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Screen Partner

Chapter 27

Screen Partner Chapter 27

In Taipei, it often rained in the winter.

On his way home, Xu Zheyi encountered a heavy rain. He was too lazy to buy a raincoat since he was riding the train all the way home.

Ruka, who had been given the cold shoulder for two days, was waiting for him downstairs. He had a cold face and was surrounded by a murderous aura. When he saw Xu Zheyi drenched and in miserable condition, his countenance immediately darkened.

“What are you doing?” Ruka asked, his tone rather poor.

Xu Zheyi did not speak a word. He bypassed Ruka and went directly upstairs. Ruka felt that something was amiss, so he frowned and followed him. Xu Zheyi did not evade him and even let him into the house.

After a lonely day, the little furball was already waiting at the door. At first it scampered around Xu Zheyi’s feet, and then rushed excitedly past and threw itself at Ruka.

Ruka was immediately suckered in. When he finally managed to pick up and calm the puppy in his arms, he looked up and witnessed Xu Zheyi removing his clothes, piece by piece, in front of him.

Ruka froze, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down with a swallow he could not contain. He did not remove his line of sight that was directed at Xu Zheyi, watching until he removed his last piece of clothing.

“Do you want to do it?” Xu Zheyi asked.

Ruka did not answer, but let go of the little furball and walked towards him.

The corners of Xu Zheyi’s mouth started to rise, but the next second his eyes suddenly turned upside down. His thoughts paused for three seconds before he realized that he had been thrown over Ruka’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He immediately started struggling.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey…”

“Shut up, don’t mess around,” Ruka snapped, then bullied him a bit by giving his butt a squeeze. It felt so good that he patted it again and complained, “Aren’t you too heavy?”

Xu Zheyi was indignant after his various remarks and struggled further, causing Ruka difficulties with walking properly. After finally reaching the bathroom, Ruka could not wait to set his passenger down. His shoulder-joints were actually quite sore from his exercise activities. Dissatisfied, he asked “Can’t you have a little more appeal?”

More appeal your mother! Xu Zheyi, filled with grief and indignation, tumbled down to the ground. Before he could shout out in pain, Ruka had grasped him by the neck and pushed him underneath the flow of the shower. Xu Zheyi was chilled by the sudden stream of cool water flowing over him.

“Does it feel good?” Ruka gloated.

Xu Zheyi was angered by Ruka’s series of actions. The guilt that he had accumulated for so long towards Ruka was completely gone.

He watched as Ruka tossed out the small furball that was coming in and out of the bathroom, locked the door, and then slowly pulled off his clothes where he stood. He could not resist adding fuel to the fire, “You’re taking off your clothes now? After what you’ve said this daddy won’t allow it, get out1!”

Ruka ignored his words and after a patronizing snort, he walked over—completely naked. Ruka pressed against Xu Zheyi and pushed them both under the water that had finally warmed up, then ducked his head and kissed Xu Zheyi.

Xu Zheyi really wanted to make a very strong refusal, or at least put up a bit of a struggle. He did not know why, but all of a sudden he felt that such a rejection was not necessary.

The hot water streamed down their tangled bodies. It flowed between their clinging chests, and merged together like a river winding along the floor after leaving their slender legs. They kissed each other fiercely, and both cocks were held in each other’s hands and gradually swelled up under their flurried movements.

In a brief gap between kisses, Ruka complained to Xu Zheyi in disappointment, “Why didn’t you remove your hair? This stubble will stab me to death.”

At these words, he reacted quickly and aggressively pinched the other man’s member that was in his hand. He felt pleased with himself when he heard Ruka make a pained groan that he could not conceal. Of course, the other side’s counterattack came quickly and violently.

Xu Zheyi was done three times. Through the hazy remainder of his consciousness, he could just barely hear Ruka speaking as he complained, “Next time you can’t use the shower gel, we got bubbles everywhere.”

Fool. He closed his eyes after that thought and then he was hugged from behind.

The next morning, Xu Zheyi woke up wrapped in Ruka’s arms. Ruka’s body temperature was so high that it was just like a child. In summer that must be quite annoying, but because it was winter it made him feel warm and cozy.

Xu Zheyi lay silently with eyes open and thought to himself. It seemed like a long time before the body behind him stirred, and it was likely he had woken up.

“Ruka?” He called out tentatively, feeling Ruka’s embrace tighten in response, “…Let’s not see each other again.” He listened to every word he said, as if they were spoken by someone else.

Due to their close proximity, Xu Zheyi could clearly feel Ruka stiffen up behind him. He waited for the other person to ask him why, because he could not initiate that conversation on his own. He was afraid that the next second he would be soft-hearted, and say something like ‘hahaha I tricked you’.

He knew his own cowardice. Even the courage to say that sentence was a one time thing. After the words left his mouth, that bravery immediately disappeared.

However, although he waited for a long time, Ruka never asked why. He just hugged him tightly and then dropped a kiss on the back of his neck.

“I will wait for you to think clearly,” Ruka finally said.

Another shorter chapter. The good thing about this story is that it (usually) goes pretty quick with translating. Only four chapters remain!! Also, for interested parties, I’m over halfway done with the next chapter of PUP

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