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Screen Partner

Chapter 6

Screen Partner Chapter 6

After officially signing the contract following his successful audition, Xu Zheyi rushed home simmering with rage. The first thing he did when he arrived was to open his computer. He searched for a film starring Ruka, and then paid the fee to download it.

He’s going to have a good look at that guy’s package and see what he is so smug about!

Xu Zheyi clenched his teeth while he sat in front of the computer, and watched the film’s download progress bar fill. He waited until the entire film was complete, and then immediately clicked on open.

The film was set in a classroom. Who knows where the film producers were able to get so many desks and chairs. The sexy lead actress was lying on one of the tables, and, typical of the absurd plots that AVs had, she was masturbating.

Xu Zheyi impatiently skipped this section, fast-forwarding over everything until Ruka finally made his appearance.

The film seemed to be following the stereotypical routine. Ruka played the student inadvertently catching his female teacher in a compromising position, and then, at her invitation, they have sex.

Seeing Ruka appear in a high school uniform, Xu Zheyi’s spirit was instantaneously on high alert. He was fully concentrated on the screen in front of him, prepared to criticize the arrogant, and no doubt talentless, guy in front of him.

Unlike most other adult films, the director gave Ruka a fair amount of frontal face shots.

At the time of the film, Ruka looked a bit childlike, and his smile lacked the ‘evil’ edge it had now. You could just see the little tiger fangs that still gave off such a lovely feeling peeking out from behind his lips.

Xu Zheyi stared at the screen for a long time. He could not help but begrudgingly give him recognition; Ruka really was very good looking.

When he first saw him, Xu Zheyi only noticed his tall frame and his strong, aggressive male air. However, now that all of his details were objectively magnified on the screen, Xu Zheyi truly found his facial features were not exquisitely handsome, but rather very masculine and handsome.

When Ruka faced the lens, the actress in his arms was made to look even smaller by his broad chest—this only served to make him seem more masculine.

A man like this, even if the director was willing to let him lie under his body, Xu Zheyi had no way to be a conscientious top. He doubted he could overcome his own feelings of inferiority in the first place.

After acknowledging this, he was frustrated by the drama of flirting that took place between the male and female protagonists, until it was finally time for them to ‘get down to business’.

He observed the naked lower body of the actress. The hair really had been neatly shaved off. Next, he hesitated a moment, then paused when the camera moved over to Ruka. Because this was a high quality film, there was no video mosaic censoring; every intimate detail was filmed quite clearly.

Although Ruka’s private parts were not shaved bare, it was clear the area had been well trimmed, and the enlarged and erect organ on the screen was astonishing. Due to the impact of what he was seeing , Xu Zheyi could not help blushing as he averted his eyes.

This was probably the first time he had seen an adult film, so seriously looking straight at another man’s superior penis, the shock of the mood temporarily overwhelmed him and he had faint feelings of nausea. Also, at the thought of such a huge thing entering his body, Xu Zheyi felt an involuntary spasm in his stomach.

He pressed the play button again, and the voice of the actress gasped out from the speakers.

In the film, the actress was lying on the teacher’s desk. Ruka had her legs open to the maximum angle, thrusting into her with with a slow and steady rhythm. The lens stayed for a while on the expression of the actress’s enjoyment, also focusing on her naked, bouncing chest, and then slowly turned to Ruka.

Xu Zheyi felt that this director must be one of Ruka’s crazy fans, otherwise what normal man who watched AVs would be interested in closeups on the male lead? Ruka also seemed to notice the lens had pointed at him, and shot back a questioning glance. Xu Zheyi was gradually growing familiar with those provocative eyes. Sure enough, in the next moment he quickened his pace and swung his waist more sharply. His movements were so fierce and straight on, it was as if he was pile-driving into her.

The actress’s gasps and groans suddenly grew more high-pitched and louder. Xu Zheyi was startled, and he immediately turned the volume down, but also found that his mouth and tongue had grown unbearably dry.

On the screen, Ruka’s strong gluteal muscles were taut. Because his movements were so intense, they were creating the constant sounds of physical impact with every thrust. These, mingled with the cries of the actress, led to a very provocative and sensual atmosphere.

Xu Zheyi could not prevent himself from seeing Ruka’s penis. Despite the condom he wore, it could still be seen where the swelling of the purple, thin rubber seemed to bind the beast within as it continued to attack, yearning to be free.

Xu Zheyi could not deny it, he was completely hard. At that moment, before the camera, Ruka not only did not slow down, but actually increased the pace of his motions.

Clearly his body was doing such fiercely lewd things, but his expression was very indifferent; an absent-minded appearance, forehead slightly oozing sweat—he looked incredibly sexy.

Xu Zheyi finally put his hand inside his underwear, grasping his awakened member. It had been too long since he last masturbated, so perhaps because of this, the hand stroking his penis seemed to be possessed by a spirit.

He moved his arm up and down vigorously, and without realizing it himself, he sped up the frequency of his movements gradually until he was able to match the rhythm of the thrusts that Ruka had been maintaining.


The actress shouted Ruka’s name, and her hands tightly grasped Ruka’s arms that were placed on each side of her body. Soon, her whole body was twitching and trembling. Xu Zheyi could not hold on for much longer. A low, muffled groan escaped from his lips, and all of his pent up desire was released into his hand.

So, were you a little disappointed? It’s just a video, but our first “sex scene” is het! Although it’s a little cute of our MC to get some solo play going. And noteworthy that he just skipped right on over to where Ruka came in. Hmmmmm.

I was up anyways, and this chapter was nice and short, so I decided to just go for it. We aren’t too far from the good stuff though, so fear not my pretties.

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