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Screen Partner

Chapter 13

Screen Partner Chapter 13

Compared with his previous filming experience, Xu Zheyi found that the biggest difference between the low-budget flicks and shooting GVs was the focus of the lens. In the previous C-grade film, the focus of the bed play was often on the woman.

His role was that of a masked rapist, and in the whole film from beginning to end, he only appeared once. After that parts of him were seen; his partial reflection in a mirror, his hand tearing the lady’s clothes, or his back when he was on top of another woman. He also remembered how the heroine’s mood could not be in properly captured. He was scolded several times by the director, and even the actress’s tears sprinkled the film set.

At that time he only felt impatient. He recalled thinking, elder sister can’t you be a little more dedicated, get it right so that we can complete filming and leave soon. It was not until now that he realized how shameful and difficult it was to bare his erotic and exposed self to the camera.

“Zheyi, your job now is to help Ruka by performing oral sex. The camera will start filming from behind you with the focus on Ruka. Then it will slowly push forward in order to capture your expression. Ruka, you just finish the whole set.” When he was finished speaking, the director could not help but cast some sympathetic glances at Xu Zheyi; there was no missing Ruka’s large, erect member.

Ignoring the director’s teasing, Ruka grabbed a few sips of water.

Xu Zheyi also took a look at the other man’s lower body, and the large shaft that was barely held back by his tight underwear. He could not help but feel a bit pathetic in comparison, but still, he felt that some things still needed to be explained.

“Ruka,” he called, while the director had a quick chat with the videographer. Xu Zheyi’s face was serious and unmoving, and he blurted out very quickly, “I am not always so fast.”

Ruka did not react at first, and then he quickly noticed Xu Zheyi’s red ears and could understand what was bothering him. He slightly lifted one side of his mouth, deliberately glanced at Xu Zheyi’s calmed down lower body, and teased him, “You still have a lot of time to prove it to me.”

Xu Zheyi thought that he must really be despised. He recalled having slept with his girlfriend before, and although it was not for an extremely long time, he could at least last for half an hour.

For him to have finished so quickly, it must be the influence of those two pills. After such a thought, he immediately had a sense of relief; it was not his fault, he was innocent.

The producer signalled everyone and began to countdown. Ruka was lazily sitting on the bedside. He slowly opened his slender legs facing towards Xu Zheyi, and mouthed the word “come” while making that provocative posture. Even the so-called ‘ten thousand years straight’ man Xu Zheyi could not stop his heart rate from accelerating.

Hey, take a look; that’s a guy just like you! He shouted loudly at himself in his heart, took a deep breath, and slowly leaned over Ruka’s legs. Casting a glance down at the state of his briefs, anyone could see that Ruka must have been suppressing his desire for a long time.

His large genitals pushed up against the entire piece of cloth, and the top even showed evidence of some bodily fluids leaking out. Xu Zheyi gently tugged on Ruka’s underwear, and this allowed his dick to impatiently leap out.

Oh god. Xu Zheyi could not help but be dumbfounded; he had initially just wanted to touch him through the underwear. Unfortunately, the current situation would not allow him to put that thing back inside. He could only bite the bullet and keep moving forward—he reached down with both hands and used a circular grip to grasp Ruka’s manhood, following up with some uncoordinated movements.

His actions were likely uncomfortable for Ruka, because he saw him slightly frown, and then took the initiative to hold Xu Zheyi’s hands and guided them into a slow, up-and-down motion. He then leaned his body forward and licked Xu Zheyi’s lips. Xu Zheyi instantly felt like he would fall down.

Under the surveillance of the camera, he had to open his lips and let Ruka in. In fact, if you ignored the gender factor, Ruka’s kissing skills were the best he had ever experienced, but Xu Zheyi was unable to concentrate on that. This was because, in his grasp, Ruka’s cock seemed to be demanding acknowledgement of its existence; it kept swelling larger and larger, pulsing forcefully against his hands.

Just as Xu Zheyi felt his hands slipping as he tried to maintain a good grip, Ruka pulled away from his lips, placed his hands on the mans shoulders, and pressed him down. Following along with Ruka’s hint, Xu Zheyi stiffly squatted down between his legs, and, in what felt like slow motion, he found himself face-to-face with Ruka’s penis.

Perhaps because Ruka originally had a darker complexion, the colour of his manhood was also deeper. Due to his current state of extreme excitement, the glans was swollen and red, and a transparent liquid was slowly leaking from the tip.

Xu Zheyi tried to touch it with his lips, and then his courage seemed to run out; he dared not open his mouth. Ruka’s taste was not heavy, there was even a slightly refreshing soapy fragrance, but the lustful male odour deterred him from moving any further forward.

He tried to cheat by rubbing his closed lips on the rounded head, but he was immediately hit by the sickening feeling of nausea.

“CUT!” The director stopped filming. There was no need to specially explain why they were stopping, Xu Zheyi also knew; certainly his own expression did not pass muster.

“Sorry,” he said, as he rubbed his head in chagrin, “I can’t do oral sex.”

“Can’t you try again?” The director inquired.

Xu Zheyi flattened his lips into a line, not answering the question. Seeing his expression, the director sighed, “This time we’ll let you off, if we have any more delays then everyone will have to work through their days off.” He turned Ruka after and instructed, “Just wait a minute. You’re fully erect, so for now the handjob will have to be enough.” Ruka did not speak, but nodded to show his understanding.

Xu Zheyi felt apologetic when he looked at him; he felt like his acting attempt just now had led to a lot of disappointment—even the energised lower body in front of him seemed to have wilted a bit all of a sudden.

“Hey,” he said, and looked at the back of the person in front of him who was emitting a constant low pressure. Xu Zheyi thought for a moment, and then came to join him. Somewhat embarrassed, he apologized, “Sorry, this is my first time with a man…” he choked for a second, “…having sex.” How were those two words so hard to say?

With his back still turned, Ruka slightly turned his ear towards Xu Zheyi as he spoke. After a he had said his piece, Ruka turned his face towards him, “…Continue.”

Continue what? Despite being puzzled, Xu Zheyi gave him a solid pat on the shoulders like they were good bros, “Anyway, sorry. Your little guy should not be too hard to get back up?”

The moment he spoke those words, Xu Zheyi began to experience a full body cold sweat. On the other hand, Ruka’s mood seemed to be good again. He gave Xu Zheyi a quick once-over and then replied, “Wait a moment and you’ll find out.”

I’m working steadily on the next PUP, but my lunch break today was quick productive. Hope you liked the treat, and look forward to the next part (it’s already in progress). Seriously!

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