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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 4 - In The Mountains

Chapter 4 - In The Mountains

Three days passed.

Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique did not disappoint Feng Yun and smoothly pushed his cultivation base to the Body Refining 4th Layer Peak.

"So easy?"

"Although the small realm is very good, though, isn’t this a bit exaggerated?"

After his breakthrough, Feng Yun did not feel the growth of power. This is normal, one realm’s breakthrough only allows him to continue to improve the foundation, the benefits are slowly reflected through the accumulation of the cultivation base, rather than immediately.

Later he spent most of his time on Nine heaven Swords art every day. This Nine Heaven sword art can’t be seen by outsiders, so he didn’t go to the square anymore. He stayed in his yard every day. He was like a madman, he jumped up and waved the wooden sword.

That’s because he has studied Nine Heaven Sword Art constantly, even if he only got a hint of inspiration, he is like mastering the most mysterious truth in the world, there is no mystery in front of anything.

Ten days later, he finally made a breakthrough after cultivating the Nine Heaven Sword Art, and he can barely make half-power of its 1st form.

"At least half a month later, I will be able to fully display this style of Sword Art!" Feng Yun shook his head, just a Sword Art would take a month to do the initial display, which is too long, or is the Soaring Heaven Nine Forms too profound?

Feng Yun has no sparring objects to test the semi-style Sword Art’s formidable power, and he can’t just find someone in the Feng family to spar, his aunt Guan is also busy in her cultivation.

"If I can’t find someone from the family, then I will go to the Mountains and find wild beasts to practice! Only in the real-life and death struggle can enhance the use of Sword Art! This needs experience, no one can teach it!"

Feng Yun cleaned up, took an iron sword, and quietly left the Feng family. He walked out of Gray Cloud Town and entered the lush forest of the vast Soaring Heaven Mountains.

’When was the last time I left Gray Cloud Town?’

Feng Yun recalled that when he was very young, his father once took him into the Soaring Heaven Mountains to hunt a Monster Beast, and since he was crippled he couldn’t cultivate. Feng Luzong began to search for spiritual medicine for him, Naturally, there was no effort to accompany him.

’I don’t know where is the father right now.’ Feng Yun could not help but rise with strong determination.

The Soaring Heaven Mountains are very big. As for how big it is, Feng Yun is not clear. He only knows there are wild beasts in this mountain, but also the existence of Monster Beasts!

Monster beasts are wild beasts that can be cultivated by nature. They can enhance their body by sucking the spirit Qi of heaven and earth or by hunting each other. The energy of their flesh is far more delicious and nutritious than the ordinary wild beast. For a cultivator, it is an item of great nourishment and delicacy.

Monster Beast is also very dangerous, just as human beings are far from being rivals of the Tigers. A cultivator is not an opponent of a Monster Beast under the same realm. The reason why Feng Yun had never entered the Soaring Heaven Mountains was that he was afraid of encountering a Monster beast, which was a monster he couldn’t fight.

After half a day of walking in the forest, he arrived deep in the mountains, and monster beasts were roaring everywhere which gave him goosebumps.

"ROOOOOOOAR!!! -"Roared by a giant black bear that rushed out of the bushes and ran straight toward Feng Yun.

Feng Yun looked at the beast cautiously and said, "It’s actually a Black Iron Bear, Even though this bear is only at the 4th-layer of the body refining realm, his body defense is extremely tough."

However, Feng Yun was not afraid, holding onto the sword, he immediately attacked the giant bear.


Waving his long sword, a sword light flashed.


Feng Yun hacked his sword onto the bear, producing a metallic sound. The Bear blocked the sword with his paw, but blood dripped from the bear’s paw. With a sinister look, he roared loudly, wanting to tear Feng Yun into shreds. He directly attacked Feng Yun.

"First Sword Form."

Feng Yun couldn’t help but show his excitement. With a slamming sound, the long sword was unsheathed, and the Nine Heaven Sword Art 1st Form was already flowing.

This is totally different from the time he practiced alone.

Feng Yun’s sword cut into the Bear’s body without resistance and killed it, with only a strike, the bear was killed.

’This Nine Heaven Sword Art is really powerful!’

At that moment, Feng Yun consciously imitated Soaring Heaven 1st Form to 80%, and this is just a metamorphosis. He doesn’t know how long it will take to master the rhyme! This is only the shape of 80%, but it is a sword that can already kill a 4th-layer black bear.

It’s just this sword... took away more than 30% of his Yang Spirit Qi, However, the power of the sword art was really very formidable.

Feng Yun contained his excitement in his heart, he used his sword to cut the body of the black bear, and then he took the bear’s paw to eat, he found a stream and washed it, then he started a fire and got the bear’s paw. He put the bear’s paw on the fire and grilled it.

After a while, the flavorful fragrance of the meat grilling of the bear’s paw was released, and Feng Yun smiled.

Although the Feng Family is the ruler of Gray Cloud Town, Gray Cloud Town is not rich, so the Feng Family is not very famous. The living conditions are better than ordinary people, but it is not strong enough.

Of course, Feng Luzong is one of the families, six Great Elders. The family is naturally very kind to him. Every month they gave him a thousand silvers. Because of the need to give Feng Yun a cure, the money is basically spent on purchasing medicine and on the ingredients.

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