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Screen Partner

Chapter 23

Screen Partner Chapter 23

From the end of the last shoot until now, three days had passed.

Although it could not be considered a very long time, it was enough time for Xu Zheyi to realize that if he and Ruka continued to develop this way, the road would only lead to one destination: lovers. He could not bring himself to accept that.

He did not like homosexuality, and he did not want to be gay.

He could not deny that when he heard Ruka confess that he liked him, he was secretly pleased. However, that was owing to the relationship between them in the GV. The two men played a couple in the film and had very intimate physical contact. It was totally normal to experience that kind of misconception, ok? Xu Zheyi believed that if there was enough time and distance between them, he would be able to return to normal─ “Achoo!”

He helplessly turned back and stared at the man who had destroyed his perfect plan. Ruka still showed an impassive face. He was soaking wet, and his nose was red.

“Give it to me,” ordered Xu Zheyi. He held open the towel, wrapping up the fluffy white ball as he took it into his arms. Its whole body was warm and dry; looked like Ruka had protected it very well. It did not have a single wet hair on its body.

It nestled into Xu Zheyi’s bosom, then curiously raised his head and pushed the tip of its moist nose onto the man’s face.

Damn it, thought Xu Zheyi. How could that guy know he was the least resistant to this type of fluffy puppy?

“I picked it up on the road. I’ve had it dewormed and vaccinated, and I thought you might like it.” Ruka’s tone was very indifferent, but his eyes were a little guilty. Xu Zheyi was so caught up in his own psychological struggle that he did not even notice that look.

He was very familiar with the concept of giving a dog to someone, because he himself had used that trick to pursue an ex-girlfriend. It was the saddest breakup of his life so far, because he could not get custody of the husky.

Xu Zheyi felt apprehension in his heart. He immediately told himself that he should refuse Ruka. This dog represented Ruka’s free pass into his home. Once he agreed to raise it, that would give Ruka a reason to stop by from then on…

The fluffy little ball let out a small whine, nipped his sleeve, and then crooked his neck to stare at Xu Zheyi with big, bright black eyes. Xu Zheyi’s heart was almost instantly melted. He stubbornly maintained his sanity, threw a big bath towel at Ruka, and ordered, “You take a bath first.”

…It actually worked. As Ruka lathered up the shampoo in his hair, he could not help thinking—would the drinking also work? As soon as I imagined it, the rising corners of his mouth could not be forced back down.

He dried his body casually and walked out, glancing over at Xu Zheyi. He was squatting in front of a cardboard box that he had managed to find somewhere. When he heard Ruka walk out, he dropped the towel he was holding, and without looking at him immediately declared, “I agree to look after it for two days, so you need to find an owner. I won’t raise it.”

Ruka responded in a noncommittal manner, “Oh.”

Here we go again—the subtle mood that Ruka was able to project with that simple ‘oh’ caused Xu Zheyi’s heart to palpitate. He could not help glancing up at the other man, and when he did his face blackened in an instant.

“Can’t you just grab a towel and cover it?”

“Why?” Asked Ruka as he freely stretched in all his naked glory, “It’s not like you haven’t seen it. ”

Xu Zheyi frowned and said, “You shouldn’t speak that way…”

“Or do you feel inferior?”

…Tomorrow, Xu Zheyi gritted his teeth as he thought, tomorrow I will get rid of that dog!


The natural outcome was that the dog was still there after two days.

Xu Zheyi was originally determined to send it away, and even advertised online for a new owner. Despite that, Ruka brought a pet bed and dog food the next day, then cleaning supplies and a leash, then snacks and clothes…When Xu Zheyi finally snapped back to reality, the puppy’s things had already been stacked into a mountain. Before he noticed, this puppy had already put down roots in his life.

What was even more hateful was that Ruka adopted a buy-one-get-one attitude. Xu Zheyi used all his courage to refuse, but for unknown reasons, whenever he saw Ruka make that face he couldn’t say anything. He knew very well that he was being led around by the nose.

Next time, he thought in his heart, he would refuse Ruka next time.

Without realizing it, each time ‘next time’ came, he would always put it off until next time.

Unwittingly, Ruka had visited 36 times, walked the dog 34 times, mooched 27 meals, napped on the couch 13 times, and he played eight video games with Xu Zheyi to completion.

By the time Xu Zheyi reacted, Ruka was also taking up space in his life.

He was like a dandelion blown into his hand by the wind. He held it for a moment, thinking that after waiting a bit he would blow it away. Before that could happen, it quickly took root in his skin, and a small bud emerged.

Over those days, Xu Zheyi had developed some bad habits. If he was thirsty, he only had to say as much and a drink would immediately be delivered to his hand. When he left his dirty clothes piled on the floor, they would be folded neatly and placed on his bed the next day—the fresh scent of fabric softener lingering in the air.

This was so wrong, how could Xu Zheyi not know that?

