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Screen Partner

Chapter 20

Screen Partner Chapter 20

I’m going to die. After his second ejaculation, Xu Zheyi could not help thinking that was the case.

At that moment, he was lying down on the tatami with three of Ruka’s fingers inserted in his back entrance. Ruka’s lower body was pressing progressively closer to his thigh, and it was at this moment that the director called out ‘cut’.

“Very nice,” the director extolled with satisfaction, “Now switch your positions.”

Xu Zheyi, unsure of what was happening, opened his eyes in time to see the naked Xiang climb over, and then lay down right beside him.

“Hey…” he wanted to speak up and stop Xiang’s bold and unconstrained behaviour, but he was unexpectedly interrupted by Xiang, who threw him a sideways glance, and asked, “Are you a premature ejaculator?”

“Hey!” Xu Zheyi began protesting.

“Good thing you’re a bottom. If you were a straight guy, how could you ever find a girlfriend?” Xiang’s cold words of ‘comfort’ were not only completely unhelpful, they were like a knife mercilessly stabbed into Xu Zheyi’s heart.

He was already insecure, and he did not want to admit that the reason that happened was due to the pills that he had taken, so he shut up.

“It’s better to be sensitive than a dead fish,” chimed the photographer, interrupting the two of them.

To this Xiang could only make a small noise of agreement, not bothering to say anything. It was at this point that Xu Zheyi realized that the atmosphere was not quite right.

He caught sight of Ah Li at this time, and noticed that he was frowning anxiously while looking down at his lower half. His dick was, at best, only half hard. He seemed very reluctant to put the condom on, and his figure looked a bit pitiful.

…How could this be?

Xu Zheyi frowned, unable to understand what had happened. Clearly both men had taken the medicine at the same time. There was no reason that one had already gotten off twice, and yet the other was not even fully erect.

Xu Zheyi’s head was still full of questions as they began filming again, but it was not long before his mind went completely blank, with no room to think about other people’s problems.

Unlike Ah Li, who thrust directly into Xiang’s body, Ruka’s moves were obviously more thoughtful. With the end of his shaft, he gently rubbed the tip between Xu Zheyi’s legs. He pressed slowly against his tight hole, entered part of the way, then pulled back out before pushing even deeper. He continued this back and forth motion several times, and by the time he reached full penetration, both men had begun sweating a bit.

Xu Zheyi could not help releasing the breath that he had been holding almost the whole time.

Although it was strange to have a foreign body inside of him, once Ruka began to rock his hips he grew more comfortable. Before he could even feel concerned about how lewd his body was at that moment, he was caught up in the sensations as Ruka went on the attack.

Xu Zheyi could not comprehend how, with every thrust, Ruka managed to accurately locate his good spot.

“Ah…” He frowned and bit his lip to hold back the moans that escaped his lips.

His legs were spread, sandwiching Ruka’s waist tightly. His yukata had been pulled wide open, and offered no coverage to his body. In response to Ruka’s steady rhythm of thrusting, Xu Zheyi’s light pink manhood stood up honestly, and gave off the impression that just a touch would cause liquid to spill out.

Ruka glanced down, distracted by the view in front of him. Xu Zheyi had continued to shave the hair growing around his lower body. Although the smoothness resembled an innocent youth, the fully erect penis revealed the truth of his maturity; such a strong contrast doubled the visual impact.

Ruka could not help feigning indifference, and then adjusted the yukata so that it covered Xu Zheyi’s lower half. When he covered it up, he left the impression that he was worried the other man would be chilled and catch a cold.

Xu Zheyi did not have the luxury to consider why Ruka had done that. He was frowning, struggling to resist the pleasure that was overwhelming him. At that moment, Ruka began groping his chest. His whole body shook as he desperately tried to control his voice.

