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Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign

Chapter 245 Dreadful Announcement

The next day.

In a vast hall with jade coloured walls, the top five of Black Jaws-Fredrick, Cabrera, Sebatian, Kron and Nathan-sat around a circular table.

Sebastian started things off. "I believe we've all received the news"

They all nod.

Reports have been coming in about Beast's behaving erratically.

With Black Silence in place, the top ranks knew what was going on, well not all of it, but enough.

Fredrick took over. "It's a bit sooner than expected, but thankfully we're sufficiently prepared"

"Should we inform the royal family?" asked Kron.

"They should've already received the information," Fredrick replied.

"If they haven't?"

"That's not our problem"

Kron stopped there.

Fredrick watched closely. 'They're already watching closely. There's no telling what sorts of accusations they would propagate against us the minute we inform them of incoming doom'

Preferably too, it would be better if others suffered damage, because only then would Black Jaw shine brighter.

"Can't we keep a few more things?" Nathan asked.

"No" Fredrick said sternly. "Maybe other times, but with the attack so near, it would be far too suspicious. Besides, we can always rebuild it since we own the land"

"What about the people?" Cabrera asked with a deep tone.

"I don't care about what happens to other people-that was never our job. As for members and workers, I called a rallying two days ago, anyone who hasn't arrived as only themselves to blame"

"Ok" Cabrera nodded. "What now?"

"Now, we wait"


"Oh Marty, how are you?"

"Fine uncle Danny, feel refreshed"

In a village as obscure as any other, the villagers went about their business.

People made small talk with a bit of gossip here and there with hearty laughs echoing.

Suddenly… "AHHH!"

A piercing shriek was heard, the whole village froze, and because the village was very small, a small turn of their head had them face to face with the monstrosity standing on their wooden fence.

It was a hyena with a skin in patches of grey and red, snarling excitedly on the wooden fence.

The men were no cowards, taking out their weapons and closing in on the beast while making sure the women were out of range.

They inched closer, encircling it with their swords and pitchforks in hand.

Yet the beast was unbothered, hopping on the fence in sheer excitement like it had inhaled mana weeds with his butt face to the village while it made strange noises.

Just then, the beast turned to them, opening its jaw wide to reveal its voracious teeth as it whimpered.

The men gulped and flinched.

They heard multiple other whimpers, and that's when it dawned on them-the hyena was calling its friends.

Just as the fear set in, the hyena pounced, it caught onto a man and dug deep into the hand guarding his head with its teeth while tearing his body.

The men wanted to help when four more pounced into the village.

The beasts were unrelenting, biting and tearing every chance they got, and were hard to kill.

The men were slaughtered, and with the primary protectors gone, what followed after was a massacre.

Such occurrences happened rampantly across not only Niton but five more states, towns and villages were destroyed, while residents and adventurers were killed.


At the royal palace the Emperor was also getting reports about the erratic movement of beasts.

"Has the cause been identified?" he asked Bolton.

"No Sire"

"Have officials been sent to check the situation?"

"Yes sire, but we are yet to receive feedback"

Suddenly, a guard came in a hurry and whispered to Bolton.

"Sire" Bolton's face turned stern. "You need to see this"

Walking to the castle's veranda, a cage is placed at the center with a beast inside. 𝒊n𝓃𝗿e𝚊𝒅. Co𝚖

Only, rather than any normal beast, this one spotted red hue on his fur and red eyes, hitting the change continuously.

Bard, the head alchemist, Gerron, an expert in the field of beast studies and the head healer stood at the side, briefing the Emperor on what they've gleaned.

Gerron began, "The beast seems to have lost all manner of cognitive thinking, embracing his desires for hunger seemed to have multiplied"

"Seems to?" said Bard with a weird face.

"More importantly, a normal wolf would've grown this much already"

"So, it makes them stronger as well" Bolton sighed. "Do we know what caused this phenomenon?" the Emperor asked.

"As of the moment, No…but I have a few conjectures"

"What are they?"

"We have but a single reference for something of this scenario, sourced from the archives"

"Well?" Bolton hurried him up.

"It was the end of Arcadia. The infamous beast stampede"

"Ah" the Emperor recalled, his face darkening. "A beast tide, was it?"

Arcadia was an Empire at the opposite end of Lexon, its end was a tale many knew, but the Emperor knew more details than most.

