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Screen Partner

Chapter 10

Screen Partner Chapter 10

After the filming began again, Xu Zheyi did not go in to observe. He just opted to stay in the lounge playing games on his mobile phone. Who would be willing to be judged by curious observers during such a private event where everything was laid bare?

Xu Zheyi could only imagine how, a few hours from now, he was also going to be like that. He would be like a frog in a biology class, his two legs stretched open, lying on the bed, surrounded by onlookers—the mere thought made him feel uncomfortable.

He pushed his hand into his backpack and took out a small yellow box of pills.

This box of medicine was given to him and Xiang, and he heard that there was an aphrodisiac effect to it. He hesitated, and then took out two pills and stuffed them into his pocket.

A knock sounded at the door of the lounge. Xu Zheyi turned and saw the makeup artist push the door open and come in smiling.

“Hey, are you nervous?” She heartily greeted him.

“A little,” Xu Zheyi smiled and then asked, “Are they finished?”

“Well, it seems that despite all of the time they’ve spent, the Director is not very satisfied at the end, so he’s waiting to see what you and Ruka are like.”

Xu Zheyi was stunned, and his face was thrown into disarray. Look and see what he and Ruka are like…

“You don’t have to be nervous, just leave everything to Ruka. Ruka is very strong.”

The make-up artist continued to chat while trimming his eyebrows, but Xu Zheyi simply gave up trying to talk to her. “Your skin is very good, what do you usually do for maintenance?” Despite Xu Zheyi’s silence, the makeup artist still continued to search for a topic of conversation.

“I don’t do any maintenance.” Xu Zheyi told the truth.

“It must be because you’re so young then, you’re still a college student, right?”

“…I am 30.”

The makeup artist stopped in the middle of what she was doing, her eyes wide open with surprise. Before she could voice her surprise, they heard someone speak lightly from the entrance, “Oh, you’re already 30.”

Xu Zheyi and the makeup artist both looked back and saw Ruka, both hands crossed over his chest, his whole frame lazily leaning against the door frame.

“It’s not polite to eavesdrop when others are talking,” Xu Zheyi could not help uttering. Ruka slowly entered the room, looking at Xu Zheyi while the corner of his mouth slowly curved up in disdain, “Thank you.”

“……” Xu Zheyi decided that he would never speak to the man again.

“Wow, you don’t look that old at all,” exclaimed the makeup artist, who was still very surprised. She could not help touching Xu Zheyi’s face a couple times, and then turned to Ruka said, “Why did you come in so early? I’m going to be 10 minutes here.”

“I’ll just wait here.” Ruka responded. The corners of Xu Zheyi’s mouth twitched, but he decided to ignore Ruka’s existence and just closed his eyes. The makeup artist quickly applied his makeup, which mostly involved using powder in areas that easily became oily like the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. After that she cheerfully patted him, “Well then, please take off your coat, I want to apply some concealer.”

Xu Zheyi froze for a moment, and then immediately snuck a concerned look rowards Ruka. The other party was looking back, with no attempt to disguise his intention to watch.

Take off, this grandfather1 is not afraid of you! Xu Zheyi quickly slid off his coat as he cheered for himself. The makeup artist immediately leaned over and carefully examined him front and back, and used concealer to cover up a couple acne scars.

“Don’t make the powder too thick,” Ruka demanded, “I do not want to lick him and end up with my mouth full of it.”

“Rest assured, Zheyi’s skin is better than a woman’s, there is hardly any need to powder,” the makeup artist replied.

…I’m still here, okay? Xu Zheyi thought silently.

“Please change into this underwear.” After finishing up with the concealer on his back, the makeup artist handed him a small piece of clothing. Xu Zheyi spread it out, and found it was pair of a tight white briefs.

“Then I’ll go to the toilet.” He said as he stood up.

“Ah, you can just change here, and I will help you trim your pubic hair,” the makeup artist instructed without a trace of embarrassment.

Xu Zheyi was stunned, and subconsciously looked at Ruka; the other party showing a rare, uncomfortable expression as he casually avoided eye contact.

“Wasn’t I supposed to have all of my hair shaved off…” he asked. His question was just finished, and immediately he realized what happened. This bastard!

So I was mistaken. The smut is next chapter. This one is so short I forgot about it. BUT. BUUUTTTT. Don’t worry, I am releasing more. And as a treat I will include the cover art with this chapter. It’s glorious.

This is a way of referring to yourself in Chinese; Lao Tzu. I don’t really want to get into it. Um. It’s like, asserting Dominance, or something? Can you tell I’m lazy? If you’re curious look it up, but hopefully you’ve read it elsewhere that did a good job of explaining it. I have but don’t really remember exactly the best way to describe. Shame on me.

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