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Screen Partner

Chapter 31(End)

Screen Partner Chapter 31(end)

Xu Zheyi mulled over the situation in his mind all night, then finally decided that in order to catch the thief, he first had to capture the king. He left the room early in the morning and headed downstairs to the hotel lobby to keep watch.

Their director was the same one who was involved in the shoot in Taiwan, and he was immediately blocked by Xu Zheyi. At that time, he could not help but use his awkward Chinese to make a joke, “Sorry, I don’t accept the unspoken rules1.”

Looking at him boldly, Xu Zheyi cut straight to the point, “Director, wait a minute. For Ruka’s shoot, can I…”

“Can’t, ” the director rebuffed, “I’m sorry, even you can’t sit on the sidelines.”

“I’m not going to sit on the sidelines,” Xu Zheyi quickly explained, “I’m going to lend a hand…”

“There have been so many people volunteering to help Ruka recently. Some of them are even willing to pay for it. If we…” the director frowned and his face showed a puzzled expression, “I don’t understand how that boy has so much charm.”

…Yeah, I don’t know either. Xu Zheyi gnashed his teeth in frustration, then continued his efforts to lobby the director, “But director, I’m not like those people.”

“What’s the difference?” The director asked, perfunctorily, and entered the elevator that had just arrived. Xu Zheyi quickly followed him and displayed a flattering smile.

“I’m the only one on the cover of the film. No one else can claim that.”

At that time, the director finally looked at him with mild interest, rubbed his smooth chin, and said,”Go on then.”

As soon as Xu Zheyi stepped into the room, he immediately saw Ruka in there, wearing only a bathrobe.

Although everyone in the background was very busy, he merely sat on the bed like an arrogant idler. He was still bleary-eyed as he bit into a sandwich. In the end it was not clear if he had actually woken up.

Nevertheless, Xu Zheyi actually found his somewhat foolish behaviour quite cute. It was possible that there was no cure for his sickness.

“Hey, give me a bite,” demanded Xu Zheyi as he leaned over and squeezed in beside Ruka.

Ruka stared at him for two seconds before he said, “You’ve got the wrong shooting time.”

“Do I? What are you doing here?” Xu Zheyi gave a frustrated snort, then vented his anger by aggressively biting Ruka’s sandwich.

At this point, Ruka’s face gave the game away, clearly showing that he had a guilty conscience. Xu Zheyi took advantage of that to pursue and attack, and asked him, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“…I forgot,” Ruka answered lightly. Xu Zheyi was so angered by this answer that his teeth were itching, and then he had to listen as Ruka continued, “Anyways, this is nothing.”

This time, Xu Zheyi felt like he wanted to throttle the other man for a moment.

Ruka was aware that Xu Zheyi was unhappy based on his silence, but he was a rookie at love and could not bring himself to spout any false platitudes. He shoved the sandwich into Xu Zheyi’s mouth like it was a plug and made Xu Zheyi appear ridiculous. Finally, pretending to be evil, he said, “You wait for I, your father.”

Ruka was fond of seeing that frustrated look on Xu Zheyi’s face, and put on an expression that implied that there was nothing to be done. A quick look at the corners of his mouth would reveal that he was fighting to hold back a smile.

He reached out his hand to pull over Xu Zheyi’s chin for a kiss, but was caught before he could accomplish it.

“What kind of ring are you wearing? Tsundere2,” Xu Zheyi carefully looked at the stylish men’s ring on Ruka’s left index finger, asking the question despite the food in his mouth.

“They want me to wear it because apparently it will look good in the shoot,” explained Ruka unenthusiastically.

Xu Zheyi thought if over for a bit and sunk into a super-bad mood.

Since Ruka’s erection leaned slightly to the left, he habitually used his left hand when he masturbated. The producer probably figured this out, so they had Ruka put the ring on the left hand.

Regardless of whether the ring’s presence was at all related to product placement, Xu Zheyi could only imagine how it would appear in a close-up. Just the thought of Ruka’s fingers, one wearing an eye-catching ring, wrapped around the hard, straight shaft, sliding up and down, was enough to give anyone a nosebleed.

Damn, Xu Zheyi thought, in the end just how many people are lusting after my boyfriend’s body?

“Don’t worry, I’ll remember to take the ring off when I help you stretch out,” Ruka assured him considerately, thinking that he was worried about an injury.

“…Oh, thank you,” Xu Zheyi said helplessly.

