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Screen Partner

Chapter 5

Screen Partner Chapter 5

Although Xu Zheyi truly did not want to shoot the GV, when he found himself at risk of losing the job due to his own careless mistakes, he was still panicked. After the somewhat disastrous screen test, he seriously began to pay attention to everything he needed to do, and carefully studied the script.

He admitted to being cheap, but he had no other way, he needs the job. “Wait a minute for the 21-page quiz. Zheyi plays character A, and Ruka is character B.” After hearing the character assignments, Xu Zheyi can’t help but curse in his heart.

He was given the role of the bottom. Although he had been preparing psychologically, his pride and dignity as a man could not let him be happy, even though he was still able to participate in the film. The shooting started after 10 minutes. The seemingly spacious two-seat sofa was crowded after the two men were squeezed on.

Xu Zheyi attempted to adjust his posture, otherwise his entire body would be snuggled into Ruka’s bosom. “Can you slide over a little?” He asked, looking at the fairly large empty space on the other side of Ruka. When he heard Xu Zheyi’s request, Ruka raised his eyebrows and asked in a way that left no room for discussion, “Why?”

Xu Zheyi was momentarily struck dumb by his bluntness. He had wanted to ask him if he did not find two big men sitting so closely disgusting, but he heard the countdown sound, and had to take a deep breath before he abruptly swallowed back those words. The monitor screen showed the scene of two people sitting on the couch.

Ruka had his feet stretched out comfortably, and his left arm lazily resting on the back of the sofa. In the end it was like he was completely wrapped around Xu Zheyi.

Xu Zheyi was very pale, but gave off the feeling of a sunny disposition; he never had trouble attracting women’s attention. However, when he sat beside Ruka in such an ambiguous posture, it was like Ruka was the chocolate coating to his pale white skin.

Do people like this kind of thing, will they even be able to summon some sort of sexual fantasy over this—was all that he could think. A question interrupted his reverie, “How long you two dating? Tell me, how you know each other?”

The Japanese director was not very fluent in Chinese so his questions were a bit awkwardly worded. Xu Zheyi, in accordance with the requirements of the script, looked at Ruka from the corner of his eye, and laughed, “We have only known one another for about a year. We were introduced briefly at a friend’s party, and gradually grew acquainted. There was a small misunderstanding between us, so we couldn’t see each other for some time.”

Xu Zheyi paused and felt his hand held by a large palm, and then his fingers were stretched out by the fingers trying to squeeze in between. It was almost like he had received an electric shock to the hand from the Ruka’s palm. The actions had been made according to the script, but even so Xu Zheyi could not help crying out in his heart.

According to the script, B had an unconscious habit of playing with A’s fingers. Xu Zheyi, of course, realized that he was caught unprepared for Ruka’s sudden move, and knew he would have to eat a NG1.

NGs can happen for reasons big or small, but because this was still the audition, Xu Zheyi presumed that he would leave the director and the other staff with a bad impression. There was a moment of silence in the studio.

Ruka smiled as the director prepared to shout ‘cut’ and quipped, “His fingers are very sensitive.” He grabbed Xu Zheyi’s hand and brought it to his mouth, slowly opened his lips, and put the forefinger into his mouth.

Xu Zheyi stared, dazed, until his fingers became damp from the suggestive suck-squeeze rhythm that Ruka had used. When he finally realized what was going on, it was like Xu Zheyi had caught on fire; he was burning from head to toe, and his blush was so intensely red it was almost like he may start bleeding. Even his eyelids had turned colour. Ruka swallowed twice and then slowly spit out the finger, smiled at the camera, and then flashed a clear “see” expression towards the camera.

The director was obviously quite satisfied with the performance, so he did not interrupt the take, and went on to ask the next question. For the rest of the audition there were not really any noticeable mistakes, so they were able to film smoothly until the end.

By the time the director shouted “cut!”, the two people, who had been glued together on the couch, immediately separated.

