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Screen Partner

Chapter 3

Screen Partner Chapter 3

After repeated psychological struggles, Xu Zheyi decided to sign the contract.

He arrived at the audition 10 minutes earlier than the appointed time, and after checking in with the receptionist, he was taken to the lounge.

There were already two people sitting in the lounge. One of them was the GV actor, who appeared to be more petite than his photo suggested. He glanced indifferently at the door when Xu Zheyi walked in, gave him a cursory glance, and closed his eyes and continued to listen to music.In comparison, Ah Li was much more passionate. “Hi, may I call you Yi?” Ah Li sat down next to him, all of a sudden too close to Xu Zheyi, who let out an almost imperceptible frown, but altogether managed to maintain a warm look on the surface.

“Sure, you are Ah Li?” Ah Li immediately raised a his eyebrows in pleasure, “You know me?”

Xu Zheyi lifted the corner of his mouth, “Xiao Chun and I discussed you several times. He said as long as you appeared in the issue of the magazine, sales will be particularly good.”

This may have been said as a polite remark, but it was also true. He had a slender and sturdy body, a handsome face, and a pleasing smile, like a golden retriever that followed you around everywhere. This look was very popular among female readers.

“What’s that, I simply can not compare with you,” Ah Li smiled embarrassedly, “Hey, can I exchange numbers with you?”

“Fine,” Xu Zheyi took out his cell phone from his pocket. After the exchange was completed, Ah Li moved his hands over his phone and, soon after, Xu Zheyi’s cell phone vibrated.

His alert indicated he received an email from Ah Li. Xu Zheyi glanced at him, and then opened the message, which read: Why don’t we try making a team, the guy next to you looks a little too enigmatic. Finally, a big smiley emoji was attached.

Xu Zheyi looked at that smelly faced G star, and not stop himself from sneering slightly, returned: I guess.

They looked at each other, and reached a consensus. The next second, the door whipped open and Xu Zheyi looked back as a tall man came in. Xu Zheyi initially thought he was a staff member, but after seeing his face, he felt he was a bit familiar.

“Ruka,” called the GV star that they had been mutually ignoring. He put down his phone, removed his headphones, and spoke with a tone of voice that hinted at past intimacy.

“Long time no see. I didn’t think you would promise to perform this film, I asked Naho and them, they all told me you decided to quit the circle … ”

“Who are you?” The tall man frowned with indifference, and paid no account to his kindness.

Xu Zheyi, having seen his frown, suddenly remembered he is that a red star. It’s just that he had flamboyant brown-blonde hair in his photo, and it is now a low-key black.

The GV star was blindsided by his blunt answer to his polite questioning, his face reddened with embarrassment. After taking a bit of time to calm his temper, he replied with a smile, “I am Xiang, and we met before at Naho’s party.”

Ruka let out a nondescript sound, and did not respond any more. He showed no interest in getting along with the other side.

Xiang’s smiling face finally lost its liveliness. The atmosphere in the room is left completely awkward as time dragged on. Finally, someone knocked lightly at the door several times before pushing it open. A young female staffer with a sweet smile walked in.

“If you are ready, please move with me to the studio on the fourth floor.”

Ruka was the first to stand up, and the other three people also began to rise following him.

Xu Zheyi stares at Ruka’s back, secretly praying he would not have to cooperate with this man. Filming a GV itself was already a very unpleasant thing. If he had to partner with someone with such a poor personality, Xu Zheyi really cannot imagine how things would boil down during filming.

It was probably his silence that caused Ah Li to misunderstand. Xu Zheyi felt his shoulder get patted gently; he looked up and saw Ah Li smiling at him kindly.

“Will you be nervous?” Ah Li asked. Xu Zheyi chuckled and was about to answer, when he heard Xiang make a disapproving humming sound.

“Are you going to shoot or join hands? If you’re looking for a quickie please go online to find a better place, it’s less disgusting than being seen here.”

The corridor was not spacious, and Xiang did not suppress his volume, so everyone heard his provocative words. Ah Li’s face was twisted in anger, and even Ruka looked back, but Xu Zheyi paid him no mind.

When ridiculed in the past, he was accustomed to constant paparazzi during filming, which is still a minor case.

He looked down at the sight of Xiang, his tone faint, “Why? Eating a turtle in someone else’s place? Or are those words actually for yourself?1” He went on with his head held high.

This is the best comeback he has ever made, and he must leave the scene before the other side makes a counter, so that the other person will only hate him in his heart.

They crowded into the elevator, and Xu Zheyi pretended to inadvertently sweep a glance; sure enough the other side is still full of anger. He can’t help laughing, and suddenly felt someone staring at him.

He turned his eyes and, unexpectedly, caught sight of Ruka. The two people looked at each other, and then the next second they put their heads aside.

The turtles thing is basically explained in the next sentence. I think.

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