“Ah, ah…” Xu Zheyi was stunned as Xiang’s voice sounded loudly from beside him, and then continued, “Right there…Ah, ah…”

Xu Zheyi slowly turned his head to the side. He caught a glimpse of Xiang’s misty, half-open eyes, and noticed that his legs were folded up in an M-shape. His waist was also moving up and down in concert with Ah Li’s steady rhythm of thrusting, and each movement drew out a loud moan. This was too much…Xu Zheyi was so embarrassed that he blushed all the way down to his neck.

In his opinion, a man should not cry out like that no matter how good he feels. When he considered that he could end up crying out in pleasure louder than a woman, Xu Zheyi’s hair stood up straight on end.

He did not understand how Xiang could make a racket so naturally. It was even more embarrassing than having sex in public.

He frowned and closed his eyes, but he could not close his ears. Perhaps because his eyes were closed, the nonstop sound of Xiang calling out beside him seemed to be drilling into his brain; his hearing and sense of touch seemed to be sharper than usual. In addition, the squelching sounds that accompanied the constant thrusts could be heard perfectly. He could also feel every move Ruka made distinctly, and it was almost tortuous as Ruka plunged in and rotated against his sensitive area.

In that moment, Ruka pulled almost all the way out, and then slammed back in.

Xu Zheyi’s legs were pulled open wide, and he thought that he probably looked like the actress in the AV he had watched before. Ruka leaned further onto his body, and kept pumping his hips vigorously; he even lowered his head to suck his partner’s nipple. Xu Zheyi felt like he was the wrong gender. He was a man, but he had surrendered beneath Ruka’s body like that woman in the film, and felt immense pleasure from it. This obscene behaviour was all clearly recorded by the camera. The extreme shame caused him to tremble, but he was also more excited.

“Does it feel that good when I play with your nipples?” Ruka teased, misunderstanding the full cause of his sudden high temperature. He groped his cock maliciously through the yukata’s fabric and continued speaking, “You see here, aren’t you too wet…”

Before he had even finished speaking, he felt Xu Zheyi’s hole tighten around him, and his pale white chest was tinged pink. Such an honest physiological reaction caused Ruka to blank for a moment, and then his own dick swelled up more, and became so hard it hurt. He lifted Xu Zheyi’s lower body even higher, adjusted his angle, and then continued thrusting with even greater tenacity.

In the beginning, he had skillfully used little tricks to incite Xu Zheyi, but in this moment, he resorted to more self-serving actions, and pounded into the other man with direct strokes.

He looked down at Xu Zheyi, whose chest now bore a vivid shade of red as he hovered on the verge of climaxing. Xu Zheyi’s seductive appearance also caught the videographer’s attention; he moved right next to Xu Zheyi with his camera, and captured the look on his face as well as the redness of his chest at point blank range.

It was at this moment that Ah Li happened to look down at Xu Zheyi, and found himself unable to tear his eyes away.

Although he was not outright repulsed by a man’s body, that did not mean he was interested in it. While he could manage an erection, and was able to stay hard inside another man, it was something he was reluctant to do. At least until that moment when he saw Xu Zheyi.

He had often heard the name ‘Xu Zheyi’, and had seen him on the news and in various newspapers and magazines. To him, Xu Zheyi was quite handsome, and a senior worth imitating. Even when he heard that the both of them would be in a GV, at most he only thought that they must be alike, and doing this as a last resort.

He never expected the present situation.

That man was always in the magazines, showing a polite and cheerful smile. As a male model, he had been voted into the top ten of ‘Man I want to date’ by women. That same man was now lying next to him, being fucked by another man, and was about to reach his third climax.

He knew that he should not look at him anymore, but his eyes glued onto Xu Zheyi of their own volition.

He was frowning slightly and biting his lip, and his face revealed that he could barely endure the pleasure he was experiencing. His cheeks and ears were flushed red, and crystal beads of sweat had formed on his forehead, neck, and chest. His arousal level continued to rise because he had not yet achieved release, and this resulted in an alluring red glow all over his torso. Was it really that incredible to have sex with a man? Ah Li did not know.