Xu Zheyi looked at Ruka, and felt that this person did not seem as bad as he had imagined—when necessary he was willing to help out his struggling partner. When he was about to say thank you, Ruka frowned impatiently at him and asked, “Can’t you read the script before shooting? Did you really come here just to find a fuck buddy?

As soon as the words had left his mouth, without even waiting for an answer to his questions, he got up and left. Xu Zheyi was startled, then immediately grew angry enough to explode.

He had definitely been reprimanded by other actors before in his career, but those who did so always had greater seniority than him. This Ruka was just a red film star, what gave him the qualifications to treat him like that? He gritted his teeth and tried to remain calm and polite while he thanked the staff before leaving the scene.

He went out to the balcony and smoked two cigarettes, and his anger slowly abated. Xu Zheyi knew what his problems were, just the fact that he was filming a GV, paired with his hatred of physical contact with men; it was no wonder he was ridiculed by others.

He certainly knew he should be more dedicated, but he did not know how to overcome his obstacles. The more he tried to convince himself, the more the thought of going through with everything annoyed him. He stood in the wind on the balcony for a while, and then went back inside to the bathroom—hoping that the things that were bothering him would be discharged from his body along with everything else.

Halfway through his business, Xu Zheyi heard someone push the door open and come into the washroom. In general he would not mind, and without thinking he turned and glanced, but immediately wanted to pull up his zipper and retreat. Unfortunately it would have been too obvious, he had to try and put forwards an indifferent appearance; the man who came in was Ruka. He slowly swaggered over to the urinal next to Xu Zheyi, pulled down his own zipper, and then gave Xu Zheyi’s exposed lower body a thorough once-over──

“Hey!” Xu Zheyi protested as he covered himself. Ruka smirked and then, in an infuriatingly lazy tone, he asked, “You there, how messy is your hair down there? You know you’re going to have to shave it all off when we’re filming?” Xu Zheyi’s face suddenly swelled red, and at the speed of light he pulled up his zipper, giving the vicious reply, “Mind your own business!”

“Why wouldn’t it be my business?” Ruka smiled, “It’s written in the script that I will be sucking you off, if you have that mess how can I even find where to put my mouth?”

“Whoa, sexual harassment!” Xu Zheyi, cycling through 100 expressions in a minute, hurriedly washed hands and then went out the door.

However, after walking out of the bathroom, he felt that he could not leave it at that, so he deliberately headed back in. In the bathroom, Ruka had finished up and was washing his hands. He looked at Xu Zheyi in the mirror and asked, “Why are you back? Would you like to take a look at mine for reference?” Xu Zheyi in flushed, but forced himself to to maintain his calm, “I heard that you have made a lot of AVs before, you should have gotten a health check every year, correct?”

Ruka’s movements paused briefly, then he turned off the faucet with an expressionless face. Xu Zheyi felt he had found his sore spot, and was more positive, “Since we are going to work together, in order to avoid any doubts, would you mind giving me your test results for a look?” Ruka turned and looked coldly at Xu Zheyi, and then stretched his hand toward his face.

At that moment, Xu Zheyi thought that Ruka might hit him, and reflexively shrank his body. He soon realized that he was, in fact, just reaching for a piece of paper towel to wipe hands dry. “You want to see my health report?”

“Yes, I do.” Ruka lifted his eyebrows, walked next to Xu Zheyi, bent down and whispered in his ear, “But what are you going to trade with me for? Your hymen report?”

Xu Zheyi was completely silent. At this moment he was deeply aware that in this world, it was true that there was no lower limit.

Basically from here out it starts to get more racy. Although maybe not in the way you expect. I’m still working on this on my phone in spare time so, things like lunch breaks etc. The next chapter is quite short so it could be quite quick but, my other two projects are still priority. But it’s definitely fun to have this as a quick and easy fix. And smuuuuuuut. Enjoy!

NG stands for no good, as in the scene is no good and they will have to reshoot it.

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