As the start of the shoot approached, Ruka still did not understand why Xu Zheyi was there. The director did not bother to explain anything, tossed out the sentence, “Coordinate with your boyfriend,” then turned to find the videographer.

Ruka clearly perked up the second the word ‘boyfriend’ was used. He lay down on the bed on one side, propping his head up on one hand. He looked at Xu Zheyi, who had been asked to take off his pants, then lazily asked, “What do you want me to do?”

His posture caused the robe’s flap to open, revealing a strong and muscular chest—the man’s whole body was damn sexy. On the one hand, Xu Zheyi inwardly cursed Ruka’s fickleness, but on the other hand he could not help leaning in and planting a kiss on the other man’s lips.

Presumably because they had already kissed too many times in front of the camera, Xu Zheyi relaxed his vigilance. It was only after the kiss was finished that he realized that, at some point, the camera had been focused on them and started filming.

When the director noticed that Xu Zheyi had turned his line of sight in that direction, he mimed a quick ‘continue’ gesture. Without any better options, Xu Zheyi had to brace himself and strip off Ruka’s robe.

From top to bottom, the film company had clearly put more effort into Ruka’s appearance this time. Xu Zheyi looked down at the Gregg Homme low waisted, cross type underwear and suddenly felt the saliva in his body rushing out like crazy. Ruka’s healthy chocolate complexion was very tempting and the style of the tight white underwear made him look even more tantalizing.

The underwear had a thick red elastic waistband around the whole top. In the middle on the front, the red crisscrossed and went down to form an ‘x’ shape with white inside. It was as if the purpose of that section of white cloth wrapped in red was to draw the eyes to shape of his dick.


I sacrificed my innocence to find the correct ones (who knew they would be real??). It was truly an agonizing search. Truly.

Perhaps, as a result of their earlier kiss, Ruka’s penis was already half hard. As if it was a chain reaction, Xu Zheyi felt his lower abdomen heat up.

“Well, lie down,” he said, pleased to see Ruka obediently follow his order. Xu Zheyi proceeded to squeeze the lubricating gel on Ruka’s chest. Because the lubricant was fairly cool, it stimulated Ruka’s chest muscles to flex.

Xu Zheyi shot a glance at the videographer who had fully concentrated his attention on Ruka’s body and thought to himself: you’re allowed to look, but only I, your father, gets to partake.

When he thought that, his mood improved considerably. He slowly used his hands to trace a path from Ruka’s uplifted chest down to his hips and then followed the same path back up to where he started from, shamelessly eating his tofu3.

Ruka’s skin was smooth, he had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and long legs; his build was incredibly good. Xu Zheyi could feel the muscles rippling beneath his hands and his heart was filled with depression and jealousy. He could not help massaging Ruka’s chest muscles a few times, and the moment he did that he heard Ruka’s breathing hitch.

His obvious reaction pleased Xu Zheyi, who always lost his dominance and ended up muddle-headed in bed. He asked in a low voice, “Does it feel good there?”

He could not wait another moment and rubbed Ruka’s nipple with his finger, repeatedly rubbing it until it was stiff and upright.

At first Ruka laid there like a corpse for Xu Zheyi to play with, but he grew more and more distracted by his lower body that had continued to rise up. He could not help pulling Xu Zheyi’s hand down and pressing it against his bulge.

“Touch me,” Ruka begged softly. Probably because of the lust, his voice sounded a bit rough. That husky tone inexplicably caused Xu Zheyi’s heart to itch.

Xu Zheyi quickly glanced down at Ruka’s crotch, which was vigorously standing up by that time. The white cloth of his underwear was stretched to the limit and there was even a small wet spot. The intersection of the red line looked like a knot tied around the bottom of his penis. Xu Zheyi unobtrusively adjusted the underwear so that Ruka’s erect manhood was not so obvious, and then said, “Move down a little.”

Ruka immediately did so, with his upper body half propped up, letting Xu Zheyi kneel behind him while leaning against the headboard. Xu Zheyi held Ruka from behind. It was the first time they had been in this position and Xu Zheyi felt his penis become excited from being pressed up against Ruka’s back.

He absent-mindedly stroked Ruka’s thighs, moving his hands from the outside to the inside. The whole time, he deliberately did not touch the hard shaft that was right in the middle. Xu Zheyi slowly tortured him like this until Ruka felt that he was no longer capable of restraining himself. He had been a true ascetic for the weeks after leaving Xu Zheyi, lacking even the inclination to do anything.

