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Screen Partner

Chapter 18

Screen Partner Chapter 18

Ruka’s anger became evident during the beach volleyball event.

It was clearly written in the script that they were only jumping and spiking and other movements in order to show off their muscle lines. Despite this, Ruka killed the ball every time, and almost every ball was mercilessly aimed at Ah Li’s face or body. One particular shot hit his body and left a bruise.

“Are you all right?” Xu Zheyi asked out of sympathy.

“It’s okay, I’m just lucky that it didn’t hit my face,” answered Ah Li with a wry smile. The two men whispered a few words together, then separated and returned to their current activity.

Xu Zheyi turned around, and noticed that Xiang was glaring in his direction, and his face bore an, ‘I caught you,you adulterer’ expression.

If it was in the past, Xu Zheyi would have just ignored him. However, after that inexplicable confrontation in the bathroom, it seemed that Xiang had firmly labelled him as Ruka’s man in his mind. Why would he even think that?

Xu Zheyi broke out in a cold sweat. Clearly he was a straight man, so why was he suddenly being matched up with another man?

“Dinner is ready,” announced the executive producer, loudly.

Because it was winter, it was already dark despite the fact that it was only six o’clock in the evening.

The staff members quickly finished their meals, and then returned to their respective jobs. The actors donned their yukatas, and sat on the steps of the courtyard waiting for the next scene. It was a mystery how the production team was able to find this shooting location; it was a quaint cottage right on the seaside. Apparently it was an old, traditional Japanese home that had been renovated. Despite the changes, it still had the wooden screen doors and wooden corridors.There was an old tree in the center of the courtyard that dominated the space, and gave it a sense of age and history.

Over time, and with the changes made, it had become an interesting mix of traditional Japanese style melded with Taiwanese decor.

Xu Zheyi was feeling uncomfortable, but when he did a quick check of himself from East to West, he found that there was nothing wrong.

He sported an indigo striped yukata that was made in a traditional style. The thick white belt that secured it perfectly accented his slender waist and narrow hips. His alluring looks provoked the make-up artist, who could not help but to pat his butt, only stopping after they had eaten a few mouthfuls of tofu1.

He subconsciously looked around and finally located Ruka sitting on a stone chair that was situated a ways away.

Ruka’s yukata was mostly black, with some white. Xu Zheyi did not know if it was because of the yukata’s style or a deliberate decision by the make-up artist, but Ruka’s collar was open and very low. It revealed his impressive chest muscles, and caused him to give off a very sexy vibe.

He already had such an impressive body and temperament at the young age of 22 years…Xu Zheyi could not help silently complaining about the injustices of heaven.

Ruka seemed to feel his gaze and looked up. Xu Zheyi did not know what kind of attitude he should display, and turned around to avoid being embarrassed.

At precisely this time, the producer began to prepare the fireworks. Following this, the director gathered all four actors together to distribute the fireworks, and explained the location of the shoot and how it would work.

To be honest, every time Xu Zheyi read through this part of the script, he felt that it was so girly it caused his scalp to go numb. Four big men with sparklers and fireworks?

Even though just the thought gave him an effeminate feeling, the actual process of filming was different. Something about it gave off an ineffable2 feeling of pure love and affection. In reality, it was not so difficult to accept. Xu Zheyi looked over at Ah Li and Xiang, who were a few meters away, and could not help feeling that way.

Xiang was dressed in a white yukata, and Ah Li was wearing a dark brown yukata. The two men were squatting side-by-side, so close that their shoulders were touching. Xiang’s large, doe-like eyes focused on Ah Li as he lit his sparkler. He appeared incomparably supple and lovely, and attracted a gentle smile from Ah Li.

Xu Zheyi was very clear that, as soon as the director shouted ‘cut’, that sweet scene would disappear immediately. Despite that, for a moment, he was frightened to find himself thinking that the two men could be together, and it seemed like a good match.

At this time, he felt deeply that a certain door in his life was forced open because of his participation in this GV, and probably would not be closed again any time soon.

He withdrew his gaze and returned to watching Ruka, who had squatted beside him, as he held his sparkler. His face still had about as much expression as a dead fish, but a closer look revealed that he was actually a little listless.

Whether the other side’s emotions were because of him or not, Xu Zheyi did not know the answer. He just felt that this dejected behaviour was not a good fit for Ruka.

Get your bibs ready folks, the next chapters are spicy! I will try not to take too long, but they’re longer than this one, so I may not be able to whip them off on my lunch break like this.

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