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Screen Partner

Chapter 12

Screen Partner Chapter 12

In the spacious master bedroom, everyone crowded around the double bed in a circle. Aside from the hum of the air-conditioner and the suggestive sounds of sucking and licking, there were no other sounds on the scene.

The videographer standing on the side of the bed received instructions from the director, and then gradually changed the angle and zoomed in on the scene. On the snow-white sheet, a young man lay on his back. Because he was being kissed on his chin, it was difficult to clearly discern his facial features.

He was wearing tight white briefs, and even those were covering only the key parts—the rest of his body was completely exposed. His skin was fair, and this was especially evident when compared with the darker complexion of the man who was leaning over him.

Such a black and white visual contrast evoked a strange sense of lust in anyone who saw it. It was to the point that they found watching unbearable.

Not sure of how long he had been kissed, the young man’s lips were finally spared, and he showed his face to the camera. His good-looking eyes were moist and blurred, but this appearance was gone at the flip of a switch when he was touched, which also caused him to tighten his neck line.

No, Xu Zheyi wanted to cry without tears, Big Brother, a man’s chest is not a place to suck milk.

Ruka evidently could not hear his inner lamenting. He was like a cheetah pouncing on his prey—with a single hand he suppressed Xu Zheyi’s motions attempting to reject him, and at the same time he leaned over once again to suck on his nipples.

Xu Zheyi’s skin was a very pale white, and his areola hardly had any colouring, but as Ruka deliberately and repeatedly sucked and bit, they were darkened to an attractive pink. In this way, the originally unnoticeable nipples were tortured into standing up while becoming a colour you could not miss.

When Ruka had first bitten him, Xu Zheyi felt all of the hair on his body stand up. At first the feeling was too strong, and it made him feel uncomfortable. However, when the feeling of discomfort had lasted for some time, his body seemed to gradually adapt; with Ruka not too gently licking and biting him, a certain part of his lower body also began to respond.

Bad, this is bad…he subconsciously wanted to block his lower body, but Ruka quickly grasped his hands.

“Does it feel good?” The man pressed on top of his body provocatively whispered in his ear. Xu Zheyi could not help but roll his eyes—if I did not eat those little pills, how could you get me hard like this?

This thought was a little sad; he did not want this life. Even Ming Ban did not have the ability to bend him, he did not think that two small pills would cause him to fall.

When Ruka received no response, he immediately decided that it was because of shyness. Incredibly, due to that thought, the corners of his mouth actually rose 0.5 centimeters.

He attacked more diligently, kissing all the way from Xu Zheyi’s nipples to his navel. He could sense the other man sharply inhale and tighten his belly; he was not sure why, but he suddenly felt he could not hold back.

Ignoring Xu Zheyi, he pushed himself down between his legs and began to rub the other’s rather lively member. Xu Zheyi’s penis was fully erect, and the tight underwear fully exposed the straight, straining shape. Ruka used his finger to rub the rounded top of the penis, and after only a few moments, the white cloth began to show evidence of wetness seeping through.

Xu Zheyi, of course, felt it too, and was ashamed. He chose to pretend that he had nothing to do with it.

Ruka could not help laugh, his finger only attacking that small portion of damp cloth. In fact, the front end of the manhood was the most sensitive and delicate; rubbing through the cloth, it was easy to feel pain because of the roughness.

But Xu Zheyi was probably very excited; despite the casual play, the head of his shaft continued leaking, causing the wetness on his briefs to spread. Ruka did not even have to use lubricants and he could still move smoothly.

Ruka smeared his fingers on the stained underwear above the bodily fluids. Looking at Xu Zheyi, he put his index finger and thumb together, and then slowly separated them. A silver thread hung between the two fingers.

“Has it been a long time?” Ruka asked, and this time he smiled a little more openly, revealing his somewhat childish looking tiger fangs.

Xu Zheyi, who had just been molested, felt as if his face had been set ablaze, and it was boiling hot; especially when the videographer had adjusted the camera to focus on Ruka’s two fingers. He would have liked to thrust his fist straight into Ruka’s mouth.


