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Screen Partner

Chapter 4

Screen Partner Chapter 4

When the four of them stepped into the studio, the crew was almost finished getting ready.

Xu Zheyi took a look around at the set up. The room had two cameras, a big screen monitor, and a long table set up behind the main camera. The long table sat four people, and in front of the camera was a small double sofa.

Due to the prior notice that there would be an audition today, everyone made the necessary preparations at home, so the makeup artists were only responsible for covering up their shiny faces. This caused the prep work to be finished very quickly, and before long, they were in front of the staff, paired up into groups of two to start shooting photos. When Xu Zheyi came in, his expression was obviously a bit unpleasant, but in front of the camera, those unhappy emotions were all tucked out of sight.

Xiang was also a dedicated actor, so when the photographer requested that the two people hug and kiss topless, while acting like a real couple, he would.

In the end of the shoot with Xu Zheyi, he gave a gentle pep talk. Xu Zheyi somehow responded to the smile, and then took a deep breath. If he was just naked, he had quite a lot of experience, but he was kissing with the same sex…just imagining it made his spine tingle.

Xu Zheyi slowly stood in front of the camera, and the screen faithfully reflected his figure to the observers.

His naked upper body’s muscles were not developed, but their texture was very beautiful. There was not a single trace of excess weight, plus his 180cm height, lined up next to the 160cm stature of Xiang was a good contrast.

Seeing him come over, Xiang obviously put on smelly face, but when the photographer began to press the shutter, his expression and movement became extremely enthusiastic and sweet. Xu Zheyi also managed to pose naturally alongside him.

It may be that because there was little difference between the figure of Xiang and the average woman, Xu Zheyi did not feel awkward in his embrace. He was subconsciously biased against his face when kissed him on the lips, but the effect of the photo was very good. This caused a long pause at the table before a few people whispered in discussion.

“Xiang may be too much for him to handle, but Ruka is ready to play,” The photographer announced.

Xu Zheyi closed his eyes, and let the makeup artist reapply foundation and powder on his face to reduce the shine. Once it was completed he opened his eyes to find that Ruka had come over beside him. His tall body brought a sense oppression over Xu Zheyi, who quietly found himself retreating back a half step. Xu Zheyi’s height was usually considered quite tall, but Ruka exceeded him by half a head.

Next to Xu Zheyi’s pale white, his naked upper body is chocolate in color, from his chest down to his stomach area, where the muscles are particularly sexy. Enhanced by the lighting, the faint appearance of shadows highlighting his firm figure is very tempting. Different from Xiang’s petite cuteness, Ruka’s body exudes an aggressive male air. There is no way Xu Zheyi could convince himself that this was a tall woman. At the same time he was also annoyed to find that at Ruka’s side, his sense of existence was rapidly shrinking.

His small amount of momentum was completely crushed. “Zheyi, you have to put on a little bit of expression, you are lovers, not enemies.”

The photographer’s joke was originally just to ease Xu Zheyi’s tension, but to Zheyi’s ear, it sounded like discontented reproach. His movements stiffened, and he could hardly laugh. For a moment, he was even afraid of the camera.

Seeing that the state of Xu Zheyi is not quite right, the photographer took several photos, then issued instructions to kiss, deciding to end the two people’s photographic work ahead of time. Ruka provocatively looked at the lens, rudely caught hold of Xu Zheyi’s chin, and kissed him.

His movement and angle were very ingenious. Just by using his lips to wrap Xu Zheyi’s lower lip, the on screen outcome looked like an intense, deep kiss.

The photographer was finally satisfied, and excitedly began to take photos.

The Xu Zheyi who was standing in front of the camera had to wipe his lips, feeling extremely frustrated. He knew he had screwed up.

Even if he failed to audition for a GV, he was so frustrated that he could not speak; such was the shock of kissing a man.

He went to the bathroom, washed his face and tried to calm down. When he returned to the studio again, all the shots were finished and the monitor’s screen was showing the photos most recently taken, and a lot of people were watching. Ah Li was standing there and saw him come, and whispered to him, “The camera loves that man.”

On the screen were Xu Zheyi and Ruka’s partner photographs, and the effect was better than Xu Zheyi could have imagined. Unfortunately, standing at Ruka’s side, he was just like a human body board; his expression was sluggish, and his limbs were stiff.

Ruka almost does not need expressions, and the movement that the photograph draws out is attractive—the lens loves him.

“I just heard that they had made up their minds,” Ah Li whispered, “Xiang and I will be a group, and you and Ruka. Soon they will conduct video interviews to assign the roles and character settings.”

Hearing that he still had the opportunity to be in the performance, Xu Zheyi breathed a sigh of relief and said heartily, “Thank you.”

There was no need to tell him such information. He has been in this circle for so many years, there are only a handful of enthusiastic people.

“Although it may seem weird to say this, I hope I can work with you the next time I have a chance.” Ah Li smiled shyly.

Xu Zheyi politely smiled back, but in his heart was thinking, that is never going to happen.

Here it is. I am approaching the goodies. Let me know if you spot any lil oopsies. D-day approaches for poor Xu Zheyi.

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