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Screen Partner

Chapter 16

Screen Partner Chapter 16

Xu Zheyi had lived for nearly 30 years. He never thought the day would come that he would become a homosexual. It was for this reason that he was terrified of the present situation.

That night, Xu Zheyi had opened the ipad despite his better judgment, and typed in ‘straight men, anus, orgasm’. Even just typing those three words was enough to make him blush with shame. Fortunately, the results were quite normal, and there were many different men seek anal stimulation, deliberately massaging their prostates.

Once he knew that everything tonight could be categorized into a man’s normal physiological response, he quickly calmed down. Afterwards, he could not help himself; his fingers travelled over the keyboard and typed out another search.

Ruka, gay.

The results of this search were very messy, but most of them showed that Ruka seemed to be the third most sought after adult film actor, and the youngest in their current film. Twenty-two years old…

Xu Zheyi was shocked at first, followed by a sneer. He was still just a brat, even though his body was all grown up….

He instantly felt a bit hot around his ears because of that train of thoughts, so he hurriedly dismissed the idea from his mind.

He flipped over on the bed, still holding onto the iPad. Obviously he was completely exhausted, but he was unable to control himself. One by one he opened the websites with Ruka in them, and perused them until dawn.

There was actually very little information available about Ruka. Almost all of the pictures that were available were screenshots taken from his films. Xu Zheyi was able to find sporadic pieces of information, like the fact that he was 20 when he debuted into the industry, he had shot four big adult films, and there was no data to suggest that he had any homosexual tendencies.

The website that he gazed at the longest contained a single photograph. The photograph was clearly not a screenshot, and it was probably the only photo that reflected a Ruka outside of his work.

In the photo he looked very childish, likely 17-18 years old. He was giving the camera the middle finger, and his hearty laugh had even exposed his tiger teeth.

Xu Zheyi was shocked to find himself thinking of Ruka as incredibly cute, and then immediately felt a little uneasy. That smile was so nice and cheerful, why did he go around with such an impassive face these days?

Xu Zheyi was a bit sour over it all.

However, he just kept looking and looking at the picture—even the album’s owner’s name was ingrained into his memory.

That night as he slept, Xu Zheyi followed along just as Ruka had said and developed a low-grade fever.

However, his physical fitness was too good, and, aside from sweating and feeling some sticky discomfort, he felt quite fine from head to toe.

Although he did not end up using the things Ruka sent, when it was time to take out the trash, he struggled to save the plastic bag, and then stuffed it into a drawer for later use.

From the day of filming, the man who behaved so lovingly towards Xu Zheyi that night did not even call him once.


On the next filming the day, Xu Zheyi arrived 10 minutes early at the agreed upon location.

This time, because there were four people taking part in the shoot together, two camera teams were dispatched. To accommodate the extra bodies, the filmmakers sent out two vans; one for the actors, and one for the staff.

Xu Zheyi climbed into the van as soon as he arrived. Shortly after, Ah Li came in behind him.

Although it had only been a few days since he had last seen him, his whole countenance had changed as if a demon had possessed him. He was haggard, with dark bags under his eyes.

Xu Zheyi was startled, and inquired, “Are you unwell?”

Ah Li showed a wry smile and replied, “I’m fine, it’s just that last night I did not sleep well.”

Seeing such a dismal face Xu Zheyi thought, perhaps it was not only last night that he did not sleep well? Although he knew not to ask more, he still spoke, “If you have any problems that cannot be solved, you may consult with me.”

Ah Li was too embarrassed to look at him, and just when Xu Zheyi thought he would politely refuse, he slightly stammered as he confided, “I-I am a little worried that today I will not be able to get hard…”

So it turned out to be this kind of thing.

Xu Zheyi was a little hesitant, but finally he reached into his bag and took out the box of yellow pills. He poured out two and gave them to Ah Li, and explained, “You should take both of these about half an hour before filming. I can guarantee that they are very effective.”

He recommended it based on his own experience. Ah Li showed a reluctant expression, and then asked in a low voice, “Are you sure that this medicine is safe?”

This problem stumped Xu Zheyi for a moment. He thought about his reaction after the medication; he did feel a bit agitated, but after a few days there was no feeling of addiction—not to mention that he was sure Xiang would not give him something harmful for no reason.

“I think it’s okay,” he answered softly.