A cold liquid suddenly poured on his fiery genitals, and Xu Zheyi reflexively shrunk back, slightly sitting up. What he found was that Ruka had unscrupulously squeezed a huge amount of lubricant onto his lower body.

‘Rub the guns1’.

All at once his mind flashed through the scene, which the Director had carefully explained this in his strange accent, and he had a feeling of brain damage. The experienced Ruka clearly knew what the camera wanted.

He had almost squeezed out half the bottle of lubricant, slightly spreading some of it with his hands, and then his entire body was pressed onto the body of Xu Zheyi. He started from between his legs, slowly pushing the liquid up with his naked body, until the two men were positioned chest-to-chest.

Xu Zheyi forcibly closed his eyes. He did not actually have to see it. Just imagining it, he could guess how erotic the scene was right now.

In fact, this was precisely true.

On the screen, two handsome men were almost naked, a large amount of water-based lubricant on both sides soaking their minimal amount of clothing. That bit of fabric could no longer play the role of shielding, especially the almost transparent white. Not only the shape of the shaft—even the colour was clear.

Ruka hugged Xu Zheyi with his left arm so that he would not block the camera, and slowly began swinging his waist. His movements were so slow they were almost tortuous.

Xu Zheyi could clearly feel Ruka’s strong penis rubbing against him, imitating the rhythm of making love. He was squeezing hard against his manhood, from the bottom of the column to the top, even stimulating to the small opening at the tip; each push was causing him to expand and get even harder.

Xu Zheyi found it hard to describe what it felt like. He knew full well that Ruka was a man, whether it was the flat and sturdy pectoral muscles or currently erect member he possessed. But, when their swollen dicks rubbed against each other, he felt an electrifying tingling that made his hang-ups fade away, so he could not help but move his own hips as well. He could not control his expression—this should not feel this good.

The videographer seemed to notice his slip and slowly moved the camera’s position. When he felt the camera move closer, Xu Zheyi tried to avoid showing his face; he wanted to hide his true emotions.

Ruka sensed something was wrong and glanced at the camera, immediately figuring it out.

He found Xu Zheyi’s lips, and kissed him passionately, cleverly blocking his face with the angle of his head. Despite helping, this action was definitely fuel for the fire.

Xu Zheyi’s mouth was already somewhat sensitive, so when Ruka suddenly pushed his tongue in, as his lower body was pushed down on, he could immediately feel that he had reached the peak.

He tensed and grabbed the back of Ruka’s neck, and spoke roughly into his lips, “I, I’m going to…”

Xu Zheyi’s words had not even finished when his waist violently shook a few times. Ruka probably did not think that Xu Zheyi would come so quickly. He could not do anything, and only had time to hold the man in his arms.

Ruka waited until the man in his bosom had finally calmed down. Then, under the instructions of the director, he slipped his hand into the underwear Xu Zheyi had just ejaculated into.

Still in the afterglow of his climax, Xu Zheyi looked a little lost, and a pair of eyes innocently stared up at Ruka.

Ruka felt somewhat strange, as if a kitten had grabbed onto him with its harmless claws. He had a bit of a soft feeling in his heart; just a moment ago he really thought that this guy was also a bit cute.

He carefully moved his hand around, feeling that Xu Zheyi was a little shaken up, and then immediately took out his errant hand. He hesitated for a few seconds before he held his hand in front of the camera to show Xu Zheyi’s semen—proving he did climax.

All right. My heart is not faint.

It is still hard to be reconciled with the whole thing. Obviously it should be something private, but he was forced to share with others. Certainly makes a person feel wronged.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of this great scene. Yes!! First part!! There is more. But it’s long, and I needed to get some out. Let me know what you think.

It literally said: rub gun. Like. Really. Why should I interrupt a perfectly good steamy scene with this footnote. Gah. So, I’m assuming the meaning is to rub their dicks together. Ya know.

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