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Screen Partner

Chapter 11

Screen Partner Chapter 11

Until they began filming, Xu Zheyi refused to talk to Ruka again.

On the one hand, it was because of anger, but on the other hand, it was because of tension.

He ran to the toilet several times with an upset stomach. The first time he only brought up water, while the rest were mostly just dry heaving. Even so, it still left a bitter taste in his mouth, so he popped in some gum to remove the flavor.

Half an hour before filming, Xu Zheyi thought for a moment, and then took two yellow pills and swallowed them.

He did not want to delay the whole process just because he could not get hard in front of the camera, and he reasoned that the sooner the job could be done, the better.

“Wait a minute, I’ll shoot from a distance and dim the lights, a little bit like voyeurism. You two will be caressing and flirting in bed, so remember to be affectionate,” the director exhorted.

“To what extent?” Ruka asked.

“Do a full service.” The director said, “Then I will shoot it from another angle.”

Xu Zheyi listened to them speak in very official tones of these pornographic things, and could only try to put a stoic expression onto his face. However, with every word they spoke, the two men caused a storm to build up ever larger within him.

The director then carefully explained a few movements, and even hand gestures, to Xu Zheyi. Throughout their talk, he could actually feel cracks appearing in his wooden expression, but he was thankfully able to go and speak with the videographer about composition before that happened.

All at once, it seemed that everyone in the room was busy, and they left only the two actors on the bed, alone. The men sat, shoulder to shoulder, in silence. Xu Zheyi looked at Ruka for the third time and, pretending to be open-minded, he offered, “Well, if you apologize, I will forgive you.”

Ruka smirked and said, “Your underwear is showing.”

Xu Zheyi hurriedly looked down, and sure enough the belt of his bathrobe must have come loose at some point, and almost his entire lower half had been exposed. He immediately put his legs together and covered the exposed area with his bathrobe. But when he gave it a second thought, he reasoned that he was going to have to take it off anyways. No sense being shy about it now.

“Ready on set.” Not far from them, a loud announcement was made for the staff members.

Xu Zheyi peeked over at Ruka just as he was removing his own bathrobe, and his strong, muscular body was completely revealed. He wore black briefs that coordinated with Xu Zheyi’s, and the shape of his slumbering member was vaguely discernible with a quick look.

Probably aware of Xu Zheyi’s lingering eyes, Ruka looked over and then generously turned his legs in his direction. The frightened Xu Zheyi panicked and turned away, feeling that his eyes were assaulted by Ruka’s indecent flesh—this unscrupulous guy!

He angrily took off his bathrobe and handed it to the staff next to him, and then he walked over and lay still on the bed like a corpse.

Ruka slowly moved over, sat on the edge of the bed, and looked at the director.

The director nodded to him, clapped his hands, and then walked over to the camera while holding the clapboard. He stood in front of the camera, and then began to countdown loudly, “Everyone ready for action in three, two, one ──”

Xu Zheyi felt all over that his muscles were stiffening up; he was exhausting all of his strength to prevent himself from kicking Ruka off of the side of the bed. Compared to his nervousness, Ruka seemed to have entered into his element.

He waited until the director had signalled to go, then he looked at the camera, and then he slowly leaned over the board-like body in front of him, and kissed Xu Zheyi sensually on the lips.

At first Xu Zheyi clenched teeth, attempting to keep all traces of that man out of the inside, but he did not think that Ruka would be despicable enough to give his nipples a ruthless pinch. He gasped in pain, loosened the teeth, and then felt Ruka’s flexible tongue drill in. He felt, from side to side, a momentary numbness, as Ruka licked the roof of his mouth. But then he thought about it, why should I just lie here drinking your saliva?

So, he attacked with his own tongue, trying to push Ruka’s tongue back. When he felt Xu Zheyi’s enthusiasm, Ruka seemed a little surprised, but immediately ceased his resistance and instead sucked on the tip of the invading tongue.

His palms kneaded Xu Zheyi’s slightly uplifted chest muscles, rubbing back and forth. Due to the stimulation, his nipples could not help but stand up, and it also triggered his body into a shiver.

It seemed that was a sensitive spot for him, Ruka thought complacently.

Wow, that’s a sinister trick. Xu Zheyi was alarmed, with only a few touches Ruka could make all of the hair on his body stand on end. His shivers had nothing to do with being chilly.

He decided that his was not the only body that would be handled, so he reached his hand up to Ruka’s chest. He found that, from the chest to the abdomen, Ruka’s muscles felt very good. They were smooth and firm, and Xu Zheyi could not help being fascinated; was this the legendary six-pack?

He slowly followed the lines of muscle further down until he heard Ruka make a muffled sound, and then he instantly sobered up. He knew that he had almost touched the man’s restricted area, and he could not help but be upset.

This was an eye opener for Ruka. He originally thought that Xu Zheyi was a complete novice, and did not expect his movements would be so natural. Was this really his first time filming an AV?

While he pondered, his face remained expressionless. His movements were extremely smooth as he took the other man’s hand and pressed it against his lower body. Xu Zheyi was startled by this movement, and he thought this fellow was up to no good again; when the director explained the scene, he did not mention this move at all.

Xu Xheyi instinctively wanted to pull away, but the next second, his future descendants also fell into Ruka’s hand. He was mercilessly pinched, and then rubbed in comfort.

Fuck! Xu Zheyi almost jumped out of bed from the pain—that was really too painful.

He retaliated by taking hold of Ruka’s semi-erect penis. So anyways, his cock is in my hand, I’ve got to have the fortitude to see this through; if he has done it to me then I’ll do it back to him. But, at that exact moment, Ruka licked his nipple. He felt a strange tingle, and it was like the strength in his hand suddenly disappeared.

Ah, that’s those two pills kicking in…Xu Zheyi thought tragically. Having the drugs take effect at this exact timing, isn’t that too cruel?

I just realized I didn’t proofread the last chapter. I’m not going to do this one either yet. I’ll publish chapter 12 first. So….could be interesting?

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