He only felt a rush of heat to his lower body, making his dick swell.

His explicit line of sight disturbed Ruka when he saw it, and he quickly leaned over Xu Zheyi so that all that could be seen was his own back. This move caused the director to stand up urgently, and he proceeded to signal in an animated manner for Ruka to revert back to his original position.

Ruka pretended not to see. He bowed his head down and kissed Xu Zheyi’s shoulder, and then on the lips, comforting the man who had no idea what had just happened.

The director was fuming with rage.

He had heard what it was like to work with Ruka from some of his director peers. The general opinion was that ‘although he is a bit difficult to control, he is still a professional’. He had not been sure what they meant by ‘difficult to control’, but the truth of the matter had finally come out.

He would like to shout ‘cut’, but he was concerned that shouting may disturb the mood Xu Zheyi had going, so he hesitated. In the end, he decided to move somewhere Ruka could see him properly, and then made a series of gestures that basically meant, ‘let me see him properly or I will kill you, you arrogant bastard’.

Ruka was aware that he had offended the director. He frowned for a moment, and then knelt back.

The director thought the boy had finally smartened up. He never expected that Ruka would pull the man up on top of him, and he honestly was not sure how he did it. His entire upper body was naked, and the black yukata hung loosely from his waist, fluttering along with his steady movements.

His eyes were a little hesitant, but soon he made up his mind. He gripped Xu Zheyi’s slender waist with his right hand, and as waves of pleasure washed over him, he extended his left thumb. His black eyes gave a seductive stare, and he looked intently at the camera, and slowly licked his thumb. While he performed that lewd action, he never ceased his steady rhythm.

Xiang glanced over to the side and was so dumbfounded that he even forgot to keep crying out. He had always liked Ruka, and while he truly had no interest in watching AVs, if Ruka was in them he had always watched them religiously.

And in those films, despite his excessive lust, Ruka’s attitude had always been utterly indifferent, despite always giving an exceptional performance.

Xu Zheyi’s breathing turned more ragged, and when he saw Ruka rubbing his nipples with his damp thumb, he could not help it; he shuddered and ejaculated once again.

After seeing Ruka’s I’m fine so just film me attitude, the director had to compromise, and directed the videographer to shoot Ruka and Xu Zheyi from the top. On the screen, Ruka looked especially sexy with sweat beading down his firm chest and abdominal muscles. His abdominal muscles were particularly enticing; his every move revealed every line and ridge and it was very alluring.

He knew that the camera was aimed at him, so he increased the intensity of his pumping. Every thrust he did plunged his shaft so deep inside, it seemed as if even his scrotum would be forced into Xu Zheyi’s back side.

Once again, Xu Zheyi felt like he was going to die. Soon after Ruka picked up the intensity, he came again. His waist shook vigorously, and his semen dripped everywhere—even on the tatami, and made a sticky mess.

His ejaculation time was particularly long, but because he had already climaxed several times, the semen was a little thin, and it was like his scrotum was completely hollowed out. He leaned back on the tatami, but he was soon pulled up again by Ruka.

It was then that Ruka finally reached the peak. After plunging deeply a few more times, he paused and began to release.

Despite the fact that he was wearing a condom, Xu Zheyi could still feel Ruka’s cock pulsating within him as a hot liquid poured out. He was powerless to do anything but wait for the other to finish, and it was at this moment that Ruka whispered in his ear, “Hey, Xu Zheyi.”

Xu Zheyi turned his head to look at Ruka, and was kissed. The kiss was completely different from the intense sex they had just engaged in; it was gentle and soft.

Xu Zheyi felt an inexplicable ache in his heart.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this blessing from BL heaven the author gave us. Also, would like to point out that I have been searching for some interesting synonyms lately. Fufufufu. I hope they don’t monitor my internet history too closely at work…even though it is on my break time…

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