Yesterday, when he saw Xu Zheyi, his arousal was almost like a match lit by striking the side of a match box. It was ignited several times, but each time at the critical juncture the flame was mercilessly extinguished, practically making him go mad.

He could no longer bear it and grabbed hold of his own dick and started rubbing. Xu Zheyi immediately smacked his hand away and demanded, “Who allowed you to touch what’s mine?”

After Xu Zheyi finished speaking, he was instantly embarrassed by his own words.

Ruka was feeling a lot of pressure and cursed under his breath. Xu Zheyi could not help wanting to laugh. He finally showed mercy and reached his hand into Ruka’s underwear, loosely gripping the top of his shaft with his full hand. He could already feel the pre-cum leaking from Ruka’s dick flow onto his hand.

Xu Zheyi’s lower abdomen clenched, and he felt that his own cock had started to leak. Ruka could not wait for the hand gripping his manhood to get going, so he started to pump his waist up and down.

The temperature of the scene suddenly shot up. The cameraman knelt with one knee on the edge of the bed, not daring to blink as he filmed, so he would not miss any of the sensual Ruka in front of him.

Ruka spread open his long legs, turned his head, and passionately kissed the man behind him. Below his narrow waist, Xu Zheyi had squeezed both hands into the tight underwear. From the rapid movements that could clearly be seen below the fabric, it was obviously an intense battle. Unfortunately, the highlights of the scene were hidden under that small piece of white cloth.

Not only was the director anxious, but all the people in the room were eager to remove the unsightly fabric from Ruka’s lower body. Unfortunately for them, the two men on the bed were totally indifferent to their woes. Even though Ruka was so hard it felt like he would explode, Xu Zheyi slowed down and asked him, in the gap between their kisses, “Do you know what I think every time I look at you?”

Ruka was silent for a moment, then looked askance at him, “What?”

”I think that if you look back at me too, I’ll put my hand inside your underwear and hold that place firmly, then bring it inside my mouth and suck…”

“Plagiarism, not creative,” interrupted Ruka coldly, but his penis was once again leaking pre-cum, causing Xu Zheyi’s hands to become wet with creamy bodily fluids.

“…Then I’ll just have to shut you up with my dick,” Xu Zheyi whispered. That vulgar threat almost broke through the extreme boundary of what he could speak out loud, and as soon as the words left his mouth his entire face blushed a deep crimson.

Ruka probably did not expect that the usually passive and overwhelmed Xu Zheyi would come at him so obscenely. Ruka could not help throwing a helpless look at the other man, the tips of his ears painted slightly red.

“Well, then come,” Ruka finally said.

That remark was simply an invitation to the devil. Xu Zheyi climbed on top of Ruka’s body. Before his eyes was Ruka’s energetic member, and his own lower body was in front of Ruka’s face; the standard 69 position. It was incomparably erotic, his mind had gone completely blank, and he could not remember why he had said such provocative words.

The director shouted ‘cut’ and under his orders they impatiently took off Ruka’s underwear and kicked it to the side. No longer hindered, his erect penis was exposed. It was ready to go, the tip red and moist.

Xu Zheyi traced his index finger along the seam that ran down the middle of the glans, the stimulation causing more transparent liquid to flow out. Due to the sensations, Ruka lost control of his voice and a low gasp managed to escape his lips. Xu Zheyi’s forehead suddenly grew hot, and in a move unfathomable to himself, he took that long, hard thing into his mouth.

Ruka was finally able to let out a long sigh of relief and then, in the spirit of reciprocity, he also began to perform oral sex on Xu Zheyi. Xu Zheyi initially managed to restrain himself for a few seconds, but his hole soon began twitching and he felt like he would immediately ejaculate.

He patted Ruka’s thigh to indicate for him to stop, so Ruka released his penis and shifted his position so he could lick Xu Zheyi’s two round balls.

In fact, Xu Zheyi was still not accustomed to being so intimately close to others. He usually disliked the strong male odor, but today he was not sure what to make of it. To his surprise, he felt that the smell was particularly titillating, causing his stomach to heat up and his erection to stand up even taller.

He was aware that the camera lens was pointed straight at him, the videographer unsure of whether to shoot his or Ruka’s penis.

