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Screen Partner

Chapter 14

Screen Partner Chapter 14

This was not Ruka’s first time sleeping with someone. Thinking over his experiences from past to present, whether it was a coworker or a partner outside work, who among them would not have praised him? So, when Xu Zheyi displayed an expression that looked like he would vomit, Ruka was naturally angry—his pride as a man was wounded.

However, that anger evaporated immediately when he heard Xu Zheyi apologize, saying that it was his first time with a man.

Ruka had heard that a lot from the women who would come on to him. Therefore, he knew very well what the subtext of that admission was.

I like you very much, so please treat me well.

He had to use his best efforts to restrain corners of his mouth from rising, and maintained a face like buddha. It was really a bold move to say such things on the set. He stared blankly ahead; men in their thirties were certainly different.

He was a bit embarrassed, but he wanted to hear a little more. He slowly turned his head. “…Continue,” he said. However, the man who had just bravely confessed suddenly grew shy and laughed twice.

“Anyway, sorry, your little guy should not be too hard to get back up?” As soon as Xu Zheyi finished speaking, he seemed to realize that he had said the wrong thing, and immediately stared at him like a puppy with wet eyes. Ruka’s heart suddenly felt incredibly warm and fluffy.

He thought, what should I tell him? It was the first time with a man for the both of them. He tried to answer, but when the words came to his lips, he somehow misspoke, “Wait a moment and you’ll find out.”

…That came out totally wrong. He was a little upset, but at the same time, he was not fortunate enough to have the time to think about it. Luckily, I did my homework in advance.

Because he had never slept with a man before, the day before he had specially searched for information on the Internet regarding a man’s erogenous zones, and theoretically understood the position of the G-spot. He looked at Xu Zheyi warmly and his lips curved up slightly, but Xu Zheyi, who was staring at him, only felt his own body chill. He could not tell what this guy was up to.

The director indicated that they were to omit caressing and other foreplay, and enter directly into the stage of ‘expansion and insertion’. The two actors followed his instructions to strip naked in front of the camera.

Xu Zheyi’s sat on Ruka’s lap uncomfortably, his hands stiffly wrapped around the other’s neck. Although his body could not necessarily be considered that of a strong man, he was not petite and thin. Asking him to behave in such an effeminate way made him feel like he was giving up half of his life.

Feeling his nervousness, Ruka touched his lean waist in a soothing manner and kissed his chin. The other hand outside the film frame was quite busy; he grabbed the lubricant bottle again and squeezed it.

Xu Zheyi suddenly shivered. He could feel a large lump of cold liquid land just above his ass. He did not have time to react, when suddenly the place where the lubricant was just poured was rubbed erotically. He felt that he must have shown a NG expression again, and he quickly blocked it by pushing his face into Ruka’s neck.

Ruka was completely overwhelmed by the man who was acting spoiled.

He was still expressionless, but his facial lines softened. He had always looked handsome, but he gave off a cold feeling that made him difficult to approach. Now that this sense of distance had suddenly diminished, the people surrounding them felt they could not open their eyes due to his brilliance.

The producer who watched the monitor quickly motioned to the videographer to focus the camera on him.

Ruka, who was often loved and provoked by the camera only, did not look at the camera this time. He bent down and kissed Xu Zheyi’s shoulder blades, leaving behind a small red mark. At the same time he took his finger, slippery with lubricant, and gently pushed it in between the buttocks until he found the entrance—it was shrinking because of fear. He continued tracing along until he reached his two balls.

Xu Zheyi’s eyes shook and he looked up at Ruka, who looked down at the same time.

Because of their positions, the lower bodies of the two people were very close, brought even closer by the presence of Ruka’s half-erect penis. Unlike Ruka, Xu Zheyi’s own genitals were dangling flaccidly. The dejected pink organ looked abnormal because there was no body hair; some may even find it lovely.

Ruka was a bit surprised at the color there. His fingers couldn’t help but trace along the top, and he was filled with the desire to tease Xu Zheyi.

“Are you a virgin?”

“…Your mother is.”

Xu Zheyi reflexively fired those words back, but he immediately realized that this sentence was both illogical and technically problematic.

Ruka didn’t pay any mind to Xu Zheyi’s words. He laid him down slowly on the bed and stared at his lower half for a while. He finally made a move about one second before Xu Zheyi was about to throw a punch, taking his shaft into his mouth.

“Hey…” Xu Zheyi shrank his body back in a sensitive way before he reacted and was shocked. He immediately wanted to sit up. However, Ruka was firmly perched on his legs, leaning over him, acting like he was licking a lollipop, his mouth covering the slowly expanding volume of the dick it contained.