Even though Ruka was so loathsome, compared to when they first met he had already reduced his murderous air and was actually quite gentle. It was like the Ruka then, compared to now, was from another planet.

Every time Ruka treated him well, Xu Zheyi felt very guilty. He felt like a lowly man in a drama who was wantonly playing with another man’s sincere feelings. It would be best for Ruka if he did not return.

This simple coming and going made Ruka radiant with happiness.

On one particular night, he leaned against the door frame and watched as Xu Zheyi chopped vegetables. He was in quite a good mood, and pretended to inadvertently ask, “Hey, when is your birthday?”

Xu Zheyi’s actions paused for a full three seconds, then the cold sweat began to fall down his body.

This was a very bad topic; when a person began to mention birthdays, anniversaries, or festivals, it was clear that the other party would make some sort of plan for that day.

“Oh, I usually don’t do anything for birthdays,” said Xu Zheyi with his back to Ruka, pretending he was uninterested.

The other man persevered in his questioning, “Isn’t it this month?”

Ruka’s accurate guess caused Xu Zheyi’s cutting hand to slip. His mind went into overdrive trying to find a way to put Ruka off of the topic, but fortunately a small bark saved him.

He turned his head slightly and watched as Ruka picked up the small white dog that had rushed into the kitchen and hugged it in his arms.

The small white ball was raised very well. Its hair was fluffy and white, and its whole body was chubby.

When the puppy first arrived, Xu Zheyi posted an adoption request on the Internet. There were even many people who expressed their desire to adopt it. However, Ruka would happen to be behind Xu Zheyi every time he contacted the other party to determine if they were an appropriate fit over the phone. Each time, Ruka would casually mention news about individuals that adopted and then slaughtered innocent puppies and kittens. Xu Zheyi’s thoughts were in a whirl, and he finally chose to leave things as they were.

“Shouldn’t you give it a name?” Ruka’s attention was quickly diverted after he asked, but Xu Zheyi still found it difficult to answer.

“Let’s wait for a fine time and a lucky day1 to name it,” he answered casually, but he knew very well that he had no intention of naming it.

He was so familiar with the chain of events that would follow that he could write the soap opera script himself.

After naming the dog, it would be like they were the dog’s parents. At that point, the two parties were already ‘paired together’, so then one side would just have pick out a good day to make their confession. The cute little dog could even act as a helper by delivering a small basket filled with paper notes and the like. Xu Zheyi believed that his birthday was the day Ruka would do something like that!

The more he cut his radish, the heavier his heart felt. After giving it some thought, he tentatively asked, “Do your parents have any opinions of you appearing in GVs?”

“I have only my father in my family,” Ruka replied indifferently.

“So…” said Xu Zheyi, thinking of his terrible luck; the atmosphere after his first question was not so good.

When he thought about it, although Ruka had spent so much time in his home, the two of them had never had a good talk. Most of their conversation was “Cut him down quick! Laozi will make you pay with blood2,” or, “Hey, can you make that dish that’s on TV?” They never discussed anything of meaning.

He did not even know Ruka’s full name.

“But my dad likes my AVs,” mentioned Ruka.

Xu Zheyi’s hands trembled, “Your father saw your AV?”

“Of course, sometimes he guides me on various positions.”

…Stay calm, Xu Zheyi told himself, right now the most important thing was to lead their conversation back to the right path.

“So your dad should have a problem with you filming with a guy this time?” Although asked the question in an impartial tone, Xu Zheyi blushed about the fact that he was Ruka’s partner in all of that.

“Why should he have an opinion like that? He lives with a man himself,” Ruka answered dismissively.

Xu Zheyi was so surprised that he completely stopped cutting the radish. He restrained himself from the urge to explore that bit of gossip, maintained a calm tone, and asked, “Then don’t you find it strange? Isn’t it better to hold a woman’s body than a man’s?”

Ruka froze for a moment and then gave Xu Zheyi a profound look.

He stooped down to place the little white ball that was struggling in his arms on the ground, determined that the little guy ran away happily, and walked slowly to Xu Zheyi’s side.

“Jealous?” He deliberately asked provocatively, but the smile on his face was a little silly. Xu Zheyi was too late to refute before Ruka continued, “That kind of thing doesn’t matter to me. I will not hold anyone else anymore.”

Xu Zheyi finally brought down the knife he was still holding—right onto his own finger. Although wound was not very deep, the blood still flowed out.

The two men looked at each other for a moment, then glanced down at Xu Zheyi’s finger. They both thought of the stereotypical plot device that was used to stop any bleeding.

Xu Zheyi stared at Ruka as he slowly leaned over and quickly pushed his index finger into his own mouth. Ruka clicked his tongue, making no effort to conceal his disappointment.

Why are they both so cute? Also, hope you like the new site layout. I have been wanting to change it for a while, but also desired to keep it easy on the eyes. I finally broke down and did it.

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