producer’s rule that he could not play with his pistol, so his life had become very difficult.

Every morning he had to shave his privates again, which was more diligently than he shaved his face.

But this humiliation was nothing compared to the enema.

Because of the internal cleanup, it was the first time that Xu Zheyi had put his finger inside his anus. It was also the first time he really felt that his body was being prepared to be penetrated by a strange man.

He thought he would have wanted to give up by this point, but in fact he was more relaxed than he had imagined. It may have been something to do with the most recent payment he had made on the debt that still loomed over him.

He had decided that when he finished filming, he would leave the country. He wanted to find a place where no one knew him, and start over again.

I was sick today, so I didn’t have a lot of energy. This novel is easy to work on anywhere so I laid on the couch and did another chapter, and it was a really short one! Score a few points for realism, this poor guy.

I’m sure you can figure it out, but this means masturbating.

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