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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 5 - Bloodlines Power

Chapter 5 - Bloodline"s Power

Feng Yun took a few bites, and there was a small amount of heat spreading in his lower abdomen that came from the meat, and This small amount of heat was Spirit Qi.

"After eating the flesh of monster beasts, my body can also get a lot of improvements, and it is not worse than those precious pills." Feng Yun said while eating.

His appetite is not small. The weight of the bear’s paw is not light, just one is enough to fill his stomach, but he ate both of the paws.

The night was getting deeper. Feng Yun opened a three-foot deep hole in a mountain wall and blocked the entrance of the hole with a boulder, blocking two-thirds of the hole, then Feng Yun spread a lot of weeds-grass on the stones for the cover-up. The Weeds grass-covered the stones and the entrance of the cave. He then took out the insect-proof powder that he carried and sprinkled some at the hole and sat down in lotus position to cultivate.


The next morning, Feng Yun woke up and went to the water stream for a bath. After washing in the stream, He also washed the meat of the bear for grilling. After grilling the meat, Feng Yun ate until his stomach was full. After he finished eating, he packed up and continued to go deeper into the forest, looking for a fierce wild beast to grind his skills.

One day, two days, three days, time passed quickly, and ten days quickly passed.


At midnight, the moon and stars were shining brightly in the sky.

Feng Yun sat cross-legged in a cave, his eyes were closed and his beautiful face flashes with a fierce look. The fierce battle with wild beasts for ten days makes him less awkward controlling his strength.

He reached the Peak of the Body Refining 4th Layer and was soon hitting the Body Refining 5th Layer!


Within the body of Feng Yun, Spirit Qi surged, and a big explosion spread out.

"Body Refining 5th Layer!"

Feng Yun said with a satisfied smile. His power increased again and cultivation speed was a lot faster than any genius in the town.

The next morning, Feng Yun walked out of the cave and ran deeper into the forest.

With the improvement of his cultivation, he has gained a lot of improvements in both strength and speed. Every step he took was close to ten meters.

Feng Yun was running for two hours at full speed. After running for 2 hours he saw a small valley.

On the side of the valley, there was a blaze of fire, and there was a blazing fiery heat sweeping from below like airwaves.

This heatwave was suffocating him, but Feng Yun’s determination did not chicken out. "There must be a Spirit treasure grass conceived by The Spirit Qi here." Feng Yun thought. In front of him is a fiery abyss, and it looks like a mouth with hot lava boiling continuously. This type of place surely has unique Spirit Herbs because of the abnormal atmosphere. The Spirit Herbs are mostly grown in an abnormal atmosphere. In the Fire-type of places, there must be a good Yang Type Spirit herb grown in there.

After searching for a while, Feng Yun finally found a Yang Type, Spirit Herb.

It is a red and delicate spirit flower under the wall of the cliff, blooming in the wind.

"That is a strain of the Fire Spirit Flower, which is quite rare. With it, I can advance my cultivation base and temper my body from the heat of Fire Spirit Flower’s Fire Spirit Qi." Feng Yun looked excited and went through it without much thought.

Feng Yun climbed the cliff where the Fire Spirit Flower is located and looked at the Quartet with caution before he carefully picked towards the Fire Spirit Flower.

Feng Yun was relieved after picking up the Fire Spirit Flower and started to feel the heat from the Fire Spirit Qi making his face joyful.


At this moment, a strange noise suddenly sounded, making the young boy’s face change with fear.

"No, a fire python is guarding this Fire Spirit Flower!" Feng Yun looked at it with surprise and fear, and he also saw that the fire python was not far away from him, suddenly the tail of the python moved towards Feng Yun like a fire whip.

The Fire python’s tail Slammed at Feng Yun. It was a Monster python that reached the 6th of body Refining.


After being hit by the tail of the Python, Feng Yun’s body tilted, and his foot slipped. He coughed a good amount of blood and lost balance and fell towards the fiery abyss.

"There is a terrifying flame below, if I fall down, I will definitely burn to ashes." Feng Yun’s body started to fall towards the abyss, and he could not control the speed of falling, but he still held the spirit flower tightly in his palm. Soon Feng Yun fell on the fire ground.

The hot fire swept through his body and started burning him, but at this critical moment, Feng Yun quickly calmed down and mobilized the Yang Spirit Qi to try to absorb the fire in his body and those around him.

Under Feng Yun’s mind, The Yang Spirit Qi drew out and moved around Feng Yun.

Pure Yang Qi wrapped Feng Yun, making a protective sphere around him. Feng Yun fell into the fiery abyss, soon completely submerged in the fire. A wave of heat underneath drowned him. After some time, Feng Yun was unable to endure the pain and fainted. At this moment, the Ancient Fire Demon bloodline started to buzz and seemed excited. Yellow light blooms inside Feng Yun’s body and starts to draw out the Fire Spirit Energy inside from the depths of the flaming magma. The magnificent Fire Spirit Qi was unknowingly absorbed by Feng Yun. The yellow light protected him from the fire and when the yellow light bloomed, Feng Yun appeared. The nearby sea of fire became calm, It was not as violent and angry as before but became as meek as a sheep, that looked just like meeting its father.

Time is past, the night has come, stars are shining in the sky, and the night wind blows from time to time.

The Sun was rising in the distant horizon, and when the warm light covered the earth, the young man wrapped in yellow light stirred up. After Feng Yun opened his eyes, he was startled.

"I am still alive? How’s that possible?" Feng Yun’s eyes glanced at the surrounding fire, showing a stunned expression.

Now his whole body is covered with yellow light, but his whole body’s perception is still very clear and obviously a sign of being alive, but when he looks at his four sides, he is still in the fiery abyss.

"Why didn’t I die?" Feng Yun thought for a moment and then glanced at his body. Suddenly his eyes flashed with a surprised expression, "It was Ancient Fire Demon Bloodline that saved me from the fire!"

"Not only It has saved my life from the fire, but also helped me to refine the Fire Spirit Qi from the heat. "

The sudden discovery made Feng Yun excited.

After some thorough inspection, he found that not only was he not injured, but he seemed to become stronger.

"The Fire Spirit Qi is tempering my body!"

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