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Screen Partner

Chapter 2

Screen Partner Chapter 2

Xu Zheyi, after his contract ended, began searching for work.

The bank’s compounding interest was crushing him, he had to find a stable and well-paid job to get his debts paid on time each month, which was not easy for him. But he had no other work experience after graduating from college, except acting in an entertainment business.

Having had a large number of resumes resulted in nothing, and with his payment deadlines looming two weeks from now, Xu Zheyi picked up the contract(for the GV). And at the exact moment, his agent, Xiao Jim, called.

“So, what do you think about it?”

Xu Zheyi did not answer. After working with him for years, Xiao Ji knew that such a silence represented a promise.

“This is a big company, they have a lot of money to give and you don’t have to worry that they will owe you money.” he said. “I’ve seen this series of GV, and they’re different from the usual. The filming is very high quality.”

Xu Zheyi scoffed. High quality GV or not, doesn’t it still have an anal sex in it? The mere thought of being penetrated and by a stranger no less, made him nauseous to the point of vomiting.

“You take the script and the contract and look them over again. In a couple days I will arrange for you and the director to meet. There maybe a screen test, and if neither side has any problems, then you can sign the contract.”

“… A screen test?”

“Besides you, there are three other candidates there,” he explained, “The meaning of that screen test is to assign you to a compatible partner based on the results, but I don’t think it’s easy to speculate on the Japanese mind. Be prepared for anything.”

Xu Zheyi understood the meaning in Xiao Ji’s words, and could not help but swear inwardly, he did not expect that such gay adult videos were so popular with the public.

“I’ll probably going to know who’s on the list, so I’ll try to send you the names later,” promised Xiao Ji.

Xu Zheyi silently ended the phone call. His mind was a total mess, and it left him feeling very irritable. He picked up the script again to read through it, and although he tried reading through it several times, he could not even bring himself to go on. It was only by thinking of the money that he could eventually force himself, reluctantly, to read.

The project, which belonged to the ?Boyfriend? series, it was played by two GV actors who were satisfied by their sweet interactions and lovemakings. This series of films set staggering sales record in Japan. The main target base was not only gay men looking for more romance, but also specifically for the rotten female group1. For these reasons, this series of films emphasized romantic aestheticism, rather than focusing on sensory stimulation.

For this year’s overseas plans, the company’s main focus was two Taiwanese couples. Their biggest selling point would be the true feelings between lovers and affectionate physical interactions.

Xu Zheyi opened the script and found that all of the characters were replaced by ABCD, which meant that none of the actors are currently fixed. He was a little bit conflicted inside. He didn’t know whether to fight for the top or bottom. After all, playing the bottom role means being penetrated, but if he chose to act as a top then he would have to penetrate someone. But the thought of his genitals going deep into someone else’s butt made Xu Zheyi want to give up right there.

The script was also very embarrassing. Since it was taking the form of a documentary, the whole film was divided into three parts. The first and second part of the film included both couples; it starts off with an interview of each couple, and then it follows the day-to-day relationship between the two people going through their daily routine, and then the highlight of sex.

The third part had all four people go to the seaside for a date, and to play beach volleyball. In the evening, although they were obviously four Taiwanese men, they would don a yukata and light Fairy Sticks2 and then finish it off by heading to bed with their respective partners.

However, when he got to the character profiles for the script, Xu Zheyi was quite surprised. The brief overview was only part of the character introduction, each character’s information took up four pages—even their favorite food was marked out. To have created four fictional characters with such depth out of thin air, those hard working Japanese filmmakers would not lose to anyone.

How each couple met was also laid out in the script. Characters A and B initially hated the mere sight of each other, and while they were trying to look for each other’s flaws, they discovered their good points and eventually fell in love. As for characters C and D, it was the predestined love at first sight.

From the list of names provided by Xiao Ji, Xu Zheyi searched the internet for the other three actor candidates and found that one of them was actually a red star. He already had a lot of experience in the exchange between Chinese and Japanese, but it was difficult to know what the person’s attitude just from the photo.

The next actor looked very good; he had shot a few GV and his eyebrows were very fine—apparently he was a bottom. The last name on the list was familiar to Xu Zheyi, called Ah Li, a magazine model, and could be counted as his junior. Compared to the other two, he was barely within his tolerance.

Xu Zheyi turned on his computer and popped in the included disc from a previous ?Boyfriend? series film that was included with the paperwork. After only five minutes, he could no longer handle it, jamming the eject button until it stopped.

He really could not watch the men talk and talk about love. Every word of affection they spoke, every bit of eye contact, it all made him think of Ming Ban, and that made him reflexively felt disgusting.

Xu Zheyi knew that he has a psychological problem, but he did not know what to do about it. He was not too positive; he had to find an outlet for his twisted hatred towards Ming, or else one day he would go mad.

Rotten girl aka fujoshi, fufufu

A type of sparkler

Actor who has starred in erotic play/film

Big thanks again to Shem for editing!!! She has greatly assisted me in bring this chapter out. I do it on my phone, on the go, and so does she.

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