Like a dream, beasts began having drastic changes, and within the span of a day a beast tide erupted.

Lax command made sure the beasts had come too far before a proper force could be mustered.

Beasts of all shapes and sizes came out, among them was a plethora of A rank beasts, because of them, Master ranks were slaughtered.

It was an all-out stampede of beasts, a 'tide' that swept the Empire to its feet.

But one thing that always stuck out about the whole thing was the death of their king. For he was a grandmaster.

No matter if the kingdom fell, a grandmaster should've had no trouble retreating, and yet, he didn't, or maybe couldn't? Because his body was never found.

This made many suspect that the event was orchestrated, but there wasn't any evidence to prove so, so the next century, the event was forgotten while recorded into the annals of history.

"How many beasts do you estimate?"

Gerron scratched his neck. "Tens of thousands, Sire. In the last seven years the war had us neglect the beast population, allowing them to grow beyond optimal limits. So, in the best case, their match us in a two to one ratio"

"Worst case?"

"A ratio of four to one, they quadruple us"

The Emperor sighed. "Bolton, assemble the royal army quickly. Have Kogar send word to clans and guilds. We need every hand we can get"

"If they defer?"

"They'll have hell to pay when this is over"

The Emperor walked when a thought came to him. "Also, send a message to have master ranks to rally, we have no idea what monstrosities lay asleep" Bolton nodded. "Begin conscription, call on mercenaries, they would be paid for their time" the Emperor chuckled. 'So long they survive till the end'

Still, this was a massive problem, his 'cleansing' of Niton the past seven years made sure the beasts would outnumber them. Moreover, the effects of the last war lingered, the people were still recuperating and now this.

While it might have been a conjecture before, it was too much of a coincidence for a beast tide to happen at this exact time-someone was definitely behind it.

The Emperor got to work. 'We might have less than twelve hours left'

It was pressuring, but he would not panic.

On his side, he contacted allies, giving orders-the likes of Elisa included.

On that note, he inquired about the situation of the students.

A pleasant surprise it was that many had reached advanced rank and there were even a few Expert ranks.

On both impulse and careful consideration, the Emperor gave an order.

"Have the students prepare for battle"

"You want to send them to war?"

"Is there a problem?"

"Do you really think they will stand around and let you do that?"

"My son is among them, that is enough reason. Simply write down the name of those who object or interfere. Are we clear?"

After a long silence, Elisa replied, "As you wish"

"Any child beyond fourteen is eligible to be conscripted, whereas, your students are well past that. Their death can only be the fault of their unpreparedness. Their nation needs them, and so, they shall answer"

"Yes, your majesty"

"As a privilege, each student is allowed an item from the missionary"

"Which one?"

"Whichever they chose"

The Emperor cut off communication, ending the conversation.

He held his chin in contemplation.

'Number one'

The Emperor smiled recalling Elisa's report of Ezra.

'I should get him something'

The boy did not disappoint, so the Emperor thought he should also not disappoint.

'Now, what can I give him…'


The students rallied at the entrance to the academy, throwing such chatter while everyone wondered what the matter was.

"Where's the Boss?" Emerson asked Theron-who was closest to him.

"He's not coming"

Emerson chuckled, "Of course he's not"

They had grown to understand Ezra's personality over the past months.

Training maniac, uncompromising yet nonchalant. These were the three things most of the top brass would use to describe him.

He trained every day, hence a training maniac, in anything he deemed important, he was precise and uncompromising, to things he deemed unimportant, he was nonchalant and uncaring.

That's just how he rolled.

Elisa warped onto the stadium, it was the second time since the first day.

She was mostly in her office or teaching, so they wondered what it could be.

"I have an announcement to make"

The students went silent, her wrath wasn't something anyone wanted to incur.

"A deadly force is uprising and the future of our nation is threatened and every hand is needed to thwart it" That drew murmurs, but the shocking part was yet to come. "The Emperor in all his majesty as ordered all students to prepare for battle, the nation needs you"


Pin drop silence!

The students froze, one stuttered, "Y-You mean-

"Yes" Elisa cut him off, "You are been conscripted-her voice deepened as she locked eyes with the questionnaire-FOR WAR"

It was an announcement too dreadful to imagine.

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