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Screen Partner

Chapter 30

Screen Partner Chapter 30

Almost immediately, once the five of them entered the arrival hall, they were caught up in a whirlwind and dragged into a van by the staff. Without a delay they drove all the way to Odaiba.

“Is this a kidnapping?” Xu Zheyi asked, dumbstruck, as he was handed a bento lunch by a staff member.

“I’d rather this was a kidnapping,” Ah Li lamented. The thought of filming again was depressing, and he was already looking very downcast. Xu Zheyi patted his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him1.

Until now, Xu Zheyi could not determine whether the pills he was given were placebos2 or not. More than likely, he had probably determined deep down that the drug was not actually effective, but he would rather die than acknowledge that fact.

Men’s genitals always seemed to be more honest than their brains.

He could not stop himself from glancing at Ruka, but then he quickly turned back. After a few seconds, he was once again unable to resist the urge, and turned to look at him again.

Xu Zheyi did not know what he was doing, he just suddenly wanted to see him.

Xu Zheyi had to admit that after he realized he liked Ruka, the hormones within his body multiplied madly and increased exponentially. He felt somewhat effeminate, yet erotic. He did not even recognize himself.

Since it was winter, night fell early. Even though it was only seven o’clock when they arrived at their destination, the sky was already dyed black. Xu Zheyi gazed at the night scene in front of him. In the darkness, Tokyo Bay looked like a black mirror, perfectly reflecting the jewel-crowned Rainbow Bridge.


In spite of the cold wind blowing against his forehead, this night scene was worth a look.

Following the script’s instructions, he and Ruka first greeted the audience in simple Japanese before the camera, then expressed their feelings of excitement and happiness in Chinese. They were simply documenting the course of events on film. They slowly walked to the platform that housed the famous Bell of Happiness in Odaiba3. The two men hit the bell at the same time, and then stopped filming there. The next scene they had to shoot was when they rode the ferris wheel.

Xu Zheyi was not sure if it was because it was a weekday, but there were not many people on the road.

Xu Zheyi and Ruka walked shoulder-to-shoulder; there was no other point of contact. Even so, the feeling that came through Xu Zheyi’s layers, that included a thick down coat, caused him to feel itchy once again. In this ambiguous and delicate atmosphere, he heard Ruka ask him, “Why did you look at me just a moment ago?”

Although he was clearly asking a question, Ruka’s assured tone of voice made him seem faintly pleased with himself. Xu Zheyi was a fairly duplicitous person. He was irritated and wanted to retort, but in the next second he heard Ruka ask, “Do you know what it makes me think about every time you look at me that way?”

Xu Zheyi was absolutely certain that he would not hear anything good following that question, but he could not help asking, “What?”

Ruka revealed a satisfied smile and spoke indifferently, “I think if you look at me like that again, I will grab you and push you down in a chair, shove my hand inside your underwear, and firmly grip your—”

“Shut up!” Xu Zheyi was completely humiliated by Ruka’s shamelessness.

On the one hand, the staff members were glad they were getting along, while on the other hand they were a bit taken aback by the sharp reaction.

Ruka smiled more openly this time, and teased naughtily, “If you want me to shut up, then you have to find a way to make me.”

They stopped when the director indicated and stood beneath the white arches. Above their heads was the Bell of Happiness with its white pull rope hanging down behind them. The Statue of Liberty was holding her torch high, and the Rainbow Bridge spanned across the Tokyo Bay; it truly set a romantic atmosphere for a date.


Despite this lovely atmosphere, Ruka still leaned in and said, “I want to hold you down and then use my mouth…”

Xu Zheyi could not bear his suggestive words any longer. He grabbed Ruka’s scarf and dragged him in close, silencing him with a kiss.

Initially he used too much force and the two men knocked teeth. They did not know whose mouth was a bit injured, but their kiss was flavoured with the sharp taste of blood. However, once the long-separated lips and tongue were finally joined together, both men were like fish that had been away from the water too long. It seemed that only the chance for survival could be found between the lips of the other party.

Ruka firmly held Xu Zheyi by the waist. Due to their posture, the two peoples’ lower bodies were pressed together tightly. Although it was through the thick jeans they both wore, they could still feel each other’s desire flourishing.

Under silent instructions from the director, the videographer slowly zoomed in on them with the camera.

On the screen, the picture panned down from the bronze bell that symbolized happiness and finished the shot focused on the lovers kissing passionately below. At this time, Ruka ended their kiss.

He noticed the peeping lens, smiled faintly, and then said something Xu Zheyi did not understand in Japanese.

After the film was officially released, there were a vast number of rotten men and women that screenshotted that moment with Chinese subtitles, added various little designs, and used it in their signatures on various social media websites. That was popular for quite a while.

Although Xu Zheyi did not understand his words, at that moment he was still in a daze and blushing. All he remembered was that Ruka held him tightly and whispered in his ear as they looked towards the camera, “He’s mine.”