Ruka’s mouth skills were not very good and his teeth often touched the shaft. He kept his eyes on Xu Zheyi while he was ministering to him, watching his reactions. Thanks to the stimulation from Ruka’s mouth, a tight feeling started in his stomach. It was clear that he had just finished firing shortly before, and yet his lower body was suddenly swelling once again.

Feeling that Xu Zheyi was excited again, Ruka stared at him and tightened his lips. He moved his mouth from the bottom of the genitalia all the way to the top, causing the man to groan loudly. Xu Zheyi was embarrassed into a blush, and the while he was distracted his lower body was lifted. He instinctively tried to close his legs, but they were immediately caught and opened by Ruka.

Xu Zheyi’s hair removal work was very thorough; there was not even any hair around the anus. Ruka looked at his private hole and couldn’t understand why even the lustful pink colour was there. It was just like he had deliberately dyed it that way. He couldn’t help but graze the small opening with his fingers and then leaned over to continue his work.

Xu Zheyi tensed—this was too much! Xu Zheyi was ashamed to have kiss marks all over his body, but his penis violated its owner’s wishes and stood upright.

Ruka lifted the man’s lower body higher, licking his groin, and even leaving a vivid red mark on the snow-white skin. Xu Zheyi could not restrain the slight trembling of his body, and he felt that all of his blood was concentrated in his lower body. This was the first time he had discovered that he had such strong sexual desire.

He could not attend the camera and reached out to touch his hard penis that had begun to leak out body fluids. When he had begun stroking himself, something cold and wet pushed against his anus. His movements halted instantly, and felt a faint flow of liquid into his body. He panicked. He lifted his upper body halfway and looked down. He found Ruka had pressed the lubricant against his hole and was squeezing it inwards. Then he touched his finger to the entrance and slowly plunged it in.

Xu Zheyi stopped all actions at once. To be honest, because there was only half a finger inside, there was no feeling of pain, but there was a strong sense of discomfort. His body also seemed to resist such a violation of nature, and contracted in an attempt to expel Ruka’s finger, but the other side’s attitude was quite tough. He continued to advance until he was most of the way in.

Xu Zheyi’s cock had softened instantly, and his head drooped very pathetically.

Ruka caressed his scrotum, which had slackened along with his manhood, and then he gradually revived it with his careful attention. He peeked at Xu Zheyi’s reaction and slowly bent his finger that was inside towards the front of his body. His other hand remained in the area between the scrotum and the hole and kneaded it in a circular manner.


Xu Zheyi’s body shuddered like he had received and electric shock. Ruka took this opportunity to push in a second finger. At this time, Xu Zheyi’s unwillingness to open up his body was not as obvious as the last time. Since he was pushing on the perineum, although the penis was not fully erect, a clear liquid once again began to leak from the head.

Ruka could not help but change his position. His cock was excited, even though he did not even touch it. He inserted a third finger, held his fingers together closely and pumped them slowly, while his other hand continued with the external massage.

A man’s G-spot; this was something Ruka only saw on the Internet. Although he had heard a little about it before, he had no interest in researching it. He did not expect to actually try to find it while he was on the job. He tried applying pressure to search; from shallow to deep, up, down, left, and right. Finally, after putting pressure on a certain point, he felt Xu Zheyi shake violently…was it really that bad?

He still had some suspicions. He quickly rubbed his fingertips along that point. He only heard Xu Zheyi groan and saw him abruptly tighten his abdomen. He did not touch his penis with his hand, and watched as thick white fluids coursed from the tip.

After seeing that at such a close distance, Ruka could not stop from swallowing his mouthful of saliva.

He thought that he had lived up to the expectations of providing Xu Zheyi’s first experience. Now, it was time for Xu Zheyi to repay him.

He quickly turned around, grabbed a condom and tore open the package. He rubbed his eager dick a few times, and then finally put the condom on. He pressed the head of his shaft against the entrance, lowered his body and slowly pushed himself in.

“Wait wait wait…” Xu Zheyi felt pain along with the penetration, and could not resist trying to stop him. However, the man who had finally gone into full attack mode had no reason to stop.

According to his memory, Ruka attacked the point in Xu Zheyi’s body that seemed to give him pleasure, and Xu Zheyi gradually yielded under such a strong offensive. The white semen flowed until it covered his abdomen.

My God. Xu Zheyi, who had another erection as a result of the hard, steady thrusts of the man inside him, could not help but panic. I don’t want to become gay!

After three chapters of foreplay I initially thought they’d say more about the final step, so to speak. But, I hope your fujoshi hearts are healed, and your desires sated. Never fear, there is definitely more to come!

NG – I can’t remember if I have explained this, but in filming lingo it stands for no good, so the take would not be usable.

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