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Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign

Chapter 28 In Six Months

The sound of paper moving was the only thing to be heard in the office as Cabrera read the contract carefully, scrutinizing each word trying to find any loophole, but till the end he didn't find any.

Nevertheless, he found something unsettling.

"It says here that you would be the owner of Black Jaws in secret"

"Why, yes of course. I'm granting you an opportunity by making you the guild leader, and I'm the one paying, or sponsoring as is it stated"

"So, I'm just supposed to be a puppet?" Cabrera asked.

"No, you're getting my intentions wrong" Ezra said, calming Cabrera down.

"I am essentially hiring you and your boys to work for me. I chose you as a guild leader because I see you as someone capable enough to become one, and to also make use of your expertise and reputation to open closed doors. Tell me, was I wrong in doing so?"

Ezra was indirectly telling Cabrera that he was the boss and Cabrera was but an employed worker, and if he couldn't accept that, Ezra would withdraw completely.

"No…you weren't" Cabrera answered, which meant he now understood his place.

"Good, then let's have a good working relationship" Ezra said, extending a handshake.

"Likewise" said Cabrera as he shook the extended hand with the contract being finalized at this moment.

The soul paper turned into particles before entering both their bodies and imprinted itself on their soul.

While Cabrera had asked questions as if displeased, inwardly he was excited.

He already knew that the gang, or soon-to-be guild, would be owned by the sponsor, and he would have accepted more stringent requirements.

The contract had a lot of things, but its meaning for Cabrera was simple.

He was to manage the resources he would be provided, while following the orders of his new boss in expanding his influence around the three continents.

Cabrera was sure he wouldn't find a contract as lucrative as this anywhere else. And while it wasn't up to what the top dogs were earning, it was enough to take them to the high ranks.

'I'll have to start making plans' Cabrera thought.

Ezra was obliged to give him two silver mana techniques every eight months after the down payment.

Ezra also held the rights to determine the guild's rules and regulations.

As Cabrera's thoughts churned on multiple possibilities, Ezra's voice rang out.

"All these benefits are just the beginning. The contract can be revised according how good you perform from now on"


"Good, now let's get down to business. Bring me the information on the layout of this city and which gangs occupy what territory"

Cabrera quickly brought out a book and handed it to Ezra.

"Hmm, I like organized people" Ezra said as he nodded.

*Flip* *Flip* *Flip*

The flipping of pages was the only sound to be heard in the office as Ezra read on, his expression changing a couple of times before dropping his head on the table as his brain boiled with multiple plans coming into existence.

It turns out that, including Dark Tooth, there were seven other gangs in this city.

Dark Tooth, Red Hook and Green Snake were the lowest three.

Raven Skull, Ivory Knives and Gold Moles were at the middle level.

White Kings and Fire Scar were the top dogs.

According to the notes, the top dogs had intricate connections with nobles backing them, as they sold slaves, stolen goods, beast parts and more.

Ezra had to admit…

'I underestimated them'

He had his horizons broadened again as he read it.

'It's not going to be easy, especially considering that this information is outdated' Ezra thought.

Rather than saying that it wasn't going to be easy, it was on the border of being impossible to uproot the two top gangs, especially after seeing their firm foundations.

But for Ezra, who knew of future events, hidden gems and goldmines, it was only going to be a little difficult.

The pros of being reincarnated would soon shine.

'And this is only one city. What about the others?!'

Yes, he had planned to infiltrate multiple cities in different continents. And he had planned on which action would be taken, but…

'I'll have to revise my plans'


'Get that guy here as soon as possible'

He needed to make haste before Sebastian left Quarzet, and bring him over to his side.

"Hmm, I see why the top gangs haven't being removed or even shaken since"

"It'll be a bit difficult, but it's definitely doable" Ezra said nonchalantly.


Cabrera couldn't believe his ears or his eyes.

The two gangs had almost one-quarter of the city as their territory, with at least seven hundred members each with different ranks and abilities.

Yet this boy said it would be a "little difficult". He was so filled with certainty and confidence that Cabrera was wondering what exactly gave him such, but he would never know as Ezra spoke again.

"It might seem absurd, but all you have to do is follow my directives and it'll only be a matter of time"

Cabrera only nodded dumbly as he chose not to argue at this moment.

After all, experience is the best teacher.

"Enough about that, what other gang's do you have connections with? And in what city do they reside?"

Another ridiculous question that only caused more questions to sprout in Cabrera's mind, but he quickly answered.

"Azure Moss in Oxfield, Crimson Fangs in Ubradena and Scarlet Horns in Qunchester"

Ezra's eyes peak at the mention of a particular city.