As the two men whispered together, the door was aggressively yanked open. They both jerked their gazes towards the opening, and were greeted by Xiang’s sullen expression. “The first people to arrive should sit in the back seat, don’t you even know basic manners?”

Xiang was incredibly sarcastic. Xu Zheyi had gradually grown accustomed to this young master who was always speaking so aggressively; he was not too concerned about it and said, “I had only heard first come, first served.” He did not realize it, but it was likely that his indifferent attitude caused Xiang to be even more infuriated. His expression narrowed, and he was about to say something, but he was interrupted by a question that came from behind him, “Why aren’t you going in?”

When he heard that voice, Xu Zheyi’s whole body went stiff, and then he hurriedly feigned a comfortable appearance.

Ruka’s appearance was able to successfully shut up Xiang. Xu Zheyi and Ah Li got out of the seats they were in and obediently climbed into the back seat. Xiang had his eyes glued on Ruka’s back the entire time. Though his staring was very conspicuous, Ruka seemed to have no awareness of it. He took off his sunglasses with no expression on his face, and while they waited for him to get into vehicle, he informed Ah Li, “The director seems to be looking for you.”

Ah Li was surprised, “The director wants me?”

This time Ruka was too lazy to talk, so he just perfunctorily nodded. Ah Li was obviously quite afraid of the director, and hurriedly said thank you as he ran to the car that the director was sitting in.

Ruka climbed into the van, and instead of any of the open seats; he mercilessly tossed Ah Li’s things haphazardly onto the floor and settled into his spot.

“Is the director really looking for him?” Xu Zheyi asked doubtfully.

“I said ‘seems’,” Ruka said without guilt…that bastard. Xu Zheyi had to restrain the urge to punch him.

Shortly after, Ah Li returned to the van. Even though he knew that he had been played, he just smiled and automatically sat in the front passenger seat. Xu Zheyi had always had a good opinion of such moderately behaved individuals, so he found himself talking easily with him as they travelled.

For the entire car ride, the only sound was their conversation.

Ruka observed coldly for 30 seconds, then smirked, put his sunglasses back on, and closed his eyes to rest. Of course, he knew what Xu Zheyi was playing at. He was trying to attract his attention by displaying intimate behaviour towards another man. Ruka had experienced this ploy from others before, but in this situation he could not deny that it was a bit lethal.

From behind his sunglasses, he half opened his eyes to steal a side glance at Xu Zheyi. As he watched him and the other side converse happily, he felt quite disconcerted.

He certainly would not admit that he had waited for Xu Zheyi to call him for two full days. He carried his cell phone everywhere. If he took a bath it was beside him, while he slept it was not away from his body—he was afraid he would miss the moment when it came.

It was not like he had not thought of taking the initiative to call him first. The previous night, Friend A asked, “Did you fall in love?”

Ruka froze, and after a while he finally remembered that he was drinking beer.

“Why do you ask?” He looked at his friend with a watchful eye.

“Because you are looking at your cell phone every three seconds, and it seems that you feel very hopeful that it will ring immediately. Usually, the people who behave in this manner are not waiting for some important business information. They are actually waiting for contact from the person they like…”

“He likes me,” Ruka corrected immediately.

Friend A shrugged his shoulders, “Well, you’re the boss.”

His apathetic attitude caused Ruka extreme dissatisfaction, so Ruka immediately threw out his strongest evidence, “He gave me his first time.”

“Oh,” said Friend A. He nodded and then asked, “Do you like her?”

“He likes me,” Ruka corrected impatiently, adding, “And he was so shy when I said that I was going to send him home.”

“You like her,” although he did not understand what Ruka meant with that last sentence he added, Friend A was still very sure of his final conclusion.

Ruka was furious, “I said, he likes me…”

“If she really likes you, why hasn’t she called until now?” His friend’s words stabbed him like a knife, “Even if she liked you enough to give you her first time, if she won’t take the initiative to contact you, then isn’t that a little too reserved? Was that even the truth?”

Not his first time…? Ruka was at a loss, and then he was completely taken aback by Friend A’s next words, “So, maybe, both of you are fond of the other, but you’re both struggling a bit, so the other side feels you have no interest.”

THEY LITERALLY CALL HIM FRIEND A!!!! Anyways, that made my day. Also, it is important to note that when Ruka is speaking to Friend A, he uses gender neutral terms, and Friend A uses female specific ones.

This has always been much easier than my other two projects, but….for some reason….the last few paragraphs were not. Damn son.

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