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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 28 - Outer Disciple Competition

Chapter 28 - Outer Disciple Competition

The first day of the month has always been the most lively day of the Seven Sword Sect because only this day’s ambitious outer disciple can challenge the ten strongest people and fight for their future.

The location of the challenge is placed in the Sect’s training field, which is large enough to allow the Warrior to fully play.

Such a challenge will naturally attract countless people to watch the game, and it is also good for their own strength improvement.

Feng Yun arrived early in the morning. His eyes swept over, and saw Su Qing and four strange faces lined up, sitting on the edge of the martial arts field, each one’s face with a proud expression.

"I heard that Yun Jing has just closed out, and the strength has improved. This time, he may challenge for a first-position!"

"Guo Tian seems to have also trained ’Fire Fist Art’ to the 5th Layer, targeting for the outer sect first place!"

"Cut, Zhao Chen has been sitting in the outer sect first place, and close to the break into the Spirit Gathering Ream."

"Yes, I think that only after Zhao Chen enters Spirit Gathering Ream, then Yun Jing and Guo Tian are qualified to compete for the first position!"

"Hey, don’t forget Feng Yun. This guy defeated Song Kang and Xiong Li in one-versus-two also win first place in the sect assessment."

"That kid is just squatting on the mystery, and the actual combat power is not necessarily the opponent of Yun Jing and Guo Tian!"

All around is surrounded by a lot of arguments, all of which are talking about their own views, but the more unified is that everyone is not optimistic about Feng Yun this time can become a dark horse.

Feng Yun looked towards Ten people, the last ranked sitting on the far right, then the first person from the left should be the first Zhao Chen of the outer sect!

This young man was around the age of 18, his looks very ordinary, a pair of eyes are always slightly opened, but as Feng Yun stared at Jing Tian for a second, Jing Tian immediately felt Feng Yun’s gaze. After looking up at Feng Yun for a second, Jing Tian averted his gaze from Feng Yun, and lazily lowered his head.

Outer sect: First-person, really out of the ordinary.

Feng Yun’s eyes are only Jing Tian alone. If you want to challenge, then pick the strongest! As a Warrior, you have to have an invincible heart. He is now also a Body Refining 9th Peak Layer, and naturally, he has no fear.

After a short time, he saw an old man rushing out, saying: "I am the referee of this challenge day, according to the old rules, all the outer disciple can challenge each other before the sunset, start!"

Feng Yun has a tight eye. He knows that only the Foundation Establishment Realm’s powerhouse can serve as a referee, so this old-man must be the existence of the Foundation Establishment Realm! From the appearance of this old man, it is no surprise, ordinary as an ordinary old man.

Spirit-Gathering Realm and Foundation Establishment Realm are qualitatively different.

"I am coming!" Just listened to shout out loudly, Su Qing jumped out of the audience. "I want to challenge the tenth place!"

The two sides fight. It is undeniable that Su Qing has made great progress in these thirty days, but this is not enough. When he battled more than 50 strokes, he was bombarded by the opponent.


According to the rules, regardless of success or failure, the parties can get a twenty-minute break to avoid the unfairness of the car. Therefore, those who want to challenge the picks must wait for twenty minutes

The strength of the ten strongest outer sects is improved by ranking. Since it is necessary to challenge, it is natural to pick the "soft persimmon" pinch. Most people’s eyes are aimed at the tenth place, and they will not challenge others.

After a short cold silence.

"I want to challenge Gu You!" A Taoist silhouette fluttered, with a beautiful woman jumped on the stage, It is Yu Han.

"She challenged Gu You as soon as she comes up, but it is ranked sixth!"

"I heard that Junior Sister Yu is the granddaughter of Elder Yu."

The named Gu You came to the stage and fought against Yu Han. The two were almost the same strength. After playing for half an hour, ended up with Yu Han’s small win.

As a result, Yu Han succeeded in occupying the sixth position, while Gu You fell out of the top ten and needed to call back.

Feng Yun waited impatiently and sneaked into a gap and said: "I want to challenge Zhao Chen!"

The voice exited, the audience was silent, and then there was a laugh.

"This guy, even the rules of the challenge are not clear!"

"The top three are only the top ten people to challenge!"

Feng Yun knew that he had forgotten the rules, but he didn’t care, his eyes swept, and said: "Then challenge the fourth place!"


"This guy doesn’t even know who is in the fourth, only the first in his eyes!"

Mad, crazy enough!

"Hey, I have been hearing about your name these days. I am going to see what you can do!" In the sneer, a tall and incomparable boy stepped out and stepped foot on the stage. The entire training field was shaking a bit.

"My name is Fei Cheng, remember!" The boy rushed out and was a heavy punch, slamming against Feng Yun.

"I have never remembered the name of the useless people!" Feng Yun did not use the weapon, just launched the Flying Cloud Step, cut directly to the opposite side of the opponent, the right fist bulged, bang!


Fei Cheng The tall body was suddenly hit and flew up and fell heavily on the ground. Wow, he spit out blood, and supporting the body to climb, but immediately fell down and lost consciousness.

A punch!

Just a fist, I slammed Fei Cheng!

Hey, this strength is really enough to challenge Zhao Chen!

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