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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 25 - Battle

Chapter 25 - Battle

"Elder Jin, if we were to fight, I would have to trouble Elder Jin to open up the third ring." Upon entering the Dueling Arena, Xing Li respectfully greeted a white-haired old man wearing a long, sackcloth robe.

"En!" Elder Jin used his blurry eyes to scan Feng Yun and co., then reminded them in a low voice, "You can fight, but you can’t kill others, otherwise the sect will punish you."

Finished speaking, Elder Jin opened the array of inscriptions and activated the third martial field.

"Brat, isn’t a simple battle too boring? How about we gamble on some winnings?" Xing Li said.

"Of course. How about we bet a hundred low-grade Spirit Stones?" The corner of Feng Yun’s mouth curled up slightly as he said with a hint of coldness. His father gave him a two hundred low-grade spirit stones before coming to the sect which was Luzong’s total balance, and he gave it to him.

"We’ll bet a hundred low-grade Spirit Stones." Xing Li pondered for a moment and said while gritting his teeth.

"Are you ready? If you are ready, give me the bet and you can start the fight. " Elder Jin said.

"I’m ready." Xing Li clenched his fists and said with a high fighting spirit. He handed over a hundred low-grade Spirit Stones to Elder Jin and jumped onto the stage.

"Hmm, why is it just you? Aren’t you coming along? " Feng Yun looked at Kang Song, who was at the side and asked.

"You want to challenge both of us at the same time?" Kang Song frowned and asked in surprise.

The two of them have never dreamed that Feng Yun would be so arrogant, not putting them in his eyes at all, and openly challenge the two of them.

"Not bad, each of you is wasting too much time, and it’s not challenging at all." Feng Yun nodded and said, "Alright, cut the crap. The two of you come at me together. Once I take care of you, I will go back and cultivate."

"Arrogant, too arrogant."

Xing Li and Kang Song had thought that they were already very arrogant. However, they did not expect Feng Yun to be even more arrogant and rampant than them. Waves of anger burst out from their chests, causing their faces to turn green with anger.

"Elder Jin, here are two hundred low-grade Spirit Stones."

Feng Yun ignored the fiery gazes of the two, took out two hundred low-grade spirit stones from his bag, and handed it to Elder Jin, who had a strange expression on his face. With a leap, he jumped into the battle arena.

"Since you wish to die, we shall grant your wish." The raging and murderous Kang Song roared out loud. He handed the wager to Elder Jin and jumped into the battle arena.

"I swear, I will make you regret it." Xing Li gritted his teeth and said.

The gambling match between the three of them also attracted the attention of everyone in the Dueling Arena. All of a sudden, Feng Yun, who was fighting against two people by himself, became the center of attention.

"Let’s go!"

After a brief moment of absent-mindedness, Xing Li and Kang Song were the first to attack. Xing Li chased after the cicada with eight steps, then closed in on Feng Yun with one stride.

On the other hand, Kang Song took out a large saber from his bag and hacked it down with sky-split speed.

Xing Li and Kang Song had very good teamwork. The two of them worked together and were able to defeat a genius more powerful than them, but they did not know that Feng Yun’s physical strength surpassed that of the same level.

Facing the joint attack of Xing Li and Song, Feng Yun straightened his back and did not dodge.

With the Sword in his hands, he was bombarding towards Xing, and at the same time using a flying cloud step, he avoided the song’s attack.

The four powerful skills clashed violently against each other. Beams of dazzling light shot out, causing dense water ripples to appear in the air.

"Yes, since when did the Seven Sword Sect have such a genius?"

When Elder Jin saw the scene of Feng Yun using different skills to fight against Xing Li and Kang Song’s attack, a hint of surprise appeared on his face.

When using two martial skills at the same time, not only did one have to cultivate it to an extremely high level of attainment, they also had to multitask in an instant. Normal people wouldn’t be able to control their skills to launch two attacks.

"Flying Cloud step, in this short span of a few days, not only did he comprehend a mid-grade spirit rank movement skill, and he even cultivated it to the Small Accomplishment realm."

Flying Cloud Step!

When Feng Yun was hit by the two people’s martial skills, a virtual light flashed under Feng Yun’s feet, which penetrated through layers of exploding aura, then appeared behind Xing Li in an extremely strange manner.

"This is bad!"

Sensing danger behind him, Xing Li’s heart skipped a beat. He wanted to step on the eight steps to avoid it.

However, at this moment, Feng Yun’s feet shot out a powerful force into the ground, causing the floor of the battle arena, which was made of dark steel, to tremble a little, greatly affecting Xing Li’s dodging speed.

In the next moment, Feng Yun’s fist, which was compressed to the limit, fiercely smashed onto Xing Li’s back, shattering his body’s defense, breaking his spine, while a large amount of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

His whole body heavily crashed on the ground, causing the ground to ring with a buzzing sound.

"Lunar Shadow Slash ,

When Kang Song saw that Xing Li was injured by Feng Yun, his pupils constricted, and he leaped into the air. He held a low-rank spirit weapon as he unleashed his strongest skill, the middle-rank spirit rank Moon Shadow Slash, at Feng Yun.

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