To think that this youngster had such universal appeal that everyone from regular guys to seasoned vets of the industry became his fans. Xu Zheyi felt aggrieved and deliberately used his teeth to lightly scrape along Ruka glans. He immediately heard Ruka let out a smothered a groan and felt the man’s flat, smooth abdomen spasm below him.

Seeing Ruka’s reaction despite his best attempts to conceal it, Xu Zheyi felt his entire body heat up even further. He could not help but take Ruka’s shaft deeper into his mouth. He did not feel like he was choking, so he went even deeper.

Ordinarily, when he was making love, Ruka would never let his voice out. Even during the most pleasurable moment he would not allow a single groan to escape. However, now he actually released an ‘en’ sound. Hi voice was husky and very sexy, provoking Xu Zheyi to madness. He could not stop himself from continuing, although he lacked any skills, even to save face. With Ruka’s hard cock in his mouth, he started to quickly move his head up and down, taking in as much length as possible with each movement.

Xu Zheyi himself was not sure about all that was happening. His own penis was laying against Ruka’s body while Ruka’s was in his mouth and yet he felt so comfortable. The videographer stood by the bedside and the camera was just like his eyes, sweeping over the two naked men from left to right.

Xu Zheyi initially harboured some scruples, but when Ruka rubbed his finger along the sensitive edge of his hole and then pushed it inside, he was unable to worry about the camera any longer.

“…Oh!” He groaned inarticulately as his lower back stretched out tautly.

“Here?” Ruka asked as he once again pushed down with his finger, pressing down on the same spot and then rubbing it. Xu Zheyi could not even kneel straight and his waist went soft and then dropped down. After some more stimulation, he spread his legs apart even further because it was the only way he could keep himself propped up.

Xu Zheyi once again accelerated the speed of oral sex, occasionally using his unpracticed tongue to lick along the head of Ruka’s dick. A salty taste gradually emerged between his lips and tongue.

Ruka was about to climax so he increased the ferocity with which he plunged his finger in and out of Xu Zheyi’s back entrance. He even began moving his waist and several of the thrusting motions forced his cock deep into the back of Xu Zheyi’s throat, causing him to gag a few times.

Xu Zheyi was about to ejaculate and his manhood was so swollen it ached. The small hole on his tip opened up when Ruka suddenly grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back. After a few seconds, he gradually became aware that Ruka had come.

“Come here,” ordered Ruka. Xu Zheyi turned around like he was put under a spell and nestled into Ruka’s waiting arms.

At this time, he discovered that he had also ejaculated and the white fluid flowed down Ruka’s muscular chest. Xu Zheyi reached out to touch it in fascination and at that moment he was pulled into a kiss. The kiss was lingering and intimate, lasting so long that the director thought that nothing would be better than to end the scene with this kiss.

The director shouted ‘cut’ several times, but the two men on the bed were in their own little world. They continued kissing, loath to part, and left the director with no room to advance or retreat. Despite his best efforts they had continued on, so they might as well take this opportunity and continue filming. Since they did not have to use film in their cameras, and there was no extra cost to filling up memory card space, they would just film it until the end.

The two men on the bed were still kissing, as wet as if they were just fishing in the Shiuli Township. They laid on their sides, hugging, tongues entwined, chest against chest, and long legs tangled with long legs.

The cameraman took a shot panning from the foot of the bed up to the headboard, lingering on their rapidly flourishing erections.

Within the AV industry, there were not many who were unaware of this pair of ‘sweethearts’ after the release of the first film. Especially Ruka, who was always so cold and provocative once he was in front of a camera. At that moment, that cold guy was laying down, giving his boyfriend gentle and soft kisses over and over again.

The cameraman did not truly believe that they were actually partners until he witnessed their actions.

Ruka lifted up his boyfriend’s leg and draped it over his waist. On the one hand he covered Xu Zheyi’s body with his own, and on the other hand he planted a gentle kiss on his forehead. If they were not a couple, it would probably be impossible to create such a sweet and intimate atmosphere. How could that type of tenderness just be an act?

The videographer focused in on Ruka’s wide shoulder line. His perfect muscles flowed down and gathered at his thin waist, his strong gluteal muscles were tightly flexed, and his testicles could just be seen below. Ruka had almost completely shielded his boyfriend from view. Although his entire back was fully exposed, all that could be seen of Xu Zheyi were a pair of long legs wrapped around the other man’s waist.

They could also just barely see Xu Zheyi’s alluring appearance. From what could be seen, his chest was flushed crimson and his consciousness was blurred; his beguiling looks could cause any man who saw him to surrender.

