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Screen Partner

Chapter 29

Screen Partner Chapter 29

Tomorrow, the cast and crew would travel to Japan for the second film.

Xu Zheyi heard from the executive producer that their first film was quite popular in Japan. Only three weeks after it launched, the total sales had rocketed the film to third place overall in the ‘boyfriend’ series of GV—this was quite promising.

After the filmmakers held a meeting, they decided to move the second filming period forward. They planned to go with the theme of ‘Taiwanese Lovers go Sightseeing in Japan’.

Xu Zheyi read through the script. Perhaps because it was hastily written, the plot was not as rich as the previous film. The general content was that the two couples would visit an amusement park together, ride the ferris wheel, finish the evening viewing the Tokyo Bay area at night, and then the next day would be the bed play.

To his great relief, even though the two couples were filming together in Tokyo, the script did not require the four of them to film their bed scenes together. That was incredibly embarrassing for him, so he wanted to kowtow1 before the writers to thank them for their mercy.

On the night before the departure, Xu Zheyi once again experienced insomnia.

There was a big difference in the cause of his insomnia this time. In his mind he kept mulling over Ruka’s final goodbye to him on the phone, ‘See you tomorrow’.

They had not seen each other for two weeks, so in order to prevent himself from looking too haggard, Xu Zheyi even climbed out of bed and applied a rejuvenating mask. If this had been in the past, he probably would have tried to look more like a ghost in order to frighten Ruka away.

However, once a person realizes their feelings, they always make an effort to show their good side to the other person. That type of behaviour must be inherent to human nature.

The next morning, Xu Zheyi was the first to arrive at the airport, followed by Ah Li. After those two, the remainder of the crew showed up one by one. When Ah Li first saw Xu Zheyi he wanted to bemoan that the other had broken the code of brotherhood and abandoned him the day before yesterday. He asked in a whisper, “Ivy was complaining to me and said you told her you have a boyfriend. Are you really going out with Ruka?”

Xu Zheyi’s face revealed that he was thoroughly embarrassed, he choked a bit, then uttered, “Probably.”

He was actually unclear about what was going on between him and Ruka. It seemed that while he was still distressed about how two men could fall in love, their relationship had already begun to develop in that direction. When it came to whether or not they had a genuine relationship, it seemed that he had yet to respond to Ruka.

“What happened to you that day after I left?” Xu Zheyi questioned, sharply turning the focus of the conversation back to Ah Li.

Ah Li smiled wryly, “Nothing, now I can only entrust my love to a sakura girl2.”

Xu Zheyi patted his shoulder in sympathy, then looked into the distance at the approaching Xiang.

“He somehow seems a bit pretty,” commented Ah Li. All he got from Xiang was a middle finger.

Ruka was the last one to arrive.

His new haircut showed off his face and made him look very handsome. He looked like he had lost some weight and the sharpness of his features was more obvious. When Xu Zheyi saw Ruka, his heart started to race, his mouth went dry, and breathing suddenly became more difficult. Despite that, he calmly raised his right hand, smiled and greeted, “Hi.”

Ruka looked at him for a few seconds, took off his sunglasses for a moment, and faintly replied, “En.”

After their greetings, the two men stood silently and did not say a word. Neither of them made a move. They stood still, gazing at one another, as if the whole world had rapidly shrunk in that moment and it only contained the two of them.

They immediately created a sappy atmosphere that led Xiang to scoff at them, sickened. At that moment the executive producer, translator, and temporary videographer walked in. The executive producer loudly clapped and urged everyone to quickly start heading through customs.

It was not long until they boarded the plane. Xu Zheyi did not know if it was his imagination, but he got the feeling that every time he looked for Ruka in order to speak, the executive producer would suddenly cut in between them. Whether it was during the security check, while they waited to board, and even when he used the toilet the executive producer just so happened to be in the stall beside him.

That situation finally ended when they were seated on the plane.

Xu Zheyi and Ruka acted in accordance with the script and professionally acted like a pair of sweethearts excited to go on a trip while the videographer filmed with a handheld camera. After they had produced a satisfactory shot, the filming moved onto Xiang and Ah Li. Xu Zheyi took the opportunity and immediately whispered to Ruka conspiratorially, “Do you think he’s been watching us?”

“Maybe he’s afraid of us suddenly getting up and doing it,” answered Ruka, like it was nothing.

Xu Zheyi was shocked, “Getting up and doing it?”

“Well, I got hard the moment I saw you.”

Xu Zheyi was shocked beyond words and could only stare, wide-eyed, at the completely unruffled Ruka. Ruka mistakenly thought he did not believe him, and asked provocatively, “Shall I prove it?”

…Why do you need to prove it? All of the blood flowed to Xu Zheyi’s face and he was steaming hot enough to whistle like a tea kettle.

Watching as the other man’s face turned such a brilliant crimson it seemed as if his ears would bleed, Ruka finally raised the corners of his mouth. It was his first smile in two weeks.

“Is the little one at home?” Ruka asked, changing the subject.

That question was entirely within the ‘safe topics’ zone for Xu Zheyi. He breathed a sigh of relief and replied, “In the Pet shop. I also bought a few packs of snacks, and reminded the clerk to feed it on time.”

“It’s going to be fat again.”

“Being fat doesn’t matter, anyway, in winter it will be good to hug ah…”

In the midst of this idle gossip revolving around the daily life of a family, the plane took off smoothly. It was not long before Xu Zheyi felt his eyelids growing heavy. It was as if the moment he closed his eyes he would tumble into a deep slumber.

Ruka noticed his condition and generously offered up his shoulder, “You can lay on me.”

On the one hand, Xu Zheyi thought, who wants that—I’m not a woman, while on the other hand he subconsciously eyed Ruka’s shoulder and felt that it did look quite comfortable. In the end he gave in and rested his head there. Ruka’s shoulder was very solid and he could smell a faint hint of fabric softener. Xu Zheyi was not sure why, but he immediately felt at ease.

He closed his eyes and his consciousness slipped away almost instantly.

Through the haze of his awareness, he felt a light touch on his forehead. He wondered what it was, and after a few seconds he realized that it was probably Ruka’s lips.

Xu Zheyi suddenly woke up and the muscles in his body reflexively stiffened. He thought that Ruka would not prove it to him at this time? Even though he waited and waited, from beginning to end Ruka never took the next step.

He peeked over at Ruka and the other was motionless, as if he was asleep. He laid his head back on Ruka’s shoulder, but this time his heart was itching. He wanted to somehow relieve that itchy feeling, but there was no way.

He tried to fall asleep again, but this time it was much more difficult. His nose was filled with Ruka’s scent and he could feel the comforting temperature of his body through the other man’s clothing.

He was unable to control his own thoughts after Ruka’s words from before.

He said he got hard as soon as he saw me.

It was probably the first time that Xu Zheyi felt like a sex maniac. He had only leaned on a man’s body and his lower half was already so hard it was painful. If I had known earlier, I would not have worn jeans, he thought with regret.

Ironically, he had the same thoughts as the one who was pretending to sleep beside him.

Ruka imperceptibly frowned behind his sunglasses. The sensation of his spirited little Ruka straining against the denim fabric of his jeans was terribly uncomfortable.

If I had known it would be like this, I would have dealt with it directly in the bathroom. Who cares whether or not the executive producer was in there, he thought with chagrin.

Finally, after a long and difficult flight for two passengers in particular, the plane touched down safely in Tokyo.

I super loved this chapter for some reason. Next chapter is quite a bit longer. I am both delighted and a bit sad that this one is wrapping up.

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