Later, on the ferris wheel, although there was an amazing view of Tokyo Bay below them, Xu Zheyi had very little impression of how it looked.

All he remembered was that he and Ruka were both holding back until they climbed into the ferris wheel car, and then started kissing. It was like the sky and the earth were turning upside down.

They later heard from Ah Li that their ‘fierce battle’ at that time caused many good-hearted people to approach the service personnel to ask whether that rocking car really was not a problem?

Xu Zheyi was extremely embarrassed about it, but Ruka was completely unconcerned. Xu Zheyi could not help lamenting that in this land under heaven, that man’s shamelessness was unrivalled.

After the filming, they followed the staff back to the hotel and got ready to rest up for the full-day itinerary of filming that awaited them the next day.

After witnessing the sparks flying between Xu Zheyi and Ruka all day, the excessively dedicated executive producer continued to follow the two men like goldfish poop4. He kept the two people, who obviously wanted to find an opportunity to sneak out, separated, and escorted them back one-by-one to their assigned rooms like a nanny.

“Ah-Zhe and Xiang, your room is here,” barked the executive producer as he handed the key card to Xiang, and then earnestly advised the man, “At night, if there is a knock, you must call me first before opening it. Don’t allow anyone into the room—especially Ruka. Don’t let him be alone with Ah-Zhe.”

He looked back and forth between Xu Zheyi and Ruka as if they had failed to live up to his expectations and he was impatient to see improvements. While he dragged Ruka further down the hall, he could not help complaining, “It’s only eight hours until we shoot, can’t you just save a bit of energy?”

Xu Zheyi was confused by those words, so he turned his head to ask Xiang, “Doesn’t the filming start tomorrow at ten o’clock?”

The time was currently about 12 o’clock. No matter how the calculations were done, the shooting time should be in ten hours. There was no way it should be eight hours.

Xiang paused for a moment as he was reaching out to open their door with the key card. He turned his head in surprise and asked, “Ruka didn’t tell you?”

When Xu Zheyi heard the ‘he didn’t tell you’ sentence come up, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart. Fortunately Xiang felt no need to keep his listener in suspense. Once he had dropped his luggage on the room floor, he sat down on the bed.

“The script we’re using now is the second edition because Ruka was unwilling to accept the first edition of the script,” explained Xiang lightly, “In the first edition of the script, the four of us were supposed to exchange partners.”

Once those words came out, Xu Zheyi fully understood the reason why Ruka refused. He took a deep breath, then asked, “What conditions did he accept from the filmmakers in exchange for that?”

“It’s not too ridiculous, they’ll just film a short video of him masturbating,” answered Xiang, licking his lips. “After the launch of the last film, Ruka gained many male fans and lot of them are tops. They specifically wrote to the company asking to see him do some solo play.”

Xu Zheyi could not help but frown when he heard that. Of course he knew what kind of film he was filming and what the audience was looking for. He thought he had already mentally prepared himself, but now he realized that the preparation was insufficient.

He could endure others fantasizing about himself, but he could not stand the thought of other people fantasizing about Ruka. Perhaps Ruka felt the same way, and that was why he agreed to such a proposal.

“Don’t over think it too much, the situation is all happy now.” Perhaps because Xu Zheyi’s face was so ugly, Xiang actually offered two sentences of encouragement.

Later that night, although Xu Zheyi tossed and turned, he could not sleep.

He took out his cellphone and looked at Ruka’s number for a while, and then typed a character simulating the middle finger gesture. Then he seriously really sent a “凸” over by accident. As a result, within less than 30 seconds Ruka called over, “Miss me?”

The other guy sounded very proud and his tone of voice lifted up blissfully by the end.

Hiding in the toilet to answer the phone, Xu Zheyi originally wanted to retort with an “I miss your Mother.” In the end spoke honestly and replied with a simple, “En.”

Neither of the two men spoke for quite some time.

There were too many words that needed to be said, but thinking carefully, there was nothing to talk about. Neither man opened his mouth. They both wanted to listen to the other’s voice, and did not think that the other side would not speak. Xu Zheyi thought for half the day about how to ask Ruka about tomorrow morning’s shoot. However, when he opened his mouth to ask, Ruka spoke up, “When you go back home you need to choose a name for that little white furball.” When Xu Zheyi failed to reply, Ruka added ” I only insist that its name should come from the parents’ names.”

Xu Zheyi was so angry that his teeth were itching.

After hanging up the phone, Xu Zheyi still could not sleep. He just sat down on the toilet mat and then typed out and sent a message to the executive producer. The message was not long, just one sentence that said: Which room is Ruka shooting in tomorrow at eight o’clock?

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The last chapter is exceedingly long, and even though the author left it as one full chapter, there is a spot where you can see it’s like it was broken down to part one and two. Would you prefer me to put it out as one (longer wait for full), or in two parts (slight cliffie, get first half sooner)?

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