The photographer subconsciously licked his lips and heard the two people on the bed talking low voices, but he could not make out their words.

“…I forgot to put on a condom,” said Ruka insipidly.

Xu Zheyi was worried about a completely separate matter, “Why does the cameraman keep filming your ass?”

He had constantly kept in mind what Xiang had told him. Many men out there had literally drooled over Ruka’s body, and now the cameraman’s attitude was so obvious that he could not help wanting to defend Ruka’s butt.

“You. Turn me over. If we’re being filmed then they need to see both of us; we’re going to share in this misery.”

He could not help himself from giving Ruka’s hair a tug, but the other party paid him no mind. It was like he was laying beneath a mountain, so even though he tried to wriggle from left to right, he could only clench his teeth when Ruka did not budge one bit.

“What are you doing?” Asked Ruka, his cold voice helpless.

Xu Zheyi looked at him for a few seconds with determination. There was nothing else Ruka could do, so without any other options he picked up Xu Zheyi so he could kneel on the bed, then swiftly entered him from behind.

Ruka was very familiar with the position of the camera. The photographer adjusted his angle several times so that he was only filming Xu Zheyi’s naked upper body and long, slender legs.

Ruka reached one arm skillfully in front of Xu Zheyi and firmly grasped his cock. Afraid he would demand something troublesome again, Ruka began thrusting ruthlessly. This action was really effective on Xu Zheyi. Although he was dizzy and his eyes were dimmed, he still heard Ruka whisper seductively in his ear, “Everyone is watching me fuck you.”

This sentence caused Xu Zheyi to be nervous and he started to vigorously twist his body.

Ruka had never really cared about having sex in front of the screen. In any case, he felt that this was just his job—it was no different from just opening and closing a door. However, he was completely preoccupied when it came to the naked Xu Zheyi. He desperately wanted to cover him up with a blanket from head to toe.

This did not match up with Xu Zheyi’s way of thinking. He originally had a very conservative nature when it came to sex, but since he had been together with Ruka he discovered that he was actually able to let go of that.

He looked towards the camera and, as expected, it was directly facing him. He immediately blushed bright red with shame, but he did not shrink back.

He wanted this to be good. I, your father, will tie you to me in this humiliation, you are mine. He twisted his waist again and Ruka could barely keep them connected. Ruka asked somewhat resentfully, “What are you trying to do?”

He certainly did not anticipate that Xu Zheyi would confidently answer, “I want to look at you.”

Ruka had no choice but to turn him over again. Xu Zheyi’s face was filled with lust; he was blushing deeply, yet his eyes were very bright. Ruka could not help it, he bowed down and kissed him. When he kissed him, he felt his heart go soft. That soft feeling was accompanied by a deep ache, almost like he was sick.

Xu Zheyi kissed him back, wrapped his arms around Ruka’s neck, closed his eyes, and let him enter his body. For some reason, that scene appeared incredibly warm. The director thought about it and asked the videographer to pull back and shoot the two men from a little farther away.

Ruka did not hold back much and used a fair amount of strength as he rocked his hips back and forth. Xu Zheyi could feel Ruka’s scrotum slapping against his buttocks as he was penetrated deeply and ruthlessly, and he felt like he could actually die.

He watched in fascination as Ruka’s sweat rolled down his forehead, slid across his cheek, dripped down to his strong chest, and flowed down his firm abdomen in time with his thrusting. He finally lost sight of it when it was somewhere between his navel and lower body.

The men’s actions produced a lascivious wet sound. Despite this the scene was, visually, very easy on the eyes. As his body was violently rammed, Xu Zheyi once again felt that he may not make it. His toes repeatedly curled up as he attempted to resist his orgasm just a bit longer, while the leaking pre-cum had long made a mess of his lower abdomen.

When he finally released, Ruka tenderly embraced him within his arms and kissed his lips.


As a result of that day’s filming, Xu Zheyi’s lips were swollen for two days and he found walking to be somewhat challenging. He had very little impression of what had been filmed that day.

He only recalled clearly that he had been held by Ruka, and he felt like they could never be separated.

When people were passionately in love, it probably seemed like every moment could last until the end of time.

The second film was another best-seller, but it also had a much greater impact Xu Zheyi’s life.

Taiwan and Japan were so close that, even without translation, those who could somewhat read Japanese characters could guess the meaning of the Ruka’s words. Not to mention, the visual aspect of films was like a universal language—a picture could make everything clear.

