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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 637 One Month

The next few days, Feng Yun went out into the mountains to hunt the monsters.

Somewhere in the mountains.

"Boom!" A large beast dropped to the ground, breathing its last breath. Feng Yun walked to the beast and put his palm above the beast and extracted something from the beast's body.

It was a red-colored energy ball emitting strong vital qi. Feng Yun was hunting these beasts; it was precisely for their vital energy. Naturally, it was to speed up the process of clone-making. According to the clone technique, it would take months or years to nurture a clone completely.

If one wanted to speed the nurturing process, it could be done by providing external vital energy.

"Let's continue!" Feng Yun murmured and dashed toward his next prey. Feng Yun hunted the beast's Vital or life Energy for seven days.

Inside the secret realm!

Feng Yun was sitting in the center of the formation. A ball of blood was floating in front of him; it was Feng Yun's blood. Feng Yun was trying to create the clone.

The first step was to draw out sufficient blood to form a blood fetus. Then nurture the fetus.

An hour later!

Feng Yun finally created a blood fetus. After that, Feng Yun took out the vital energy that he gathered from the beasts and let the fetus absorb the life energy. The formation on the ground runs with speed, nurturing the fetus at full speed.

Feng Yun tried his best to speed up the process, but it still took him three weeks. Now, the blood fetus has grown over one meter big. One could see a sleeping human inside the fetus, it was lifeless still. Feng Yun has yet to separate his soul.

"Huhh~ Now, it's the last step!"

Feng Yun took a deep breath and murmured. He closed his eyes and meditated for a moment to calm down his mind. It was the most crucial step, separating a fraction of the soul. With a single mistake, he could become an idiot for a lifetime.

After making full preparation, Feng Yun finally started.

"Ahhh!~~" Feng Yun groaned in his pain, the pain of hurting his soul was unbearable. Even though he was used to pain; he couldn't help but scream out as it hurt badly.

A few minutes passed, and Feng Yun was sweating badly; his face was pale, but his eyes were shining. He did it.

There was a relief smile on his face when he looked at the small orb of white light that was hanging in front of his face. It was his soul's fraction, he just separated.

The next moment, the orb went into the fetus, directly penetrating into the head of the baby inside the fetus. Feng Yun's heartbeat increased as he waited with anticipation.

"Bdum! Bdum!" A few moments later, a slow noise came out of the fetus like the beating of the heart.

Feng Yun jumped into excitement after hearing the sound of a heartbeat which means his clone-making process was successful.

After a while, Feng Yun shifted the fetus into his black pagoda. He already made all preparations, and according to his estimation, his clone would be ready in a month.

After that, Feng Yun took out some soul healing herbs and ate them. His soul was still damaged, and need to be healed first. Fortunately, he has some soul healing herbs and pills on him.

Next, Feng Yun accompanied the girls and continued to learn new skills from the preaching tower.

A week later, he got good news from Tang Yue. Turned out, she can refine seventh rank pills now. Feng Yun immediately asked Yan Qiu to gather all the material required to refine the pills.


True Fire Palace.

At this time, elders have gathered in a hall to discuss. On the main seat, an old man was sitting, he was the current leader of the True Fire Palace.

The elders were sitting on the side row seats, some of them have serious expressions, and some looked angry.a

"So how is the condition of elder Ziang?" The old man sitting on the main seat spoke.

"Not good, Sect Master! elder Ziang's vital energy hurt badly, his life hanging on a thread. If it wasn't for our seventh rank healing pills, he would have succumbed to eternal sleep."

"As long as there is a chance!" The old man nodded lightly.

"Sect Master, are we really not going to do anything to avenge elder Jiang." At this time, one of the elders said with dissatisfaction.

"In these last few days, our reputation has kept decreasing with time. Everyone is raising questions."

"One of our elders is almost killed by a young man, and we didn't do anything."

"That young man is not an ordinary person. He is Feng Yun, the most talented man of the century, he is just a little over twenty years old but has combat power of peak sovereign realm." An elder opened his mouth and said calmly.

"He is scary." Another person nodded in awe. "He became so strong in just a little time."

"Elder Lin, don't tell me you are afraid of a young man?" The First elder scoffed and spoke disdainfully.

Elder Lin said, "Naturally, he can't pose much threat to us, but the people who stand behind do. Do you really think he can become such strong without any background? Don't forget about his master?"

"The Sect Master of Mystic Peak Sect already given us a warning that if we touch Feng Yun, they will go all out war with us. Do you really want to start a war with Mystic Peak?"

"So, what should we do? Swallow the humiliation in silence."

The elders started speaking, and every one of them had a grudging look as they expressed their opinion. There were two groups, one wanted to avenge elder Ziang while the other group was wary of Feng Yun and didn't want to provoke him. The number of the second group was low.

When they heard that their elder was almost killed by someone, they were enraged and wanted to avenge elder ziang. When they learned the identity of the attacker, they were shocked. They didn't believe at first, how could a young man of heaven profound realm could kill a Sovereign Profound Realm cultivator. But Feng Yun's battle was witnessed by thousands of people, they have no choice but to accept the truth.

After knowing the identity of the attacker, they couldn't help but swallow their anger and surpass their rage. Feng Yun was not a simple person; many strong people stood behind him.

"Silence!" At this time, the sect master finally spoke. The entire hall became silent. The old man glance at everyone and spoke, "I know you are angry; I am too. But we can't hurt Feng Yun, at least not openly."

"Let's wait for now, focus on healing elder Ziang. Okay, everyone, the meeting is over. First Elder, please stay for a bit." The old man said before dismissing the meeting.

In the hall, only two people remained.

"Sect master, what is it?" The first elder curiously asked.

"First elder, how do you think we should deal with Feng Yun?" The sect master suddenly asked.

The first elder's expression changed slightly as he fell into thoughts and said, "Sect Master, as you said we can't afford to hurt Feng Yun openly, but we can do it in dark. According to rumors, Feng Yun has many enemies. As long as we sift blame to others, we will be safe. Or we can borrow a knife to kill."

The old man nodded in approval. "Gather the info of people Feng Yun has grudge against."



Time passed. A month passed. Feng Yun was living a quiet simple life in the Profound Blossom Sect. A few significant changes appeared in the Profound Blossom Sect. The strength of the Profound Blossom Sect suddenly skyrocketed after one after another Heaven Profound Realm experts appeared in the sect.

Now there are six Heaven Profound Realm elders in the sect other than Yan Qiu and Yan Zilan. The strength of the disciples also became better. Feng Yun later placed another formation in the sect, but it was an auxiliary formation that increased the concentration of the spirit energy.

Slowly, the Profound Blossom Sect was moving toward becoming the sixth great sect.

Su Rou, Tang Yue, and two maids of Gu Clan spent the entire month in the preaching building, they received great benefits from the last month's training.

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