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Screen Partner

Chapter 22

Screen Partner Chapter 22

Although the first GV’s filming had come to an end, Ruka’s battle had only just begun. He spent three minutes clarifying his feelings about Xu Zheyi, and even took a magazine column’s psychological test as a supplement. The conclusion was, ‘What are you waiting for? You 100% like him,’ and after that result, he could not help frowning.

…Was that really so?

He spent 30 seconds ruminating over that conclusion, and then he picked up the magazine again and opened to another quiz: ‘Does he like me or not?’.

“Excuse me, Mister,” started the young lady working in the store. She had come to drive away this customer who was browsing without buying. As soon as she made eye contact with Ruka, his dark black eyes caused her to falter, and she offered, “Do you need a pencil?”

Ruka paused, and felt that he really needed a pen to mark his answers, so he nodded, “Thank you,” and then delved into the questions in the quiz.

He was so absorbed, that he was completely unaware of the whispers of the female shoppers around him. He did not care if it was strange for a big man to be standing in front the magazine rack that held various magazines for women.

At this moment, the only thing on his mind was a single line of words: stop secretly loving him—why not try taking the initiative?


“…So?” Was all Friend A could muster to ask, as he yawned with disinterest.

“I’m going after him,” stated Ruka, his arms folded across his chest and a serious look on his face, “But I don’t know what to do.”

Speaking of his experience on that front, Ruka was sexually active at a young age. He lost his virginity at the age of fifteen, and his bed has not been left empty since then. He did not have any concerns about purity, and bore no qualms about having sex without an emotional connection. He often felt that physical communication was much easier than verbal communication.

He had several girlfriends in the past few years, but each relationship was very brief. In each case, the other side took the initiative to pursue him. He did not find them annoying, but he did not put any effort into maintaining the relationship. Due to his apparent lack of interest, he was dumped quickly each and every time.

Boring, lacking emotion, absent-minded, uninterested…his ex-girlfriends’ complaints that led to their inevitable break-up were always the same. Unfortunately, Ruka accepted all these assessments perfunctorily. He was too lazy to change, and eventually declared that he would remain single.

He was never able to imagine there was someone he would want to stay with long-term until he met Xu Zheyi.

Originally, he had thought that the other was a strong and unyielding guy. How could he have known that messing with him just a bit would cause him to get really angry? His defense was full of holes, he was older; no matter which angle you looked from, it seemed like there was nothing positive for Ruka.

However, all these things only made him care more for the other man.

“…Aren’t they interested in you?” Friend A picked up his glass and paused for one second, then immediately moved to hide his lapse.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter,” answered Ruka confidently, “I’m interested in him.”

“Well,” said Friend A, taking a big gulp of his drink, “Then you should make a move.”

“It is because I have to act that I came to ask your advice,” Ruka snapped, taking for granted that Friend A would help. “Give me some good ideas.”

Friend A rested his head against his hand and observed Ruka for a few moments. He felt that this man was a bit stupid. He obviously had some deeper thoughts buried within his heart, but his personality was completely straightforward. He had revealed his secret feelings so easily, and it seemed like he did not even consider questioning what he was told.

Friend A sighed softly, and then spoke, “She shouldn’t be allergic to animals, right?”

”Animals?” Ruka asked, frowning.

“You should go to the animal shelter to find a cute stray dog or stray cat, and then go to her house and hold it in front of her. Tell her that you picked it up off the road on the way over. If it rains on that day, you should let yourself get drenched—this will make you seem especially down and out. If she likes you and has even a speck of humanity, she will adopt the animal. If she keeps the animal at home, then you will have a just and honourable excuse to go over and spend time with her.”

”…What if he’s allergic to animals?”

“Then you prepare a box of wine, get her drunk, and conquer her with your body.”

Ruka silently pondered his words, and then said, “That seems a bit reasonable.”

…You believe that? Friend A was dumbstruck. He could only pat his shoulder and offer some words of encouragement, “I wish you all the best. If the other side refuses you, call me. I have already bought some wine to drown your sorrows with. Or do you want Yamamoto Ichigo’s1 signed photo? I just had a photo shoot with her recently…”

Ruka’s reply was a straight middle finger.

The result of this conversation greeted Xu Zheyi a couple days later at his front door. It was a cold, rainy night, and Ruka stood stoically in front of him dressed in black leather from head-to-toe. His hands were wrapped protectively around his chest, and he was as wet as a drowned rat.

In that moment, Xu Zheyi had a thousand questions stuck in his throat: why are you at my house, why didn’t you take shelter from the rain, etc… All of his doubts flew away when Ruka reached inside his leather coat and pulled out a small, fluffy, white thing. After it let out a pitiful little whimper, his resistance was completely crushed into little pieces.

His mind blanked for two seconds before he remembered to hold an umbrella he had quickly grabbed over Ruka’s head. He could not help but let out a sigh, “Come on up,” he said.

Good luck Ruka! This was a nice short chapter. With that, there are officially less than 10 chapters left in this delightful story. Please look forward to them, I guarantee you’ll enjoy.

I’m currently stumbling through the next chapter of RAAS. Can’t really say how long it may take.

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