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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 7 - Refining The Fire Spirit Flower

Chapter 7 - Refining The Fire Spirit Flower

Feng Yun constantly changed the route of travel and gradually opened up the distance with the pursuit of cultivators, but it was still a little hard to get rid of them completely. But he is not in a hurry. The terrain of the forest is completely complicated. It is dark and the light can’t peek through the thick leaves. They are just six people, even sixty people will never be able to catch up to him!

Six people continued to chase after Feng Yun, but in a few hours the sky was completely dark, and the forest was densely covered by clouds. It actually started raining.

The light in this forest is not bright, and it seems to be darker at the moment. The six people are talking to each other to avoid distraction, but judging from the sound, Feng Yun knew that he was getting farther and farther away.

The rain was getting worse. When the last trace of sunshine disappeared, the forest was so dark that sight could only reach out two meters. The sound of pursuing cultivators was getting lighter and further and further, and Feng Yun knew that he had almost lost their pursuit.

But he didn’t stop, and it’s still far from being safe enough.

There is almost no light in the forest, and Feng Yun does not dare to run too fast. The ground is now wet and slippery. If one does not pay attention, they will hit a tree. He slowed down and his movements became lighter and lighter.

There was a hillside in front of him. After Feng Yun touched it, he found out that there was a narrow hole in the middle of the two large stones that were only allowed to pass by one person. It was very hidden.

After he thought about it, he went in to avoid the rain.

After going in, Feng Yun discovered that the hole was quite deep and that is also enough to hold few people.

He sat down on his knees and started to refill his consumed Spirit Qi. With a lot of running, plus a few hours without eating, he felt hungry and tired.

Feng Yun took the Snakehead then removed the Poison gall. After Feng Yun cut out the clean meat from the python it’s ready for eating. It is raining outside, so he had a hard time finding dry vines and woods for cooking the meat. There are some dry vines and grass in the cave, and Feng Yun gathered them and started the fire.

Feng Yun cooked the meat as a barbecue on the fire. In a few minutes, the meat was ready to eat.

After Feng Yun filled his stomach, he took out The Fire Spirit Flower from his pocket.

In the darkness, this flower exudes soft light, and although it is very weak.


Feng Yun took a deep breath and carefully put the flower in his mouth.

The Fire Spirit Flower melts like gentle spring water in his mouth, which flows down into his abdomen.

After a quarter of an hour, Feng Yun felt his body warm-up, as if a flame was burning in his body, and the burning sensation soon spread all over his body. His body gradually became hot, and his naked skin was flaming red.


Feng Yun knows that the spirit flower has come into effect and immediately runs Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique, refining the spirit Qi that is rushing into his body from the spirit flower.


A faint gleam of light circulates on the surface of the body, making this dark cave illuminated a little.

Feng Yun was startled. He felt as if a Spirit Qi volcano erupted in his body. The rich Spirit Qi seemed to rush across his body, and the terrifying heat seemed to melt him completely.

At this moment, Spirit Qi is flooding every corner of his body.

His body is getting hotter, Feng Yun dare not to be careless, and runs the Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique wholeheartedly, quickly guiding the Fire Spirit Flower’s Spirit Qi in the body into the flesh and blood, and tempering blood and flesh with such pure Spirit Qi over and over.

One hour later, Feng Yun was shocked.

At this moment, he reached the Body Refinement 8th-layer!

At this time, he still has a lot of Fire Spirit Flower Spirit Qi in his body, wandering around like a dragon hunting.

"Continue to cultivate!"

The Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique continues to operate. The Fire Spirit Flower is a treasure and Feng Yun does not want to waste anything.

It’s just that it’s different now than before. This time, he no longer simply guided Spirit Qi into the flesh but used Yang Qi as the guide to introduce these Fire Spirit Qi into the bones.

Tempering muscles and bones!

"It hurts!"

In an instant, Feng Yun trembles and feels severe pain.

At this moment, Feng Yun only felt that a sharp blade was cutting his meridian, and a sledgehammer was hitting his bones. The pain of the fissure made him almost yell out, cold sweat ticked in his forehead.

"Although being a cultivator is very prestigious, the process of cultivation is too hard!"

Feng Yun cursed in his head.

That being said, his cultivation did not stop, but he took it more seriously.

Yang Qi guides Fire Spirit Qi tempering muscles and bones to make the muscles and bones tough and strong, and the power of the cultivator is also greatly improved. Not only that, this stage will let a part of the spirit Qi stay in the muscles and bones, forming a tiny cycle with True Essence in the flesh and blood, thus making the cultivator’s energy and endurance greatly enhanced.

Feng Yun is running the Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique over and over again. Despite the extreme pain, he endured it all the time. Gradually, his skin became normal and no longer as hot as before.

Four hours passed, the darkness dispersed, and the morning light fell to the ground.

Feng Yun opened his eyes, exhaled for a long time, and then stood up.

He clenched his fists and moved his body, only to feel that his whole body became a lot lighter, his hearing became sharper, his eyesight became clearer, and he seemed to have endless energy.

"Peak of the Body Refinement 8-layer!"

Feng Yun was secretly surprised.

One night’s cultivation actually made him jump from Body Refinement 7th-layer to the Peak of the Body Refinement 8th-layer, which is a huge improvement. Many people would have to spend months for this, but him, he only did it in one night, how can he not be surprised?

At the same time, it also makes Feng Yun appreciate the preciousness of Spirit Flower.

"It is time to go back."

Feng Yun said and decided to go home.

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