Xu Zheyi and Ruka became sensations in the Chinese gay community for a while, so curiosity about their backgrounds caused them to be subject to a human flesh search4. Owing to Xu Zheyi’s history as a small-time actor, once the press caught wind of his role in the films, it was published in many gossip magazines and major newspapers.

The film screenshot that they chose to publish was when he was naked and wearing a salacious expression; it was an unobstructed image of him mid-climax. The photo was quite popular and attracted the paparazzi, who followed him everywhere with their cameras.

Xu Zheyi was very troubled due to the situation and decided to move away from Taipei. He finally settled down along the beach, south of the capital city, aiming to fulfill his wish by opening up a small online clothing store.

After some time had passed and the online store was on track, he opened up a small shop. Two people and one dog stayed in the shop and looked after it, living a happily ordinary and simple life.

The fluffy white furball went through a period of utter insanity. Xu Zheyi would shout and call it Xu Xiaolu, while Ruka would call out Luxiao Xu, causing it to be extremely bewildered. In the end it simply ignored them. Xu Zheyi grew to love the puppy dearly and began calling it ‘baby’5. This resulted in confusion for Ruka instead.

Every time Xu Zheyi clapped his hands to the little white furball and said, “Baby,” the one who came over first was always Ruka.

Xu Zheyi felt sorry that he would have to tell him, I called the dog, not you, so he had to muddle through an ambiguous explanation. He did not expect that Ruka would especially take a liking to that name. Particularly when they were in bed, the name ‘baby’ was like an aphrodisiac and it led to Ruka being very lively.

After every time they had sex, Xu Zheyi inwardly reviewed it and determined that he was far too indulgent with Ruka. It had reached the point where he just took what he wanted as if it was expected.

However, he knew that he could not control himself. Ruka knew his weak spots and he had found every chink in his armour; he could not conceal his true heart from that man. The opposite was also true.

The weather in Kenting Town was splendid and sunny. It was undoubtedly still winter, but there was a slight hint of summer. Ruka had recently learned to surf. Never mind his level, he only had to appear shirtless with the surfboard wedged beneath his arm and he would attract various shrieks and whistles.

Xu Zheyi was extremely jealous. He immediately seized the opportunity to nip and bite Ruka’s body in order to leave his mark. Unexpectedly, Ruka did not mind one bit. On the contrary, he regarded it as a medal of honour and ran around just like he had before. In the end, Xu Zheyi was the one who found it embarrassing.

One night, as they sat in the living room watching TV with Xu Zheyi using Ruka’s lap as a pillow, Xu Zheyi felt an intense wave of love surge up within his heart. He thought back and realized that he still owed Ruka a confession of his true feelings. Therefore, he sat upright and still, then earnestly professed, “Baby, I Love you.”

Ruka stared blankly for a second, then asked, “So we don’t need to use surfing as a secret signal now?”

Xu Zheyi almost slipped off the couch. The usage of ‘surfing’ as a secret signal originated from one night a while before. Xu Zheyi was dissatisfied by the fact that Ruka was always going about offending public morals6, so in a moment of desperation he blurted out, “Rather than surfing you should be doing it with me.”

Consequently, since then, surfing had become a synonym for one husband to proposition another. At the time, Xu Zheyi did not anticipate that Ruka would somehow come to associate the two things.

“No,” Xu Zheyi practically beat his chest and stamped his feet, “I’m saying, I love you.”

Ruka looked at him, then replied indifferently, “I know.” Only his ears could never hide his honest emotions, turning such a deep crimson that they made people just want to take a bite.

Xu Zheyi did not see his shyness and felt aggrieved due to his perceived coldness, so he prattled on, “I haven’t told you, how would you know…Hey, who allowed you to take your clothes off? Oh…”

Ruka remembered when he once said to Xu Zheyi, I will wait for you to think clearly. What he did not tell Xu Zheyi was that, whatever his answer was, he would never have let him go.

In the days they were separated, he learned a little from watching some dramas, as well as reading and copying relevant information he found in a few psychology books. He summed up all of the information into ‘Ten Golden Tricks to Capture a Man’s Heart’, then set out to confirm them slowly.

In any case, a long future lay ahead of them.

As Ruka thought of that, he pressed his lips against Xu Zheyi’s neck and revealed a small, tiger-tooth smile.

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