"Hmm, Oxfield and Ubradena can wait. Tell me, those Scarlet Horns, how competent are they?"

"Oh, the Scarlet Horns is a guild, and its leader is a colleague of mine who left this city and moved there. So it's a relatively new guild"

"Perfect, I want to sponsor him with the exact same contract I gave you. Based on what you know about him, would he accept?"

"I'm…not sure, it depends"

"But can you convince him?" Ezra asked.

"Yes, I can"

"Good. In six months, you'll send a letter along with a soul contract to him"

"Hmm, why six months?" Cabrera asked.

"Well, a lot of reasons actually"

"Firstly, I'll need credibility, after all, talk is cheap. All this talk about monopolizing the influence of a city under a single gang could, for all you know, be utter bullsh*t that a rich kid is spewing"

"In six months, my Information network should encompass at least the nearest four cities, if not more. As for what that is? You'll naturally know when it's time"

"And in six months, this soon-to-be guild would have grown tremendously"

"I have 1001 plans in my head and I'm putting them to use step by step" Ezra said, giving a little insight of how grand his plans were before continuing.

"Now that that's done, give me all the information you have on the black market, the big players among the nobles and the list of chance stores around"

"Ok" he nodded, before dipping his hands into a small compartment at the side and pulling it open to reveal organized but dusty books.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Cabrera coughed as he dusted the books and placed them on the table…which caused dust to erupt near Ezra's face.

Ezra looked at the now-cleaned books and looked at Cabrera before asking…

"How long have these been recorded?"

"Three years ago" Cabrera answered.

"Then it's mostly useless. You need to start recording current information. All these books have become relics of the past"

Ezra said with annoyance in his tone.

"I understand" Cabrera answered.

"Do you have a connection to some missionary personnel?"

"Yes, I do"

"Good. John, give him half the amount we brought" Ezra said as the silent Fredrick dipped his hands into a pouch strapped to his waist and brought a handful of a material that made Cabrera involuntarily shudder.

It was gold! A handful of it was dumped onto the table.

Although Cabrera had seen it once before, dropping gold coins like sand was unbelievable.

Ezra saw the look on his face and used it to increase in value.

"There's more where that came from. You just need to do your job well"

Cabrera looked at Ezra and nodded heavily before speaking.

"By the way, you never told me your name"

"My name…is something for another time, call me Kevin instead"

Cabrera's eyes flashed dangerously as he heard Ezra's answer along with the implications of trying to find out.

"I'm from an organization named Shadow Expanse, and as it name entails, we are those who influence the world while staying in the shadows"

Ezra lied through his teeth while flashing Cabrera a cold smile.

"I see" Cabrera understood that it was a warning not to try any funny business.

Fredrick looked at Cabrera as if he had just seen a sucker, but Cabrera didn't notice it.

"It's for your transition fee into a guild. I want it done as soon as possible"

"I want you to coordinate with a few…children I'll be employing, as they rapidly bring you information"

"You will buy a literate slave to teach them reading and writing. All future guild members must also be able to do so"

"You will expand your sphere of influence in the coming months, while placing an organized system to collect a stable amount of 'protection fees' from the residents"

"You are to put the slums on your priority list. It a goldmine just sitting there"

Cabrera raised a brow wondering if he heard right, the "slums", a goldmine?

"Hmm, it seems like every gang in this city is blind. I'm quite surprised that no one is managing that place"

"That's because it's a waste of effort. Those guys can barely source out food to eat, not to mention collecting taxes, that places would suck one dry" Cabrera protested.

"But, looking at it in reverse. It means that's where you'll find the cheapest workforce" Ezra said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yes…that is true, but what are you getting at?"

"No matter how small the number is, there must be some children who have talent. But due to their life style and the lack of opportunities, there live a mediocre life and die the same way"

"It might be, but how would you know which is talented and which isn't?" Cabrera asked. 𝘪n𝐧𝓻eа𝒅. 𝘤o𝘮

"I have my ways, and that's all you need to know" he said, then continued.

"You want to know why I called that place filled with trash and hopeless people a goldmine, right?" Ezra asked and Cabrera nodded.

"Tell me, what if you could find jobs for those people, and the money earned would be split 50-50?"

"Now, I know it sounds outrageous to you, but having a thousand people working everyday as they give you…let's say five coppers each" Ezra paused waiting for Cabrera to understand, but it seems he didn't because…

"It doesn't seem all that eye catching though"

Ezra couldn't help but facepalm.

It seemed even the cunning gang leader didn't know his numbers much.

'This is going to be a long day'

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